The Round Table – April 12, 2013

Based solely on the temperature around here, spring has finally arrived. Actually, I think we skipped spring and went right into summer. It’s in the upper 80’s around here which is typical for July. Luckily the forecast is for temperatures to fall back to the 60’s next week. As for me, I have one more weekend of being booked solid until I actually get some time to kick back and relax. Unfortunately, since I have been so busy, I’ll be taking care of all of the things I’ve been too busy to handle and thus relaxing is going to have to wait. For those of you looking for an update on the progress of my niche blog, I hope to put a post together next week. On to this week’s list of great stories.

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To Live and Die in Obscurity at American Debt Project
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Don’t Let Your Job Kill You at Stocks and Cents
What Does it Mean to be Retired at Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Ridiculous Young Entitled Generation at Brick By Brick Investing
One Woman’s Trash is Another Woman’s Treasure at Student Debt Survivor
3 Widely Unknown Ways to Save Money When Buying a Car at Debt Roundup

9 Tips to Avoid Money Anxiety at Modest Money
Does Our Culture Promote Debt at Life and My Finances
Establishing a New American Dream at Johnny Moneyseed
Do You Pay for Convenience at MoneyNing
10 Awesome Manly Activities at Luke 1428
TV Shows to Avoid if You Want to Save Money at When Life Gives You Lemons
5 Ways to Get the Most Value Out of a Gym Membership at Young Adult Money
Bad Advice? Tips From Money Guru’s at Average Joe’s Money Blog
Why Hiring a Career Coach is the Best Thing I Ever Did at Five Cent Nickel

Posts MoneySmartGuides Wrote for Other Blogs

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