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Money Smart Guides – Where we help you pay off debt and start investing so you can achieve your dreams.

Money Smart Guides isn’t just a website. It’s a resource who’s mission is to you help you improve your finances so you can live the life of your dreams. We take the journey with you, no matter where you are starting from. Whether that is stuck in thousands worth of debt, or having no idea how to create a budget. We hold your hand through the process to help you find success.

Our articles are broken down into categories, so you can find everything you need based on where you are starting from.

One of the most crucial things to remember on your journey is that personal finance is just that – personal. No two journeys will be alike. We share ideas here to help you improve your finances. It is your job to see how and if they make sense for your situation. We encourage you to modify the ideas to make them your own as well.

Our Story

Jon Dulin

Jon Dulin founded Money Smart Guides back in 2011 with the simple goal of helping people improve their finances. During this time, he discovered that many people struggle with the basics of finance and not understanding it is a lifelong journey. Once you pay off debt, the journey is not over. It’s simply the end of a chapter and the next chapter is jut beginning.

Since its founding, Money Smart Guides has grown into one of largest online centers for people to learn about money.

Featured In

MoneySmartGuides Featured In

Money Smart Guides has been featured in publications around the world, including The Globe and Mail, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Kiplinger’s, and more. Below are a few links for you to read.

  • The Globe And Mail (Link)
  • Business Insider (Link)
  • Chime Bank (Link)
  • US News And World Report (Link)
  • Money (Link) (Republished on Omaha.com – Link)
  • Huffington Post (Link)

What Our Reader’s Say

Hear from some of our satisfied reader’s who have shared their experience in what they learned from Money Smart Guides.

I’ve always struggled with debt and was about to give up hope. But the articles I found renewed my hope and helped motivate me to finally become debt free!

Sandy B., Wisconsin

I didn’t realize I had a negative money mindset until I read about the differences between the wealthy and poor. I started to implement some of the ideas and am seeing s positive change in both my finances and happiness.

Kevin M., Florida

I avoided investing because I didn’t understand it. Luckily I found this site that explained it to me in a way like never before. I slowly started to invest and over the years, have built a small nest egg. While I’m not rich, I finally have hope I can retire one day.

Jackie K., Maryland

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