25 Rare Dollar Bills And Valuable Coins Worth Thousands


Do you have any money lying around your house, like in a shoe box or a coin jar? 

If so, you may be sitting on a small fortune and not even know it. 

In this article, I discuss the world’s most valuable rare bills and coins. 

I’ll tell you what makes them unique and how much they are worth. 

So if you’ve ever wondered whether that old bill or coin in your wallet is worth anything, keep reading.

You may be surprised at just how valuable some of these items can be.

The Most Valuable Rare Dollar Bills And Coins

Valuable Dollar Bills

rare dollar bills and valuable coins

Here is a short list of dollar bills worth more than their face value.

Most are very rare and won’t find their way into your wallet.

But there are some that you very well may come across.

#1. Radar Dollar Bill

Radar dollar bills are unique because the serial numbers are a palindrome in number form.

The name comes from the fact that the word radar is also a palindrome, which means it reads the same forwards and backwards.

Source: PGCS.com

An example might look like ‘94400449’.

This bill is still rare but not as rare as other types of dollar bills.

However, it is good to remember that radar bills have become more common in recent decades.

If you want to get money from a radar dollar bill, you should also try to find one with other interesting elements.

#2. Binary Dollar Bill

Binary dollar bills have different combinations of one and zero for their serial numbers.

For instance, the serial number could be ‘00101110.’

The value of each binary dollar bill depends on the specific serial number.

Some combinations are rarer and more sought after amongst collectors of rare currency.

#3. Seven Of A Kind Dollar Bill

One of the most unique serial numbers you will find on a dollar bill is the seven-of-a-kind bill.

These have seven repeated numbers in the serial number, but they do not have to be in a row.

For instance, ‘88288888’ is seven of a kind since it has seven number eights.

seven of a kind dollar bill
Source: kardplayer3 via eBay

Seven repeated numbers are improbable, which makes this one of the rarest bills in circulation.

It is important to note that the number seven is considered lucky in several different cultures.

This lucky number means that these notes may be worth more money than ones with other digits.

#4. Double Quad Dollar Bill

The double quads are another rare type of dollar bill.

These have two numbers repeated in the serial number.

One number is at the beginning of the serial number, and the other number is at the end of the serial number.

An example is ‘22227777’.

#5. Repeating Dollar Bill

A repeating dollar bill is one with a serial number that has a repeating pattern.

These patterns can be in any arrangement and include any numbers as long as they have repeating digits.

An example could look like ‘55895589.’

Even though these are still rare, they are not worth as much as other types of rare dollar bills because they are still relatively easy to find compared to other rare bills.

#6. Super Repeating Dollar Bill

A super repeater is a particular type of repeating dollar.

These have the first two digits in the serial number repeating over and over, like ‘45454545.’

They are not the rarest paper money denomination available, but they are also far from the most common.

The value of super repeaters varies, but you can generally get about $100 for them.

They are pretty rare and only appear in roughly one out of every million bank notes that the Federal Reserve prints.

#7. Sequence Of Seven Dollar Bill

The sequence of seven is one of the rarest Federal Reserve notes.

These have the same number repeated seven times in a row in the serial number.

sequence of 7 dollar bill
Source: Worthopedia

While these are rare dollar bills, they are still relatively common compared to other types, meaning there is a large amount in circulation today.

These show up in roughly one of every half million bank notes that get printed, typically worth about $200.

#8. Radar Repeating Dollar Bill

A radar repeater is a note with serial numbers that combines the radar and repeating patterns.

It has to have a pattern repeated in the first four and last four digits of the serial number, like ‘65566556’.

However, the serial number must also be the same if you read it forwards and backward.

These are generally worth around $100 and appear in one of every million printed notes.

#9. Super Radar Dollar Bill

Super radars are a specific kind of radar bill.

With these, the first and last digits in the serial numbers are the same.

The digits between these two are either repeating or following a palindrome pattern.

An example would be ‘94444449’.

These are about as common as notes like the radar repeater, super repeater, or double quad.

They show up in roughly one out of every million Federal Reserve notes.

#10. Ladder Dollar Bill

The rarest paper money bills ever are the ladder dollar bills.

These appear in only one out of every 96 million banknotes.

These have fancy serial numbers that escalate like a ladder.

Examples of a pure ladder might have ‘12345678’ or the reverse, ‘87654321’.

ladder bills
Source: LoveMoney

There are also variations of the ladder that will have a similar sequence without starting with the number one.

An example of this could be ‘00045678’ or ‘01234567’.

Because of their rarity, they are worth many times their face value.

They appear in only one out of every 16 million banknotes printed by the federal government.

These are worth big bucks, and you can easily get $5,000 or more if you find one of these.

#11. Solid Serial Number Bill

The solid dollar bill has a repeated serial number all the way through.

The same digit repeats throughout the entire serial number.

The value of these banknotes goes up according to the digit that repeats throughout.

The most valuable version of the solid dollar is the one that has the number nine repeating throughout the entire serial number because modern serial printing stops at 96000000.

These appear in one of roughly every 11 million banknotes printed by the federal reserve.

You can usually get at least $500 for them, and frequently more than that.

#12. Bills With Special Serial Numbers

Many other dollar bills in circulation today may be worth money greater than face value.

These include bills with low serial numbers, a unique pattern, or certain letters.

If you come across any of these, the easiest way to see their value is to search eBay.

You could find a local collector as well.

#13. Star Notes

star notes

What are star note bills?

A star note bill is a replacement bill.

When a printing error occurs during a press run, replacement notes are printed.

These replacement notes are called star notes because the last part of the serial number ends with a star instead of a letter.

Star notes value varies but most are not worth more than the face value of the bill they are printed on.

However, some are more valuable so if you notice one in your pocket, you want to assess its value.

#14. $500 Bill

Did you know there is such a thing as a $500 bill?

The $500 bill goes back to 1780 and was a Confederate Bill first.

Eventually, it became a Federal Reserve note and was discontinued in 1969.

If you come across one, you can still use it to pay for things, though it is worth more than $500.

#15. $5,000 Bill

First issued during the Revolutionary War, the $5,000 bill started printing when the Civil War began.

In 1969 production was ended as President Nixon feared criminals were using them for illegal activity.

The current value is anywhere from $75,000 up to $200,000 and is considered by some to be the rarest currency denomination.

#16. Misprinted Bills

Paper money that has errors many people see as valuable.

These misprints could be anything from double prints, different denominations on the front and back, an inverted face, or a blurry image.

The more dramatic the error, the more valuable it can be.

#17. Confederate States Dollar

During the Civil War, the eleven confederate states created their currency, commonly known as Greybacks.

This currency was legal tender in the Southern states, but once the South lost the war, the bills were worthless as legal tender because they had nothing backing them.

Today, this currency only has value as collector’s items.

The Most Valuable Rare Coins Worth Money

valuable rare coins

Coins also hold significance based on rarity or errors as well.

Here are some valuable coins, both old coins and new, you might have in your pocket or piggy bank.

#18. 1943 Lincoln Head Copper Penny

1943 copper penny
Source: GainsvilleCoins

Here is the first example of a penny worth more than just a cent.

It could be worth up to $1 million.

The reason is that during World War II, the United States government wanted to preserve copper and switched to making zinc-coated steel pennies.

But a few copper versions of the penny were printed and put into circulation.

The odds of finding one of these wheat pennies are rare, hence the high price.

#19. 1969-S Lincoln Cent With A Doubled Die Obverse

1969 double die cent
Source: PCGS.com

If you come across a penny from 1969 and an ‘S’ under the date, check to see if it was a double die.

A double die is when a coin is stamped twice, making the coin blurry.

Only pennies minted in San Francisco, hence the ‘S’ designation, have this error.

The going price of these pennies is between $40,000 and $100,000.

#20. Sacagawea Cheerios Dollar

Of all the coins on the list, this one takes the prize for being the most unique.

In 2000, the U.S. Mint promoted a Golden Dollar by including them in boxes of Cheerios.

At the same time, the U.S. Mint put 5,500 Sacagawea Dollars into Cheerios boxes as well.

What makes these coins valuable is the eagle tail feathers on the coin are reversed.

If you happen to come across one, they are worth between $5,000 and $25,000, depending upon their condition.

#21. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter

2004-d wisconsin quarter extra leaf
Source: USA Coin Book

In 1999, the United States Mint began releasing state quarters in the order they became states to honor our nation’s history.

In 2004, people realized some Wisconsin state quarters had an error on the back. Some of the coins had an extra leaf on the corn stalk.

To this day, you can find this quarter with the error in circulation.

If you find one, depending on the coin’s condition, it could be worth $50.

#22. 1999 Wide “AM” Reverse Lincoln Cent

1999 Penny wide AM
Source: VarietyErrors.com

There are several years where you might find the Wide AM version of the penny, but 1999 is one many collectors seek out most.

To know if you have this penny, you need to look on the back where it says “America.”

If the letters A and M are close together, practically touching, this is a close AM penny and not worth more than a cent.

But if the A and M are farther apart, you have a valuable penny.

#23. Silver Half Dollars

Most silver half dollars you come across are no more valuable than $0.50.

But if you have any minted before 1965, it is worth more because it contains 90% silver.

After 1964, the silver half dollars contain only 40% silver.

#24. 1982 No Mint Mark Dime

All dimes have the letter of the U.S. Mint they came from under the year.

But in 1982, some dimes were never stamped with a letter.

As a result, there is no letter underneath the date.

This dime in good condition is worth up to $50.

#25. 1965 Quarter No Mint Mark

The 1965 quarter is significant because this is the first year the quarter was made of something other than silver, similar to the silver half dollars mentioned above.

But some of the quarters that were made of 90% slipped through the cracks and are in circulation today.

There are two simple ways to tell if you have one of these quarters.

First, you can flip the coin on its side.

If the edge of the quarter is brown, it has copper in it. But if it is made of silver, the edge will be silver colored.

The other way to tell is by weighing the coin.

Silver weighs more than the copper-nickel version.

Finally, if you notice your 1965 quarter doesn’t have a mint mark, this not an error.

The U.S. Mint stopped stamping the coins with a mint mark in 1965.

How Much Are Bills And Coins Worth?

dollar bills and coins

To determine how much a rare bill is worth, a few factors come into play.

One factor is the currency denominations in question.

Some out-of-print denominations, such as the $2 bill featuring Thomas Jefferson, are now hard to find.

You also have to consider the bill’s face value and if there were any printing errors when the bill was produced.

If the note is in good condition, it will be worth extra money.

Sometimes the series year is also relevant.

Depending on the print, a unique series year can make a particular note extra valuable.

Final Thoughts

While this list contains many rare dollar bills and rare coins, it is not a full list.

There are many more valuable bills and coins worth a lot of cash.

Sometimes these bills are popular because of their serial numbers. Sometimes they are historical relics of different eras.

Finding paper currency or a coin that is unlike the ones you are used to seeing could mean it is more valuable.

You might be able to make big bucks from it by selling it on eBay or to local dealers and collectors.

You might even consider selling to Heritage Auctions if you have currency that is very valuable.

So check your wallet, purse, and coin jars to see if you are sitting on hidden wealth.

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