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Having insurance is a must in today’s world.

But what many people don’t realize is they are overpaying for insurance coverage.

If you have been with the same insurance provider for over 1 year, chances are you are paying too much.

But how do you know?

In the past, insurance shopping meant you had to contact multiple insurance agencies to get quotes.

Today you simply use Gabi insurance.

Gabi is an insurance comparison tool that provides up to 40 quotes in 2 minutes.

All you have to do is the pick the one you want and switch.

The great part is the average user saves $961 a year when using Gabi.

There is no reason not to try Gabi.

In this Gabi insurance review, I’ll walk you through what Gabi is all about and how to save money by using them.

Gabi Insurance Review | The Fastest Way To Save Money

What Is Gabi?


Gabi is an insurance comparison tool for gathering insurance rates quickly and easily.

While there are quite a few places you can obtain insurance quotes for your home or your vehicles, it’s not fast.

Since most insurance agencies work with only one carrier, to get a handful of quotes you would need to call 5 or 6 agents.

And while you could reach out to an independent licensed insurance broker to get multiple quotes, it isn’t going to be fast.

You are going to wait a few hours to a few days to get the comparison.

With Gabi you only fill out one form and get your quotes back in minutes.

And since they are connected with more than 40 different insurance companies, you will be able to make a quick decision on how they stack up for your needs without the hassle of getting the information.

And while many people shop around for an auto insurance quote, Gabi offers quotes on many types of insurance, including the following.

  • Auto insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Landlord insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

The bottom line is, if you want to save money on insurance, Gabi is the tool you need to use.

You can try it out right now below.


How Does Gabi Work?

The entire process of working with Gabi is as easy as can be.

You begin by creating an account and provide basic information about yourself, like you name, birth date, home address, email address, and phone number.

How Gabi Works

Then you simply share your current insurance policy and they will go to work behind the scenes comparing your policy to up to 40 other insurance companies.

In 2 minutes you will see the various rates and can pick the one you like best.

Finally, you will be asked a few follow up questions to ensure the quote is accurate.

If you decide to move forward with the cheapest policy or a cheaper policy, you buy it through Gabi.

When you want to switch, just click the button and you can pay with your credit card to activate your new policy.

The process takes you a couple of minutes in total.

And you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong policy.

You are comparing are the same exact coverage of what you currently have.

However, you can also change coverage options as well to better fit your current lifestyle.

This can also open the door for more potential discounts as well.

Once your new policy is in place, you will reach out to the new insurance provider if you have a claim.

When it comes to cancelling your policy with your current insurer when you switch, Gabi will help you with contacting your current insurance company to cancel!

Finally, if you don’t currently have insurance coverage, Gabi can still work for you.

You won’t be able to compare rates since you don’t have a policy, you will see the cheapest insurance option based on what Gabi has found.

Gabi Insurance Button

Advantages And Drawbacks

There are several pros and cons to using this method to find insurance for your vehicles and your home.

I lay out the biggest for each below.


Fast And Convenient. Since you get quotes online, you can do it any time of day or night. The quoting process only takes a few minutes to get your current policy to Gabi and even faster to get your free quotes.

No Pressure. When you call an insurance agent for a quote, some will call you back on a regular basis asking if you want to switch. With Gabi, if you don’t like what you see, there is no pressure or obligation to move forward.

Savings. I mentioned it before, but the average Gabi user saves over $950 a year on their insurance!

Multiple Quote Options. If you decide to switch, you have the option of doing it online by yourself or by calling or texting with an agent to guide you.

Multiple Insurance Products. You can use Gabi for your auto insurance policy, home, landlord, renters or umbrella insurance quotes. Some other comparison tools only allow for auto and home quotes.

Licenses In 50 States. This something many people overlook. Some insurance companies are only licensed in some states. And some comparison tools aren’t applicable to people living in certain states. Gabi works in all 50 states.


As great as Gabi is, there are some drawbacks.

Here are the biggest to be aware of.

Insurance Broker, Not Provider. Gabi is simply an online insurance broker to get quotes. Once you switch coverage, you will no longer be working with Gabi, but with your new provider.

More Insurance Companies. Gabi offers quotes from up to 40 different insurance providers. But there are more out there that could potentially offer a lower rate. However, the chances are small given the large number of quotes you will get.

Quote Delay. For fastest quotes, you connect your current policy with Gabi. However, if you upload a copy of your current policy, it could take up to a day to receive your quotes.

Alternatives To Gabi

There are other options out there besides Gabi.

Here are some that you should be aware of.

Jerry AI

Jerry is very similar to Gabi in the way it works.

The main differences are as follows.

First, Jerry will compare up to 45 quotes but only show you the best 6-8 to pick from.

Also, Jerry will auto shop your coverage you every year, so you will always be paying the lowest premiums possible.

Finally, Jerry only offers quotes on auto, homeowners, and renters policies.

The Zebra

The Zebra offers multiple insurance quotes quickly for you to compare.

The biggest difference, and in my mind drawback, is the way the comparison works.

They group insurance coverage into buckets, like Minimal, Basic, Better, and Best.

There is also no customizing your quote to get one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

However, they do offer quotes on many lines of insurance, including RV insurance, life insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, and motor home insurance.

This is in addition to auto, home, and renters insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Insurance is a complicated topic, and as a result, I get asked a lot of questions about Gabi.

Here are the most popular ones.

Is Gabi legit?


Gabi Personal Insurance Agency was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and they are currently licensed in all 50 states, including Washington D.C.

They are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and have an A- rating.

In the time they have been in business, Gabi has provided over 7 million quotes to consumers and saved thousands of customers money every year on insurance.

Is my information safe?

Your information is safe with Gabi.

They do not share or sell your personal information with other companies.

You will not receive annoying phone calls or spam emails from them.

To give you a fair comparison, you can either upload a PDF of your current policy declarations page or give Gabi access to your current insurance account.

If you give them access to your online account, Gabi can only view your account details, like coverage levels.

They cannot log into your account on their own and they cannot make any changes to your current policy.

In addition to the above, Gabi use 128 encryption and SSL to keep your information safe.

Is Gabi an insurance company?

Gabi is a licensed broker and does not offer insurance coverage.

To better understand this, let’s use an example.

State Farm offers insurance coverage.

If you visit or call an office, the agent will review your current coverage and offer you quotes for coverage with State Farm.

As an agent for State Farm, this is the only company they can quote prices for.

On the other hand, insurance brokers are independent.

They partner with multiple insurance companies and can quote you prices for State Farm, GEICO, Northwestern, and more.

By being independent, they can offer you a wide variety of quotes, helping you to see where you can save the most money.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you for getting quotes.

They are a lead generator for insurance companies and therefore do not charge you the consumer.

How does Gabi make money?

Gabi makes money by working with a major insurance company. Over 40 of them in fact.

They pay Gabi for leads and new business.

You do not pay any fees to Gabi or to the insurance company for using Gabi and the quote you do receive would be the same quote if you contacted the insurance company yourself.

How much money will I save?

There are many factors that determine how much money you will save by switching.

With that said, the average person who uses Gabi to save money on insurance saves an average of $961 a year.

How can I save the most money?

To save the most money possible, bundling your coverage is a must.

This is when you combine multiple insurance policies with the save insurer.

For example, you combine your home and auto coverage.

Doing this opens the door for multi policy discounts which can easily save you hundreds of dollars a year.

If you have questions about this, Gabi customer service is very helpful at walking you through the process to help you get the lowest price possible.

Will getting quotes affect my credit score?

First off, Gabi will not do any credit checks on you.

The insurance companies that are providing you quotes will do a soft pull of your credit.

The good news is that a soft credit pull has zero impact on your credit score, so there is no worry with getting multiple quotes.

Will Gabi be my insurance provider?


Gabi is simply the insurance broker, not the provider.

They act as a middle man to connect insurance providers with people in need of coverage.

What types of insurance quotes does Gabi offer?

Gabi offers quotes for a wide range of insurance products.

These include the following:

  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Landlord insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • RV insurance

Does Gabi offer health insurance quotes?

As of this writing, health insurance is not an option with Gabi.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, shopping for insurance is a hassle.

Gabi makes it easy and fast, which is why there is no good reason not to get free quotes using Gabi.

There is no obligation or pressure to switch, so you can try them out just to see how much money you could save.

And chances are, you will be astonished by how much you are overpaying for insurance.

I encourage you to take the small amount of time and give Gabi a try.

In just a few minutes, you could save yourself close to $1,000.

Click the link below to see how much money you will save.

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