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jerry car insurance

Auto insurance is necessary in life.

We need to protect ourselves and our finances from the possibility of loss when in a car accident.

But the whole process of getting car insurance coverage is a pain because it’s a lot of work to get quotes.

And while many people can save money by switching insurers, most don’t because it’s a hassle.

It’s like getting a physical every year from your doctor.

You know you should, but since you feel OK, you never make the appointment.

The only time you consider it is when you feel ill or think something is wrong.

But once you feel better, you put it off again.

For car insurance, you hear you can save money by switching, but you don’t think to do it until you get a bill for payment.

But a few days after paying the bill, you forget about it again.

So you just keep putting it off forever.

Until today.

Today, you can take advantage of

Jerry is a personal insurance assistant that compares quotes for you and saves users on average $872 a year on insurance.

You read that right.

You can save on average $872 a year. And it’s easy to do.

Just click a few buttons and in 45 seconds, you saved money.

You can click on the link below to get started.

JerryAI Button

If you want to learn more about this service and how it works, here is my complete Jerry review. Review | The Easiest Way To Shop For Insurance

What Is Jerry AI?

Jerry is a personal insurance assistant that helps you compare rates across 45 different insurance companies.

How Jerry Insurance Works

By using their algorithm, Jerry lets you do an apples to apples comparison of your policy, and saves customers an average of 30% on home and auto insurance.

Below I go into detail of how it all works.

If you are short on time, here is a basic intro video giving you a quick overview.

How Jerry AI Works

The process for comparing and switching your insurance coverage is simple.

You can either use the service on your computer or by downloading the app.

I used my computer to get started and then needed to download the app to get my quotes.

There were 4 steps involved in getting my free quotes.

I completed them in under 1 minute.

The first step was to choose what type of insurance coverage I wanted to get quotes for.

You can choose from the following.

  • Auto insurance
  • Auto and Home insurance
  • Auto and Renters insurance

It is recommended you bundle your coverage as you save the most money this way.

Since I own my house, I chose the auto and home option.

Jerry Screenshot 1

The next step was to enter my full name.

Jerry Screenshot 2

The third step was to enter my phone number so I could be sent a verification code and get text messages from Jerry.

Note that text message is how Jerry communicates with you.

You talk back and forth over text as opposed to talking on the phone.

Jerry Screenshot 3

The final step is to enter the verification code to prove it is you.

Jerry Screenshot 4

After this Jerry ran for about 10 seconds, pulling my personal information.

Once this was complete, I needed to answer a few more questions.

Most were basic identity questions like my previous address and zip code.

Some included asking me what insurance discounts I was eligible for, like safe driver’s class.

The final question was asking me to confirm my current monthly insurance payment.

Once I did this, I received a text message to download the app so I could see my quotes.

Using the app was simple.

Upon opening for the first time, I needed to enter my phone number and then received another verification code.

Then I could see my quotes.

I received 8 quotes in total.

Jerry Car Insurnace Quote

Using The Jerry App

The layout of the app is nice.

They broke my auto quotes into 2 sections.

The first was quotes based on the same coverage I currently have.

This means Jerry is giving you a quote with the same bodily injury, property damage, collision, and other coverage that you have right now.

Current Coverage Auto Insurance

I see the name of the insurance company as well as my monthly payment and savings.

The other section was quotes based on saving the most money.

In this case, you would change your coverages to save money.

For most people, this is not ideal, assuming you have the right insurance coverage for your needs.


Nonetheless, it is nice to see in case you do want to change your coverage details.

The home insurance quotes were on another tab, making it simple since everything wasn’t bunched on one screen.

Before I could see these quotes, I needed to confirm some details about my house.

This again took around 60 sections to answer the 5 questions.

After that, Jerry went to work.

Jerry Quote Processing

In less than a minute, I had quotes for both home and auto coverage.

Current Auto And Home Insurance

The entire process of getting quotes was simple and fast.

Before I tried Jerry, I was hesitant to believe the claim they save users on average of $872 a year on insurance.

But my savings are right in line with that number.

To get your free auto insurance quote and see how much money you will save with Jerry, click the link below.

JerryAI Button

Switching Car Insurance Coverage

If you find an insurance quote that you want to take advantage of, here is how you start the process of switching.

Simply tap on the quote you want to move forward with and Jerry takes care of the rest.

They will set up your new policy and cancel your current policy.

Your new ID card will be in the Jerry app for your convenience.

Note that during the process you will receive some text messages to confirm your policy and if any additional information is needed from you.

And going forward, Jerry will automatically shop coverage for you in the future so you will always be paying the lowest insurance rates.

Every time your policy is up for renewal, you can go into the app and select any quote to see how much you can save.

Advantages And Drawbacks

There are both advantages and drawbacks to using Jerry.

Here are the biggest ones I found.


Simple to use. I got quotes for both auto and home insurance in less than 60 seconds.

Savings. You can save a ton by using Jerry. Their claim of $872 a year is on par with what I experienced.

No phone calls. I’m not a fan of phone calls. Being able to do everyone online and via text is perfect for me.

Convenient. With Jerry, they will automatically shop your coverage for you going forward, so you will always save the most money.


Automated. While I love that I don’t have to talk to someone, the one downside to this is when you have questions or if you are someone that would rather talk to an agent. Luckily you can text or call an agent for help, but the default option is text messages.

Missing types of insurance. You can’t shop for certain types of insurance with Jerry, like life insurance or business insurance at this time. While this would be nice, you can use it for free car insurance quotes.

Hawaii residents. Currently Jerry is not offered to residents of Hawaii.

Alternatives To Jerry AI

There are a lot of car insurance companies out there, but there are very few services that will compare auto insurance quotes from up to 45 insurers at once.

Nonetheless, here are some viable options other than Jerry AI to consider.


Gabi is very similar to Jerry in that you can get multiple quotes at once.

The main difference is the process of getting your current information.

With Gabi, you either link your current insurance account to Gabi so they can see your policy details, or you upload your policy.

As a result, the process for getting your quotes takes more time. And if you upload your policy, it could take more than a day to get your quotes.

On the plus side, Gabi is able to compare more types of insurance, such as condo and landlord insurance.

The Zebra

The Zebra is like Jerry AI in that it will provide you with quotes from various insurers.

The downside is you have to manually enter a lot of information, but once you do, you get free quotes instantly.

The other drawback is that you are boxes into coverage types, like Minimal, Basic, Better, and Best.

There is no customizing your quote and it is hard to compare your current coverage with the quotes provided.

What they do have going for it is the option to shop for more types of insurance.

For example, you can shop for home insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, RV insurance, life insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, and mobile home insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

I get asked a lot of questions about Jerry AI.

Here are the most common. This is also a good place to get a good basic understanding of what you get and can expect with using the service.

Is Jerry AI legit?


Jerry is a fully licensed insurance broker in 49 states. The only exception is Hawaii.

In addition, the app has a 4.7 rating in the App Store from over 2,600 users and over 1,000 reviews from the Google Play store.

Is Jerry AI safe?


None of your personal information is stored with Jerry and the personal information they do collect is never sold to third parties.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about Jerry spamming you with calls or emails. They’ll communicate with you through text, unless you ask them to speak with an agent directly.

As of this writing, Jerry is trusted by over 385,000 users.

How does Jerry make money?

Jerry is an insurance broker with over 45 carriers and makes money on commissions from insurance sales.

These commissions are included in the price you are quoted.

Will getting free quotes affect my credit score?


Depending on the state you live in, insurance companies are not required to pull your credit report.

If you live in a state where your credit is pulled, it is a soft credit pull, which does not affect your credit score.

What if I don’t currently have auto insurance?

You can still use the GetJerry website to get online quotes and buy a new policy.

The only difference is you will need to input some information as opposed to the service automatically pulling your current insurance information.

What kinds of insurance can I use Jerry for?

Currently you can get quotes for auto, homeowners, and  renters.

How many quotes will I get?

This varies by person but the typical user will get between 5-6 quotes.

What you don’t see however is behind the scenes, they are comparing prices from up to 45 companies. narrows this number down to the most competitive and best insurers for your situation.

You then compare the handful of quotes they show you and make a decision.

What are some of the insurance companies Jerry works with?

Jerry does not list all the companies it gets quotes from, but here is a list of some they do.

  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • Travelers
  • AAA
  • Mercury
  • MetLife
  • Liberty Mutual

How do I file a claim?

In the event you need to file a claim, you would go through the insurance carrier you have your auto policy with and not Jerry.

For changes to your policy or policy questions you can make updates in the Jerry app.

For example, you can add your new car or change your address right in the app.

The same applies to roadside assistance.

You would go through your car insurance carrier, not Jerry.

Do I need to shop coverage every year?

In the past, you needed to regularly shop for coverage every year or so to verify you were paying the lowest rates.

But when you sign up with Jerry, this changes.

They will automatically shop your coverage every time your policy is due for renewal.

There is nothing for you to do.

Just review the new quotes and pick the one that saves you the most money.

How much can I save by using Jerry AI?

On average, Jerry users save $872 a year.

For 30 seconds of your time, this is definitely worth it.

JerryAI Button

How can I ensure I am getting the lowest price?

After getting a free quote from Jerry, you could call the insurer offering the quote directly to confirm the rate.

While this would take time, it would provide peace of mind for those on the fence.

Note that once the rate is confirmed, you are better served by going through Jerry as they will shop your coverage every year going forward to help you save money.

If you go with the carrier directly, you will have to shop on your own.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, shopping for car insurance is a hassle.

This is why so many people stick with their current insurer and accept the higher annual premiums.

With, this stops.

You can shop for new coverage from the comfort of your home and be done in under 10 minutes without making a phone call.

If you want the option to possibly save $872 a year on insurance, you need to get your free car insurance quote from Jerry.

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