23 Priceless Things Money Can’t Buy


There is a common misconception out there that you need money to make you happy.

So people slug away trying to make money at a job they dislike and some even go as far as trying to hit it big with the lottery.

The thought is, if I just had more money, all my problems would be solved.

But this is rarely the case.

The reality is, money doesn’t solve all your problems.

And if you ask people who have come into money, they will tell you that many times, new problems arise from having money.

To be truly happy, you need to focus on the little things in life, the things that money can’t buy.

Because this is a new concept to many, I am sharing this post.

In this post, I name 23 things money can’t buy.

By the end, you will see that there is no price for a wealthier life and money cannot buy it.

23 Priceless Things Money Can’t Buy

#1. Happiness

things money can't buy

While money can help you to acquire pleasure and fun, it cannot buy you happiness.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how many material possessions you’ve managed to acquire over the years.

Happiness is something you cannot buy.

What does lead to happiness is being surrounded by loved ones, healthy relationships, and having a purpose in life.

It also helps when you make good choices too.

Most times, people lead miserable lives because of poor choices, which often lead to sad relationships, family lives, and careers.

And when you are missing one of these things from your life, no amount of money can make up for it.

#2. Time

We often hear people, including those who lead high-end lives, say, “time flies.”

The truth is once time has elapsed, it’s impossible to bring it back.

While it’s free for everyone’s use, it’s impossible to buy time with any amount of money.

You can make more money, but you can never make more time.

Therefore, it’s such an important thing that cannot be bought using money.

You also might have heard people say time is money.

This is one area that many people often overlook.

In the hopes of saving money, they try to do things instead of paying for it.

This includes lawn mowing, cleaning their house, and more.

While I am all for being smart with money, you have to always take into account time.

If it takes you 2 hours to mow your lawn and you hate doing it, it might make sense to pay someone $50 to do it for you.

Assuming you mow once a week, 6 months a year, that is 48 hours of your life every year you lose.

You instead could be spending this time enjoying experiences with the ones you love.

The bottom line is, the many choices in life have long lasting impacts.

Start working on thinking about all parts of things and not just focusing on the money side of the equation.

#3. Love

I know it sounds crazy, but money cannot buy you love.

It’s even funny that regardless of how much money you possess, it can make it very difficult to find true love.

For instance, when people realize that you’re a wealthy person, they will always want to associate with you.

This makes it very difficult to differentiate between the people who truly love you for who you are and those that love you because of your money.

Therefore, the wealthiest people are often faced with the difficulty of finding true love.

They often ask themselves, “Is this person loving me because of who I am or for what I own?”

Further, they’ll even wonder if the person they choose to love would stay even if he or she lost all the money.

This often poses confusion in wealthy people’s minds, making it extremely difficult to find true love.

I don’t mean to say that wealthy people cannot find true love.

It is just that there is greater chance of meeting fake people.

#4. Purpose

As mentioned above, you should not prioritize making money at the expense of other essential things in life.

Instead, find the right purpose in life to lead your desired lifestyle.

Money is a necessary tool to enable us to achieve some of the goals we set for our lives.

But it shouldn’t go further than that.

Making money provides you the ability to maneuver through certain issues, but it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal for you and me.

In other words, making money as your life’s sole purpose will make your life meaningless.

Therefore, don’t allow money to rule your life.

Find your calling and focus on this, and many times you will find that money is a byproduct.

#5. Health


Having great health is crucial to living a better life.

But, sadly, money cannot buy you good health.

No matter how rich you are, health cannot be traded for money.

In many cases, some people choose to sacrifice their health to chase wealth.

In the end, their health deteriorates.

At this point, you’ll need the money to save your health, which often is difficult to recuperate.

Therefore, it’s advisable to maintain good health throughout your lifetime and not to sacrifice your health to become rich.

You’ll spend all the money you have on medical expenses and drugs, but it might be impossible to bring back your natural health, which already got worse.

#6. Manners

Manners and class are yet other essential things that money cannot buy.

Even with the best life coach and spending time with the most useful people, without effort, you will remain the same person.

Money can make you forget manners and become rude, and even feel like you’re not answerable to anyone.

For instance, lottery winners are often victims of losing their manners whenever they win some money.

#7. True Friendship

There will always be many people hanging out with you when you have a lot of money.

But often it doesn’t mean that they will all be your real friends.

You can pay their bills, and even buy them great things to make them your friends.

However, they are prone to disappearing when you need their help the most.

It’s important to find people you can trust and who you want to associate with.

Appreciate them because they have stuck with you during your best and worst moments.

Those are your real friends and who you shouldn’t lose.

True friendship can be created through acts of kindness and not by throwing lots of money at people.

This is why many people who become rich keep the same best friends they had before they came into money.

They know these people are lasting friends and will stick by their side, with or without money.

#8. Trust

Trust is not a physical thing, and it’s impossible to pinpoint it.

Trust depends on the truth, reliability, and honesty displayed by someone.

Once you learn what trust is, you’ll understand that it is built with your actions and the other person’s responsive feelings and not by paying money.

In fact, when you do have money, it may become harder to trust people.

This is because you will always question whether or not the person is being real or just putting on an act because you have wealth.

Many times, wealthy people will hide their wealth as much as possible so they don’t have to worry about trusting others as much.

#9. Confidence

self confidence

Confidence is an essential aspect of life, which should not be built on wealthy possessions.

It’s extremely dangerous to rely on external things such as money to build your confidence.

What will happen when you don’t have the money?

You’ll find yourself in a very dangerous situation.

If for example, you rely on material things such as cars, appearance, houses, and other things to give you confidence, you’ll lose your confidence when you don’t have the money to buy them.

You will develop insecurity and worthlessness when you lose your materialistic things possessions.

It is the same as someone needing another person for confidence.

It never works out.

You need to take the time to develop confidence in yourself.

And only then will you be able to lead a happy and successful life.

#10. Peace Of Mind

Having inner peace can make your life very comfortable.

Most people have the assumption that once you get rich, you’ll have peace of mind.

That’s often not the case, even though with money you can pay your bills, buy food and sustain your family.

But money cannot solve your internal issues, which affect you to the core.

Money cannot buy you true peace.

This is achieved by strengthening and broadening your mindset through meditation, and understanding and accepting who you are.

#11. Truth

At the end of the day, the truth always comes out.

People and organizations spend thousands of dollars trying to hide the truth or keep a lie going, but the real story always comes out.

This is why there is no point in lying.

No matter how much the truth might hurt, you are better off telling it rather than getting tangled in a web of lies.

The lies make life so much harder to live and end up costing you more than if you simply told the truth.

#12. Sense Of Humor

A sense of humor is a personality trait many people are drawn to.

If you find yourself among single people, ask them what they are looking for in a partner and most everyone will say a sense of humor.

The reason for this is because life gets hard.

And you need to be able to laugh.

No amount of money will buy you a sense of humor.

And without having the ability to laugh, and laugh at yourself, life is going to be a lot harder to get through.

#13. Integrity

Integrity has a lot to do with honesty, trust and respect.

It is basically being a good, moral person.

And this is something money cannot buy.

You are a good person with or without money.

Others can count on you to come through in times of need and you follow through when you make a commitment.

#14. Wisdom

Yes you can get a good education to learn new things.

But there is no guarantee that you will become intelligent or gain wisdom as a result.

I know a lot of people that spend thousands of dollars on a high quality education and instead of learning, spent their time partying.

The truth is, many times you gain wisdom and knowledge from life experiences.

You make mistakes and learn as you go.

Some of the most valuable lessons I learned in my life have been when I was put in a situation and had to figure things out on the fly.

#15. Family


Whenever life gets hard, there is one constant.

You can always go back home and rely on family members.

They will always love you and accept you for who you are, not for what you achieved in life.

They will always have your back, through good times and bad times.

And sadly, many times money is what destroys families and pulls them apart.

Think of a parent passing away without a will and watch the survivors navigate the complex world of money.

Fights are battled and connections are lost.

#16. Being Present

In our face paced world, being mindful of our surroundings is becoming harder and harder to do.

You can spend money to take yoga or meditation classes to help you be more present.

Or you can simply do these things without spending any money at all.

By taking the time to be mindful every day, you will improve the quality of your life.

And you will be happier as well because you will take note of the little things in life.

And these little things are the true rewards in life.

#17. Loyalty

Aristotle once said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

When you are loyal to someone, you have their best interest at heart.

This could be telling them when you think they are in a relationship with the wrong person.

Or helping them work through an addiction.

No matter what is happening, you always are there for them.

And likewise, they are always there for you.

#18. Avoiding Pain

Either physical or emotional pain, we all experience and have to work through it, regardless if we have money or not.

Maybe one day, science will find a way to help us ignore pain or become unaware of it, but until then, we all feel it.

And this is where being mindful comes into play.

While mindfulness won’t help you to avoid feeling hurt, it will help you better handle it interpret it so you can move on.

#19. Positive Attitude

positive attitude

In my opinion, having a positive attitude in life is priceless.

Your daily life is filled with struggles, both large and small.

You oversleep and have to race to get to work on time.

You have to drop both your kids off at two different places at the same time.

You lose your job.

A parent passes away.

The list goes on and on.

It is easy to let negative thoughts creep into your mind and make a home there when things go wrong.

When this happens, you are training yourself to see the bad in life.

As a result, it becomes harder to see the good in life and in others.

Over time, this negativity weighs on you and become less and less happy.

To live a happier life, you need to work on keeping a positive attitude as much as possible.

This isn’t to say you can never think negatively, but try to make it so your go to thought pattern is one of positivity and not negativity.

#20. Talent

Each one of us is unique.

We all have own gifts and talents from the day we are born.

While we can pay to improve our talents, the reality if you cannot buy talent.

The more time to you take to identify your innate talents and work to improve them, the happier and confident you will be.

#21. Respect

As a society, many of us have a misbelief about respect.

We think that when we are in a position of authority or have wealth, this is enough for us to demand respect from others.

But the flaw in this thinking is twofold.

First, it assumes that that if you don’t have wealth or are not in a position of authority, no one will respect you.

It also assumes that you can act in any way you want, including showing a lack of respect for everyone else, but still require people respect you.

The reality is that in order to be respected, you first have to treat others with respect.

This is the case regardless if you have money or not.

In fact, there are some rich people who are not respected at all because they are known to look down upon others.

#22. Personality

Just like with your talents you are born with your personality.

There is no amount of money that can change who you are on the inside.

Your inner beauty will shine through, regardless if you are rich or poor.

#23. Quality Time

Money does help with this, in the sense that you can retire early so you can spend more time with those you love.

But you do not need money in order to enjoy quality time.

And for each person, the definition of quality time differs.

For some, it could mean spending time with true friends and family.

For others, it could be spending time relaxing in a hammock on a nice day.

No matter what quality time means to you, you do not need to have money for this.

Final Thoughts

Throughout my entire life, I’ve learned that there is more to life than chasing money.

While money can make parts of life less stressful and more comfortable, there are other more important things in life.

If you want to life a happy life, and become a better person, you need to focus on these things money can’t buy.

Because at the end of the day, they are the things you cannot live without.

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