35 Legit Ways To make $200 Fast Right Now


Technology has made it easy to make money from anywhere.

All you have to do is know the best ways to make money fast enough.

With so many online companies, you can make money consistently without leaving your house.

However, that does not mean that side hustles like Uber and delivery services that require you to work outside your home are not good enough.

In fact, those are some of the best ways to make that extra cash and achieve financial freedom.

Would you like to know the other ways to make $200 dollars fast?

Follow through and discover how to get paid in your free time through simple tasks like playing a game, selling your skills, and downloading new apps.

35 Ways To Make $200 Quickly

How To Make $200 Fast. One Day Fast

how to make $200 fast

Do you need $200 dollars fast and do not know where to get it?

Below are a few ideas to help you make extra money online in a single day.

#1. Driving A Cab

Companies like Lyft and Uber have made it possible to make money by driving people around during your spare time.

If you have a car, you can convert it to an Uber and make that $200 easily.

The other good thing about operating a cab is that you work within your own schedule.

You can also make as much money as you want, depending on your free time and the payment structure of the company you plan to work with.

A company like Lyft gives incredible benefits to its drivers, such as the Earnings Guarantee promotion.

The promotion guarantees you earn a certain amount if you make the specified number of rides.

If you fail to meet that earning mark, the company covers the difference to ensure you get the money they promised you would get.

#2. Playing Games For Real Money

Online casinos are now a significant contributor to the economy in multiple states where gambling is legal.

With new and better online games coming up every single day, you can pick a game, learn how to play it, and play for real money to make a killing.

Playing games for money like blackjack, poker, roulette, and many other entertaining games is like a walk in the park.

Most casinos will have demo games to help you sharpen your skills so you can grab as many cash rewards as possible when you start using real money to place wagers.

Depositing money into your playing account is an easy process that allows you to use the money for cash tournaments and, in return, get real cash prizes.

Just read the reviews first to ensure it is a legit rewards site and not a scam.

#3. Leveraging Signup Bonuses

Gaming sites use every means possible to bring players to their gaming sites.

That includes enticing them with signup bonuses and free registration bonus rewards.

You can make easy money by looking for casinos or gaming websites with high signup bonuses and creating an account with them.

The process takes only a few minutes, meaning that if you sign up for four accounts with a $50 welcome bonus, you have already made your $200 in less than a day.

Most of these sites will require you to have a PayPal account or a checking account where you can get a direct deposit of the money.

Other earning opportunities through gaming include head-to-head competitions where you can win real-world rewards or go home with huge cash prizes.

Just know that sometimes the bonus you earn must stay in your account and be used in the game instead of cashing out.

#4. Charging Scooters

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular in urban centers and estates as a convenient means of getting from one place to another.

The ease of use and low maintenance requirements have increased the number of scooters nationwide.

Technology has further simplified the use of scooters because some scooter companies already have an easy-to-use app that helps identify the scooters that need recharging.

Companies like Lime and Bird pay up to $7 to charge a single scooter.

There is no limit to the number of scooters you can charge daily.

It all depends on your time and the scooters available for charging.

If you decide to have a target of five scooters per day or night, you will have more than the $200 you wanted in your bank account.

Charging scooters, therefore, helps you make extra money fast and conveniently because of the free app that will help you identify drained scooters near you.

#5. Shopping And Delivering

Since the pandemic, almost every business has shifted its operations online, including grocery stores and food joints.

Therefore, there is heightened demand for freelance delivery agents throughout cities and residential areas.

You can sign up for your car or bike for delivery services on applications like Instacart and Doordash to start delivering items to people for a fee.

You and the delivery company will share the money the customer pays as a delivery fee.

You can increase your income by doing multiple deliveries together, especially when the destination is along the same street or within the same neighborhood.

Another lucrative side hustle in this category is becoming a personal grocery shopper.

Many people do not have the time or are too lazy to go to the supermarket and do their own grocery shopping.

Others will even pay you to help them shop online for things like groceries.

You can make a few dollars for each client you shop for, whether you went to the physical store or you are shopping online for them.

#6. Part-Time Bartending and Waitressing

Bars and hotels get overwhelmingly high traffic over the weekends because most people are free to visit such recreational spaces.

Therefore, these places will always have vacancies for part-time bartenders and servers to help them when there are too many customers.

In addition to the daily wage the bar manager will pay you at the end of the day, you can get extra cash in tips.

That makes it very easy to make $200 in a day and even more on the weekend.

You also save money because most hotels will provide their employees with meals while working there.

Given that tips mainly depend on the giver’s generosity, making money while working as a part-time bartender or waitress almost feels like getting free money.

It allows you to earn money quickly within a day or the period your services will be required at that establishment.

#7. Taking Photos

Did you think that a passion like taking photos could allow you to make $200 fast?

Websites like Shutter Stock and iStock have made that possible.

You can photograph anything literally and find someone who wants to buy your image online.

Most people who buy these images want them for their websites, campaigns, or advertising.

The photo-selling sites will link you with potential customers and get a percentage of the fee that buyers pay for your work.

For it to work and earn money fast, you need to take high-quality images that any client will be happy to pay top dollar for.

Selling photos can be a great side hustle, but the money can be so good that some people do it as a career.

If you sell three to four images daily, you have already hit your $200 target.

#8. Walking Dogs

Everyone would prefer to make money without toiling hard because that would bring you closer to financial freedom.

However, some people have careers that do not allow them to have it easy or even find time to do the little basic things like walking a dog.

Walking and playing with dogs pays handsomely because most people do not have the time to do it.

Even when you are working on a part-time basis, hitting that $200 in a day is possible.

You can dedicate a few hours to walking several dogs and playing with them to earn money fast and save that extra cash in an emergency fund or use it as you please.

How To Make $200 Fast In One Week

$200 one week

Sometimes you just need to make $200 fast in your bank account within a week, and you do not know whether to rob a bank or manifest a miracle.

With the following money-making ideas, you will not need to commit any crimes or fast for a miracle.

#9. Do Freelancing Jobs Online

Freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Flexjobs, and Freelancer give you a platform to meet clients looking for the skills you have.

The platforms facilitate communication, delivery of work, and payment at a small fee that you and the client will pay.

With so many platforms, making $200 dollars or more has become very easy.

However, on some of these platforms, you have to bid for jobs or create gigs and hope that clients are impressed by what you offer.

Flex Jobs Button

Some jobs are paid hourly, while others are paid per project.

You will find that most hourly rates are $50 and above, meaning you can even work an hour a day and still make $200 dollars or more within a week.

Some of the freelance jobs you can do online to make more than $200 dollars in a week are:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Entry
  • Editing Documents
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Management
  • Web Development
  • Financial Consultation
  • Content Creation For Blogs

The trick to scoring the best and high-paying clients on such sites is to create a complete profile with all the skills and the value you plan to add to the client.

Also, clients will decide whether to give you a job or not based on your past projects and reviews from previous clients.

If you do not have any reviews yet, you might want to start with lower-paying jobs to create a good profile and get colorful reviews to draw higher-paying clients.

Even so, getting a gig on freelancing platforms is pretty easy if you have the skills for the job.

#10. Do Odd Jobs

This site shows you the side hustles you never thought of that you can make money doing.

You can haul cars, make memes, or even sell your body for cash.

And in many cases, not only can you make $200 fast, but you get paid cash too.

#11. Sell A Skill And Make Money Online

Selling skills online is almost the same as freelancing.

The difference is that you create a portfolio for your skill online and package it well for clients to purchase a gig and get your services.

Selling skills online does not limit the type of skills you can sell.

You can create an account for yourself as a doctor and do consultations and telemedicine.

If you are a consultant, all you have to do is describe the kind of work you offer and your rates to allow anyone looking for consultation services to hire you.

#12. Do Virtual Assistant Jobs And Boost Your Bank Account

Virtual assistant jobs are mainly freelancing jobs, but we decided to put them on their own because of their value and popularity over the internet.

Companies are moving from full-time employees to part-time freelancers for roles like office management and secretarial work.

Sometimes, the tasks are not enough to dedicate a full-time salary with benefits.

Instead of spending so much time and money recruiting someone to do office bookings, scheduling, and other small office tasks, they hire virtual assistants hourly.

A virtual assistant makes close to $30 dollars per hour, which means they could make $200 dollars and much more within a week.

#13. Sell Handmade Crafts

You do not have to find an employer to make $200 dollars fast.

You can decide to employ yourself by making crafts and selling online or in your neighborhood.

You do not have to know how to make any of these things.

If you love to make things with your hands, you can learn online and start making them.

Websites like Etsy give you a platform to sell these crafts, with big ones like furniture and decor items fetching dollars fast.

You can sell an item per week and make your buck within a short time.

However, you will need a PayPal account for transactions, which might have charges you need to factor in when calculating your price to make a considerable profit.

#14. Rent Out Your Items For Extra Money

You should not worry about how to make $200 dollars fast when you have items in your house or garage that you can rent out.

Do not stick around with a room full of baby equipment you no longer use.

Someone somewhere might need it and has no money to buy it or does not want to spend that much on temporary equipment.

You can also rent out your RV to people who want to explore instead of having it parked outside your house all year.

Other things that you could rent out and get an easy $200 dollars or more are your car and your clothes.

Check out websites like BabyQuip, StyleLend, Getaround, and Outdoorsy to get directions on how you can rent out all these items and make extra cash.

Most of the above websites will allow you to keep 80% of the rental fee and give them 20% for facilitating the connection with your customers.

#15. Become An Online Tutor

Teachers are in high demand in different parts of the world, especially in non-English speaking countries.

Therefore, it is easy to score an online English teaching gig for kids or adults who want to learn the language.

Such gigs have hourly rates where you get paid $20-$50 dollars for every hour you teach.

With everything shifting online, learning institutions have also started embracing the culture, making it easy for tutors in any part of the world to be hired for a job.

If you are a great teacher or tutor, you can monetize your skill by looking for teaching gigs online.

VIPKid is an excellent example of a platform where you can sign up and teach kids in China how to speak English.

With their $7 to $9 rates for a 25 minutes class, you can make a couple of two hundred dollar bills within a week.

#16. Market Research

Many companies invest a lot in market research because it helps them understand their target market and tailor their products and services.

One way to achieve that is by seeking feedback from the audience through focus groups.

You could register for focus group surveys on products that you regularly use to help them make them better.

You can also sign up to try out new products from companies and give your honest feedback.

Some companies are willing to pay good money for your opinion, so you should register for as many as possible.

One of the best out there is Respondent.io.

You should also look into paid survey companies like Survey Junkie as they also offer focus groups.

Survey Junkie Box

Ways To Make $200 In One Month

$200 in one month

Everyone wants more money, especially now that the cost of living keeps rising.

Even if you have a day job that gives you good money, a passive income or another income stream will make your life much better and more manageable.

Let us look at some ways to get that extra money into your bank account.

#17. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product or service through a unique link that you get from the service provider.

You can share the link with your followers or contacts and try to influence them into buying the product you are promoting.

When someone purchases through your affiliate link, you get paid a commission, and the money can be deposited into your preferred payment method.

This is a lucrative side hustle as the number of purchases made through your link has no limit.

If you share your link in high-traffic places, you are likely to influence many sales and, in turn, get a lot of commission.

Some people earn a living through affiliate marketing jobs because you can have more than one product to promote.

For those who want to make extra cash, this legit side hustle can give you even more than $200 in a month.

#18. Start A Blog

Starting a blog gives you the freedom to write about whatever you are passionate about and still make money.

The good thing about a blog is that you do not have to be an excellent writer to start a blog in your favorite niche.

You can always outsource writing from freelancers at affordable rates.

Once you have your blog and the content you want, the next step is to sign up for ads to earn passive income.

However, hosting your blog on the web is required to start monetizing it, which you can do with as little as $4 from companies like Bluehost.

You can use Google Adsense as one way to monetize your blog through ads.

Blogs have multiple ways to give you money, including incorporating affiliate marketing and earning money from product promotions.

#19. Invest In Real Estate

Real estate investment products have made it easy for anyone to profit from substantial real estate projects without needing to buy, improve, or resell houses.

This type of investing is also beginner-friendly and safe compared to other investment methods like buying stocks.

With as little as $100, you can invest in homes with Arrived and stand to gain between 8-11% interest on your investment.

Arrived Button

All you have to do is find a property you want to invest in and add money to your account.

Then sit back and collect an income.

Today, real estate investing will give you more than $200 dollars fast, depending on your investment amount.

Calculating the monthly proceeds will show that the opportunity is lucrative and safe for that extra cash.

Flipping houses is another way to make money fast, but that requires a lot of industry knowledge to make the big bucks.

#20. Invest In The Stock Market

Regarding the stock market, you can make $200 in a day, a week, or even a month.

It all depends on how much work you want to put in and how much risk you want to assume.

The quickest way to $200 is through day trading.

But this is risky, and you can lose everything before you realize it.

A safer option is not to buy and sell stocks but to invest in dividend-paying stocks.

Owning these stocks will pay you every three months simply for holding them.

The more money you invest, the bigger the dividend you earn.

#21. Rent Out A Spare Room

The business of renting out your extra space in your home has recently become an easy and great way to make extra money.

You can rent out your garage or even your extra rooms to visitors coming into town who have no place to stay.

Another brilliant way to rent out space is to give your neighbors parking spots to use at a fee or any other area you barely use.

Airbnb is an excellent platform to list your home as available space for renting where people can come and sleep for the night.

When you rent out these spaces for an entire month, you will have enough money to pay any bills and still have your $200 dollars intact.

#22. Test Applications

New applications are coming up every day as technology keeps advancing.

The goal for every developer is to have an app with the best user interface and one that people will love and download.

Therefore, companies that create mobile phone applications will always need people to help them assess and test these applications.

They pay handsomely to have people test their applications and try to find errors.

Suppose you are a developer and know your way around applications.

In that case, you can make good money finding loopholes in the new applications even before they launch.

However, even a typical person who is not interested in all the code and the jargon can make money from app testing.

You can try using these applications through the graphical user interface and offer your honest opinion on the features for a fee.

#23. Create Content On Social Media

Social media is the new wave of employment with many earning opportunities, from marketing brands to providing value to viewers.

You can make money on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and many other popular social media sites by doing anything that people might find helpful or funny.

Content creation has become a full-time job for many as brands use content creators as their brand influencers to reach a broader market.

Additionally, social media has features like a Facebook marketplace where anyone can sell and buy products, connecting buyers and sellers on a global platform.

The reason why social media is by far the best place to make a lot of money today is that an app like Instagram is a free app.

These apps are also easy to use and accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection.

The internet has numerous ways to make money, and social media is the best place to make $200 fast and return for more.

#24. Doing Voice Overs

You could have an excellent voice for commercials, announcements, reading audiobooks, or even advertisements.

Do not waste that talent as you struggle to find ways to get paid or make $200 fast.

Having a good voice is gold because many movie directors and marketing managers want a voice like yours to hire for voiceovers.

You can make a good amount of money for every voiceover you provide, which means that doing that over time could give you money consistently.

You will find that creating audiobooks could give you more than the $200 dollars you wanted.

#25. Bank Account And Credit Card Welcome Bonus

I mentioned signup bonuses earlier, but these are a bit different.

Banks offer new customers a bonus when they open a checking account or a savings account.

In most cases, you only need to set up a direct deposit to earn money.

I’ve seen these bonuses as high as $500. 

The catch is you don’t get paid the free money for a few months.

Credit cards offer similar bonuses.

They come in either cash back or rewards points. 

The bonus’s value is between $200 and $1,000, and to qualify, you have to spend a certain amount over a select period.

Other Ways To Make $200 Quick

$200 quick

Like any other job, making money online also requires patience and commitment.

There are many lucrative ways of making money online over time, which also helps you achieve your financial goals.

While these ways may not help you make quick money, you can make $200 dollars by combining several.

#26. Paid Surveys

Many survey sites will pay you to complete surveys on relevant topics.

However, you need to create a profile to help the site know what kinds of surveys you qualify for.

If you land the highest-paying survey sites and qualify for most of the surveys, you will be able to make some money at the end of the month.

Even though you can make money from these highest-paying survey sites, you need to do a good number of surveys to make your $200 or something close.

Some sites will pay you with cash rewards, while others can decide to give you free gift cards.

Whichever method of payment you get does not matter, though.

You can always sell those gift cards to recover their worth.

The best part about this option is the small amount of time they take.

You can easily complete a survey during TV commercial breaks.

If you take public transit to work, you could complete a handful, depending on your commute.

The best survey sites are Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, and Branded Surveys

#27. Watch Videos

Sites like Swagbucks also pay you to watch videos online.

While watching videos is an easy way to make money, you also need to invest a lot of your free time to achieve a financial target.

The payment coincides with the ease of the task, but you can combine watching videos with two other ideas we have listed here and make your money.

Swagbucks Box

And here is a trick to work less at this task.

Open a browser and start playing the video playlist.

Then open another window or tab and do the work or shopping you were planning on doing while the videos play in the background.

#28. Referrals

Websites, casinos, applications, pages, or any other platform that wants high traffic of users, applicants, or members will always have a referral welcome bonus.

The bonus is to encourage the already subscribed members to invite their friends to come and sign up too.

In most cases, there will be requirements like the person you invited must create an account and deposit some money for you to get the bonus.

You can share your referral link in groups and pages with people who would be interested in whatever platform you are promoting to get the most out of this opportunity.

It’s one of the easiest ways to earn quick cash rewards, and these sites will deposit money right into your PayPal account.

#29. Playing Games Online

Another way to earn money online is by playing games.

More and more games now allow you to win small cash prizes.

You compete against other users and earn money when you win.

In some cases, you might end up winning free gift cards too.

A few popular games include Solitaire Cash, Swagbucks, and MyPoints.

#30. Searching Online

You can also get paid to search online using a particular web browser.

All you have to do here is go online and use your browser as you would if no one was watching or paying you.

Sometimes you may be required to search for a specific thing and make about $5 for it.

You could get close to $100 monthly when you do it consistently.

However, doing it alongside other hustles is the best way to make that money feel worthwhile.

#31. Reviewing Books

Another great idea on how to make $200 fast for book lovers is by reviewing books.

Publishers will reach out to book reviewers to help them edit books by providing reviews after reading the book.

This is an easy way to make money, especially for someone who enjoys reading.

The U.S. Review of Books and Kirkus Media are some places where you can sign up as a book reviewer to be considered for such jobs.

#32. Online Chatting

Believe it or not, you can get paid to chat with different people on the internet.

Some companies want to entertain their clients for a specified period and hire someone to keep the conversation alive with them.

For you to land such gigs, however, you must have excellent communication skills and show prowess in maintaining a stranger’s interest.

Other sites will pay you to be a friend to someone. The more you keep talking, the better the pay for you.

Such sites include Rent A Friend and Chat Jobs.

You could also explore sites like Amazon Chat Support Representative, The Chat Shop, and LiveWorld to learn how to make money chatting.

How To Make $200 Dollars Fast When You Save Money

save money

While cutting your expenses isn’t technically a way to earn money, it will feel like you get paid when you have more cash to do the things you want.

So what are the smartest areas to focus on when cutting expenses to save money?

You want to look at where you can save with the least effort.

Also, you want it to be a one-time thing on your part. 

What I mean by this is that if you don’t buy coffee, you save $3. But you need to keep avoiding buying coffee to keep saving money.

If you negotiate a lower cable bill, you save money every month and don’t have to put in any more effort.

Here are some monthly bills I like to focus on.

#33. Cut Your Cable Bill

As I said already, this is an easy option as there are many things you can do to lower your cable bill.

And if you don’t have the time or interest to negotiate, just use Trim.

They will negotiate for you. The average user saves $350 a year.

trim button

#34. Appeal Your Property Taxes

If you are a homeowner, reach out to a local real estate lawyer and see if it makes sense to appeal your taxes.

The lawyer will compare your taxes to your neighbors, and if you pay more, they will challenge it for you.

If they don’t lower your taxes, you pay nothing. But if they do, you pay a flat fee, usually 10% of the amount saved.

When we did this, we saved $1,500 a year.

#35. Auto Insurance

Here is another easy one that has a big payoff. 

Gather some insurance quotes and see how they compare to what you are paying now.

If one offers the same coverage for less, make the switch.

Using a tool like Insurify is innovative because it will gather multiple quotes for you.

And if you want to switch, they will handle that for you too.

Even better, the insurance company pays them, so you have zero cost.

The average user saves $500 a year on insurance.

Insurify Button

#36. Be Mindful Of Your Spending

While this idea is ongoing, once you get the hang of being mindful about your spending, there is zero work involved.

When you are going about your day and making everyday purchases, start questioning whether you need something before buying it. 

Ask yourself, how will this benefit me or improve my life? If it doesn’t, don’t buy it and save your money.

Before you know it, the number of everyday purchases you make will drastically decrease, and you will save a ton of money.

Final Thoughts

The internet is full of endless ideas on how to make $200 dollars fast.

However, you ought to be careful when engaging with online money-making opportunities because scammers are waiting to pounce on the naive ones.

You can try driving a cab or being a bartender for a day to test the legitimacy of our ideas but trust me, you will love it.

You could also decide to start your freelancing career or try your hand at teaching to see whether you can get your hands on the top dollar.

If your cash goals are monthly, try to earn passive income with a blog or work with major brands to create content on social media.

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