20 Awesome Investing Quotes To Remember

I’m a quote junkie. I love reading quotes from others all of the time. In fact, I’ve even used quotes to push me through a job I hated. Every Sunday was a bad day. Not because it was Sunday, but because I had to go to a job I hated the next day. Think about that – having half of your weekend ruined because you hated your job. Luckily I was able to find some quotes to change my outlook, keep me positive and push through that job. Eventually, I found a job I loved.

Why am I telling you this story? Because when it comes to anything in life, you have to have a positive outlook and attitude if you want to succeed. If you are negative about something, chances are you are going to put it off and ignore it as much as you can.

When it comes to investing, this is where many people fall. They don’t understand the stock market or they got burnt in the past and think it’s rigged against them. In reality, the stock market is easy to understand and it is not rigged against you. You just have to learn the basics of investing. Once you do this, you simply need to keep your emotions in check and keep investing.

To help you stay invested for the long term, I created this infographic made up of 20 awesome investing quotes that I love. They get you thinking and help to keep things in perspective. And that is what you need to push through your uncertainty when it comes to investing.


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12 thoughts on “20 Awesome Investing Quotes To Remember”

  1. Jason @ Islands of Investing

    What an awesome summary Jon! A great collection of investing wisdom that looks fantastic too!

    It’s amazing how the common theme in most of these quotes is simplicity, and managing your own potentially destructive behaviours. No technical complexity, no secret formulas, just simplicity and common sense. This summary alone is a fantastic foundation for becoming a great investor and setting you up well to learn more about the world of investing.

    1. That’s why I picked the quotes. Great, successful people showing you that it isn’t about picking the next hot stock, it’s about investing in low cost funds over the long term.

  2. Love your work Jon, awesome quotes and the infographic is really great..
    How do you put that together, is it time consuming/expensive/difficult?

    Won’t hear much from me over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be on holidays without internet 🙂

    1. It was time consuming because it was the first one I did. But I learned a lot doing it myself and have a few more planned.

      Enjoy your time away!!

  3. Awesome infographic Jon and great quotes! There are a few that really stand out to me, especially the one by Schwab, but my favorite is the Jon Stewart quote. Not only is it spot on, but it’s hysterical.

  4. All great quotes and fun infographic. Thanks for sharing. The Twain quote is funny as media headlines always try and generate some “news” by fabricating stories saying “month x will be bad/good” or otherwise. Think about it…. the media came up with most of the stock market headline catchphrases… June Swoon, January Effect, Santa Claus Rally, Sell In May Go Away, etc. etc.

  5. I like the first one the best. It took me several years to fully appreciate the knowledge held in this quote. Investing should not really be exciting, or you’re probably doing it wrong!

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