How to Get Free Gift Cards: 47 Proven Ways


Nowadays, people are looking for every means possible to make extra cash.

One unique idea is to get free gift cards.

Gift cards are a great way to help pay for the things you need without spending any money.

Usually, you would only get a gift card as a present for your birthday or on the holidays.

But not anymore.

You can earn free gift cards for completing simple tasks in many ways.

This includes getting paid for simple online tasks like playing games, completing surveys, and shopping.

Apps like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Shopkick are some sites where you can earn gift cards online.

But there are many more.

Here is a complete guide on how to get free gift cards so you can spend less money on the things you buy.


Getting free gift cards is a lot easier than many people think
Taking surveys, scanning receipts, playing games and referring friends are a few options
With a dedicated strategy, you can easily earn gift cards totaling $100 or more every month

47 Ways For How To Get Free Gift Cards

Earn Free Gift Cards Online By Taking Surveys

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Paid surveys are easy to complete and often take less than ten minutes.

Various survey sites pay you to answer questions on different brands to help manufacturing companies improve their products.

While most sites will reward you in cash, some give you the option of choosing gift cards from popular stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Below are some of the best sites to earn gift cards for filling out online surveys.

#1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online survey site that connects consumers and companies doing market research.

Each survey you take will reward you with 100-200 points, which you can exchange for gift cards or cash.

Depending on how often you complete surveys, it could take some time to reach the $10 minimum payout.

You can also earn gift cards passively through the SJ Pulse Program.

This program tracks your online behavior and, in turn, pays you in points.

It also allows you to qualify for exclusive surveys as well.

You can install it on your desktop or activate it in the Survey Junkie app.

As of this writing, it is not available on iOS.

Finally, you can skip the Pulse Program if you only want to take surveys. It is a separate, optional add-on.

Survey Junkie

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#2. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel’s popularity as a survey site has grown due to its low payout threshold of only $5 and how fast they deliver the gift cards.

The site also has thousands of surveys, making it ideal for anyone who wants to make as much money as possible through gift cards.

The signup process is easy, and there are many gift card options.

Once you create your account, you will access thousands of surveys updated in real time.

#3. OneOpinion

OneOpinion is also a survey site that awards points for completing surveys, and you can later redeem them for gift cards or PayPal cash.

To get $1, you need to have 100 points.

Average surveys will get you 10 points each, but there are special ones that give you up to 250 points.

The points keep accumulating in your account as you continue to complete surveys.

#4. Branded Surveys

Companies conduct their market research through the Branded Surveys platform.

They pay between $0.50 and $5 and an additional 100 points bonus when you sign up.

They have over 100 gift card options to help you get gift cards from your favorite stores.

Once you sign up and get your bonus, you will be required to answer a few questions to help the app recommend the most fitting surveys.

#5. Toluna

Brands invest heavily in market research because they want to give their customers the very best.

Toluna allows brands to reach customers and collect feedback on their products and services.

In return, members of the platform earn points for sharing their opinion, and they can redeem the points for cash or gift cards.

#6. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost also works like most other survey sites where brands provide surveys and users give their opinion for redeemable points.

The good thing about this platform is that you can also do other tasks like testing applications to increase your earnings.

Opinion Outpost has gift cards from Apple Store, Home Depot, and many other mainstream stores.

You can always cash out through PayPal if you cannot find gift cards from your favorite stores.

#7. YouGov

This opinion firm rewards you up to 500 points for each survey you answer.

YouGov points are redeemable to gift cards from Amazon, Nike, AMC Theaters, and many other stores.

The tricky part about the platform is that you must make at least $50 before cashing out.

#8. LifePoints

LifePoints pay decent rates for surveys, but there are not as many surveys as needed to make good money.

You could also get disqualified easily, making it hard to complete a single survey and earn redeemable points for gift cards.

However, if you learn how to answer the survey questions and qualify for most surveys, you will be able to make enough for gift cards within a few months.

Playing Online Games

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How amazing is it that you can get paid to do something you love?

There are platforms that pay you to download and play games.

The more you play and have fun with friends, the more points you earn, and you can redeem them for gift cards.

Check out the apps below and sign up for a chance to make money playing mobile games.

#9. AppNana

AppNana is one app that pays you to play games and complete other specific tasks like downloading applications.

Payment is in the form of points known as nanas that you can redeem for gift cards from iTunes, Xbox, or Google Play.

Some of the perks of using the app are that you get 10,000 points as a signup bonus and can also continue earning points for playing downloaded games.

#10. Mistplay

Another site that pays you to have fun with online games is Mistplay.

Everything about the app is free, including downloading and playing the games.

You can unlock achievements that will help you earn points faster and make more money through gift cards.

The gift cards you get for playing online games with Mistplay are from Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, and Google Play.

#11. MyPoints

MyPoints is popular with online surveys but is a platform that also allows you to earn money playing various games.

Some of the tasks you can do include making online purchases, reading emails, watching videos, and visiting websites.

You get rewards based on your tasks, but you automatically get $5 when you sign up and do five surveys on the site.


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#12. Brain Battle

This is an interesting one.

You earn rewards points for solving mathematical problems.

If you are a math genius, then this one is for you.

The app has mathematical games, and the more you play, the more you earn rewards.

Other ways of making money through the Brain Battle app are joining cash drawings and playing frequently.

It is an exciting way to earn money online or get gift cards when playing educational games.

#13. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best platforms to earn free gift cards fast.

One popular way to make money with it is to play games, but there are other ways to earn.

Some of the tasks you can do on the platform are watching videos, completing surveys, and shopping online.

You also get a $5 signup bonus and can redeem your points for Visa, Target, or Walmart gift cards, among others.

#14. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is almost similar to MyPoints.

Many people use it for taking surveys, but playing their many games is a great option as well.

You get rewarded for completing simple tasks like reading emails, trying new products and services, and downloading new apps.

Once you create your account on the platform, you get a $5 signup bonus to get you started.

InboxDollars is unlike many other apps that pay through points you can redeem.

It gives you money to withdraw to your PayPal account or exchange for Amazon gift cards.

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Earn Free Gifts Online Completing Tasks

Besides playing online games and giving your opinion in surveys, there are many other small tasks that you can do to earn gift cards fast.

These tasks include reading emails, downloading applications, reviewing new products, and viewing videos online.

All these small tasks are available on various platforms that we will discuss below and help you earn your first free gift card.

#15. GrabPoints

GrabPoints works closely with advertisers to help pages achieve high engagement.

The platform pays people to perform various engagement tasks like looking at videos, downloading applications, and completing offers and surveys.

You can make hundreds of dollars quickly when you perform tasks like surveys.

That money is redeemable through gift cards or cash.

GrabPoints allows you to create a free user account and earn gift cards automatically.

#16. CashCrate

Like all the other apps discussed above, CashCrate rewards its users with gift cards or cash for completing simple online tasks.

You can watch videos, shop online, complete surveys, or engage with advertisers.

All the tasks listed above give you legitimate earning opportunities where you can make enough money to convert to a free gift card.

The platform is also free to join and has a straightforward signup process.

#17. Kashkick

You can surf the web, shop online, watch videos, and complete surveys while getting paid on Kashkick.

While this app is very similar to the other small task apps, it has a low payment threshold, and you can do as many tasks as you like.

All you need is a PayPal account, where your money will be deposited once you reach the $10 payment threshold.

Another good thing about the app is there are no hidden fees, and you do not pay to download or signup.

#18. InstaGC

InstaGC is one of the best places to score a free gift card for watching videos, taking paid online surveys, or shopping online.

The platform has more than 300 gift card options, including the most popular retailers like Walmart and Target.

The downside is that they do not have a mobile app but a mobile version website where you can access the platform through any smartphone device you have.

InstaGC goes the extra mile to give you flexibility with gift cards.

You can even send your gift cards from InstaGC to a friend.

#19. Feature Points

With Feature Points, you can choose any of the small tasks available on the platform and earn points automatically.

The points are redeemable for Amazon gift cards and other similar retailers.

Feature Points offers many earning opportunities, including a referral program where you earn extra points for referring a friend to the platform.

You will continue to earn 50% of their points for as long as they are active on the platform.

#20. Idle-Empire

The last one on this list is the Idle-Empire app.

The platform gives users various tasks to earn points they can exchange for cash or gifts.

Some popular and acceptable exchange items are gift cards, skins, cryptocurrencies, and games.

You can get paid to play games, test software, watch videos, do surveys, or do other similar tasks.

Idle-Empire allows you to redeem your gift cards within 24 hours after receiving the rewards points.

Scanning Receipts

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If you have been throwing your receipts away, you have missed out on so many gift cards.

Some apps will pay you to scan your receipts.

You can accumulate points and exchange them for free gift cards if you scan enough receipts.

Below is a list of the apps you should download and start making your receipts count.

#21. Ibotta

You should have the Ibotta app the next time you grocery shop in-store or online.

The app will help you save money by giving you up to 30% cashback, and you can also get bonuses.

Once your account has at least $20, Ibotta allows you to withdraw the money to your bank account or exchange it for gift cards.

#22. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards also rewards you with points when you scan your receipts.

You can redeem those points to get gift cards and use them at various stores.

The platform partners with multiple stores, making earning points and getting free gift cards easy.

It is compatible with mobile devices and will go the extra mile by scanning your emails for receipts and giving you a chance to make money.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards has you earn points when you upload a picture of your receipt. Earn points on every upload and bonus points for qualifying items. Collect enough points and redeem for free gift cards. Enter bonus code 48EPM to earn thousands of bonus points for signing up!

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#23. Receipt Pal

Most people will throw away receipts after a shopping spree, but you should not do that before snapping a photo of the receipt and sending it to Receipt Pal.

You can earn points for all your receipts and transform that into gift cards that you can use in stores like Amazon.

Receipt Pal will allow you to redeem your points for Amazon or Target gift cards and continue to earn for shopping.

#24. Receipt Hog

Like Receipt Pal, Receipt Hog gives points for scanning your receipt.

Collect enough points and cash out for a Visa or Amazon gift card or PayPal.

You can complete surveys and earn spins that you can turn into more points.

Earn Gift Cards For Shopping

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Do you know you can do your regular shopping and earn points?

Earning opportunities have increased with the numerous apps released every day.

Some apps will reward you for shopping in specific stores and allow you to earn Target gift cards or gift cards from some of your favorite stores.

Below are the apps you should have on your phone if you are a regular shopper.

#25. Shopkick

Shopkick has multiple ways to earn, but the most interesting ones are walking into certain stores and shopping.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android, making it easy for anyone to earn free gift cards with Shopkick.

You can also scan barcodes and visit online stores to earn rewards with Shopkick.

The app allows you to redeem the points for digital gift cards, which will be sent to your smartphone for you to use.

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#26. Drop

Drop rewards you for making in-store and online purchases through the app.

There are numerous earning opportunities, including offers you can redeem for gift cards.

The minimum amount you can redeem is $5, equivalent to 5,000 points.

You can earn 5,000 points instantly by referring friends and encouraging them to confirm their email addresses and link a credit card.

#27. Rakuten

Rakuten has an app and a website where you can shop in all your favorite stores and get cashback.

You can also install it as an extension and get a notification whenever a cashback offer is available on a website.

Rakuten also has a referral program where you can get $30 for every person you refer.

However, they have to sign up for the app and spend at least $30.

You can use the money you get back as gift cards or cash deposited in your bank account.

The good thing is that the app has no limit on how many people you refer.

Rakuten: Shop. Get Cash Back. Repeat.

Want to earn cash back shopping online? Look no further than Rakuten. Earn up to 25% on your online shopping. New users get $30 when you spend $30 in the first 90 days!

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#28. Top Cashback

From the name, you can already tell that this is a cashback app.

What sets Top Cashback apart from the others is that it keeps increasing the cashback offers depending on how much commission it gets.

There are many cashback offers because the app has partnered with over 4,000 shops.

You can get your money in cash or in gift cards from popular retailers.

#29. Swagbucks

Swagbucks was mentioned before, but it bears repeating here as you can earn a lot of money by shopping online.

Visit Swagbucks first and search for your favorite online stores to see exactly how many points you can earn.

Then shop as usual, and Swagbucks will credit you with the points you can redeem for gift cards.

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#30. Target App

Have you ever wanted to shop at Target for free?

You can do that now by downloading the Target app and taking advantage of the many free gift cards and offers available.

You can see all available deals while shopping and still get Target gift cards.

Also, you can access all the promotions and deals, including exclusive ones, whether you shop online or in-store.

The Target app helps you save money and also gives you free money in the form of gift cards to use as you please.

#31. Honey

You no longer have to struggle to find the best offers and promotions.

The Honey app will help you do that by looking for active coupon codes and coupons to give you the best offers on selected purchases.

You can use the app to get cashback and earn points in the Gold rewards program or the browser extension.

Whatever you choose will still give you gift cards and help you save when shopping.

Honey: Save Money Shopping Online

Honey automatically applies the best online coupon to your shopping cart, saving you the most money. No more spending time trying to find promo codes. Use Honey and save time and money. Save an average of 17% on every online shopping trip.

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#32. Capital One Shopping

How would you like to know every offer, promotion, or sale happening in your favorite stores?

You can know everything by installing the Capital One Shopping app on your browser and getting real-time alerts on available offers.

That helps you save money and get gift cards that you can use to buy the things you need.

You do not need to perform any task to get the free money.

All you need to do is download an app and continue shopping as usual.

#33. BeFrugal

The BeFrugal app will help you find the best rates for items you purchase and reward you with free gift cards for shopping.

If you find a better offer at a competing site, the app pays you 125% of the offer.

However, that policy has a limitation. You can only use it once for each merchant.

BeFrugal is a good shopping app where you can exchange any money paid to you for gift cards.

#34. Gift Card Granny

Gift cards are good items to gift loved ones on special occasions like birthdays and weddings.

You can buy gift cards at discounted prices at Gift Card Granny and also get some free gift cards.

They reward their customers with points for buying gift cards, reading their newsletter, and downloading their web extension.

Those points can be redeemed for gift cards you can use at the store or other popular stores.

Referral Programs

A referral program is also great for earning points and free money in various apps.

In most of these apps, you can redeem the points for gift cards and use them to buy items you want.

Some apps allow you to get free gift cards when you refer someone.

If your store isn’t listed below, inquire about a referral program.

Many major retailers are now offering this deal. You just have to ask.

#35. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers $10 to its members for bringing in new members.

The $10 comes in the form of a gift card, and you can use it to stock up on the things you need.

The more people you refer, the better the value of your gift cards.

#36. T-Mobile

T-mobile is a phone carrier that wants to influence as many people as possible to change carriers.

That is why they have a referral program that rewards users who refer a friend with $50.

The limit for referrals is 100 per year, meaning you can make up to $5,000 by sharing your referral link.

#37. Xfinity

Xfinity also has a referral program that works like T-mobile.

They reward referrals with Visa gift cards worth $175.

#38. PayPal

PayPal also rewards people who influence their friends to start using their services.

You can receive the referral bonus in cash or free gift cards.

#39. Casper

Do not sleep on a good mattress alone.

Refer a friend to Casper for a mattress and earn $100 worth of Amazon gift cards.

The person you refer will also be entitled to a 20% discount.

Other Ways of Earning Free Gift Cards Fast

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Other ways to earn free gift cards do not involve shopping, performing a task, or playing a game.

Here are a few examples of other things you can do to get free gift cards.

#40. Honeygain

Honeygain is an app that pays you to share your internet resources.

You can also get a few bucks or gift cards for referring friends to the app.

They have a calculator on their site to help you estimate how much money you make every month based on how much traffic you share.

#41. Amazon Trade-in

You can trade in your old items for free gift cards with the Amazon Trade-in app.

That helps you declutter your home and earn money from items you no longer need.

#42. Decluttr

Similar to Amazon is Decluttr.

The main difference is that this site is most interested in electronics, such as smartphones, video games and consoles, CDs, and DVDs.

Use the site to get a free quote and then pack up what you are selling.

Decluttr will give you a free shipping label, so you don’t have to worry about shipping.

Once they verify the items, you pay through direct deposit or PayPal.

They no longer offer gift cards as an option.

#43. Request Gift Cards Gifts

If you want free gift cards from friends and family, you can request them on special days like weddings and birthdays.

Gift cards help you buy what you do not have instead of having people buy you things you already have.

#44. Redeem Credit Card Rewards

If you have a credit card that offers you rewards points or cash back, consider turning these into free gift cards.

My Mom makes sure to redeem rewards to pay for gifts around the holidays.

She rarely spends money out of pocket. Instead, she redeems her credit card points for gift cards.

The catch here is that you have to do a little math to ensure you are getting a good deal.

In most cases, the point value is around one cent, so you need 1,000 points for a $10 gift card.

Sometimes they will run specials where you can get a $10 gift card for 800 points.

#45. Holiday Shopping Gift Card Deal

Here is an idea you rarely hear people talk about.

Many stores around the holidays have gift card specials where you get a free gift card for buying a certain amount of gift cards.

For example, you might get a $10 gift card when you spend $100 in-store.

If the store offering this deal is one you shop at, consider buying yourself enough gift cards to earn a free one.

#46. Return Items

While most stores will refund your payment method when you make a return, if the item was a gift, they will give you a gift card instead.

If the item wasn’t a gift, you could still return items, even if you don’t have the receipt, and get store credit in the form of a gift card.

#47. Enter Giveaways

Finally, because of fierce competition, more and more brands are offering giveaways as a way to get social proof.

You get entered into a raffle for a free gift card in exchange for liking, sharing, or commenting on their social media posts.

Check out this site for how many sweepstakes you can enter right now.

And most likely, there are a lot more than this!

Final Thoughts

There are 47 great ways for how to earn free gift cards.

You could also receive free gift cards from friends and family for your birthday or trade in unwanted gift cards.

With all the numerous ways of getting a free Amazon gift card and other cards we have listed above, you should be able to get some for yourself.

Look for discounted gift cards to help you save money on everyday purchases.

We hope that the next time you go grocery shopping, you will remember to have your Ibotta app to get the most out of the cashback gift cards.

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