16 Ways To Get Free Samples By Mail Without Surveys


Do you love getting free stuff in the mail?

Who doesn’t, right?

But many times, in order to get free samples, you need to take surveys.

And not everyone is a fan of surveys.

Luckily, I’ve found ways to get free samples by mail without taking surveys.

All you need to do is know where to look.

In this post, I show you how to get freebies without having to take any surveys.

16 Places To Get Free Samples By Mail Without Taking Surveys

free samples by mail without taking surveys

There are plenty of places to find samples that don’t require you to fill out countless forms or request sensitive information with little to no promise of a freebie in return.

Below is a wide selection of websites to check out.

In some cases, a site may overlap another site in some areas, but each site has its own offers and format.

#1. Influenster

Influenster will send you freebies by mail in exchange for your commitment to share your experience with them on social media.

They track the information using your linked social media accounts and certain hashtags.

It’s free to join, and the more you participate the greater your chances are to be selected for new offers and campaigns.

#2. Share Your Freebies

Share Your Freebies is one of the few sites that will ask you for demographic information beyond your name and address.

But this is still limited to questions like your homeowner status or whether you own a car.

Your answers match you up to certain samples, and they update regularly to offer you the most current selection of freebie items.

#3. I Love Free Things


I Love Free Things is an easy to use service that offers free samples such as food items, magazine subscriptions, and even makeup.

You do not need to complete surveys to get the samples by mail, but you should check back daily.

The I Love Free Things mobile app makes it easy to check in for new offers.

#4. My Free Product Samples

For a wide array of freebies, check out My Free Product Samples.

They save you time and money by organizing samples into categories such as:

  • Baby products
  • Beauty products
  • Household items
  • Medicinal products

They even have more obscure offers, such as free shoes or wedding invitation samples.

You can also enter one of the sweepstakes they hold on a regular basis to win gift cards or other free items.

#5. Freeflys

Freeflys is a more popular service to find free samples by mail without surveys, and you may recognize it from TV programs such as The Today Show or The Doctors.

It has an easy to use platform and specializes in samples such as:

  • Health products
  • Children’s items
  • Food
  • Beauty products

You can also search through free samples to see if there is any offer for something you need, and their daily email pings you for options relevant to your life.

#6. Sample Source

Sample Source offers a routine box filled with 6 to 12 samples about four times each year.

You need to register to be considered for the sample pack, but you gain access to free items such as baby wipes or cereal.

#7. SweetFreeStuff

Sweet Free Stuff has been in operation since 2002, and they have some of the best free samples available.

The daily email sent out by SweetFreeStuff keeps you updated with free samples available to you.

They also notify you of relevant coupons and deals you may want to take advantage of.

#8. YoFreeSamples


If you want free samples mailed directly to your door without the hassle of surveys, YoFreeSemples has you covered.

The samples list is updated daily to offer a variety of items, ranging from perfume to books and more.

#9. Free Stuff

Another popular site is Free Stuff.

Since 2008, Free Stuff has been working to offer you a variety of free products in categories such as:

  • Automotive
  • Baby
  • Calendars
  • Event cards
  • Cellular devices
  • Food
  • Health and medical equipment

Their weekly newsletter ensures you don’t miss out, and you can also enter contests or sweepstakes for more free sample offers.

#10. Sample A Day

The Sample A Day emails provide daily updates for available samples without surveys.

Each email has new samples, mainly focusing on food, beauty, and baby products.

You can even find free cat and dog treats.

Sample a Day is available in Australia, Canada, and the UK, as well as the United States.

#11. Pretty Thrifty

If you’re looking to fill up your beauty stash, Pretty Thrifty is a leading finder of samples by mail in this industry.

They also have occasions freebies outside this area, such as energy drinks or snack bars.

Their email format lets you choose between daily, weekly, and monthly updates, so you have better control of what is sent to your email and how often you get updates.

#12. ShopGala


When you sign up with ShopGala you fill out a questionnaire on their web page so they can understand your personal preferences and pair you up with freebie options that benefit you the most.

This takes less than 3 minutes, but you do need to provide some surface-level personal information.

Contests at ShopGala give you the chance to win prizes and other rewards.

The company also works hard to connect consumers to merchants that offer coupons, ensuring you can save money even without free samples.

#13. Super-Samples

The free sample offers at Super-Samples are only available to those 18 and up, but it’s easy to sign up and match your preferences to certain deals.

Once you create your account, they will notify you of any third-party offers that match your preferences.

They won’t bug you for irrelevant deals, and you still get free sample opportunities without dealing with surveys or other hassles.

#14. PINCHme


At PINCHme you fill out a short profile and they use the information to find and send you free samples by mail.

They will ask for feedback on any items you receive, but there is no catch with any free samples or coupons you get from them.

PINCHme is known to send some loftier items, such as hair care products, cosmetics, skin care products, perfume, or even pet food.

#15. CrazyFree

While the CrazyFree website is not as traditional as others, this is a place to find great deals and samples on big brand items such as perfume or pet food.

CrazyFree lets you select the free samples you want to receive before prompting you to complete the registration form.

#16. Free Stuff Times

The Free Stuff Times lets you receive free samples by mail and keep track of free offers in public places such as restaurants.

The website is organized well to let you browse a different category depending on what you want or need.

They also explain ways to get free samples from retailers, but pay attention to buy one get one free offers.

They’re easy to mistake when slipped in alongside totally free offers.

Tips For Free Samples Without Surveys

tips and tricks

The latest freebies may be eye-catching, but you shouldn’t visit these websites without considering these tips first.

#1. Don’t Give Away Too Much Personal Information

It’s normal for a free sample site to request you to fill out a form of basic information, but this is usually limited to:

  • Your email address
  • Your name
  • Your mailing address

Some may require you to softly verify your birthday to ensure you’re over a certain age.

Watch out for any sites that request credit card information.

In most cases, these sites offer free trials, where you get a product or service at no cost for seven days and then they charge your credit card the regular price.

Some charge a fee to use their services.

While this is not necessarily malicious, it defeats the purpose of a free sample.

Avoid websites that require social security numbers at all costs.

There is absolutely no reason to gather this information, and this is undoubtedly a scam.

#2. Read The Fine Print

The fine print defines details such as:

  • Fees related to the sample (i.e. shipping and handling)
  • Subscription fees
  • What the site does with your information

You should read the terms and conditions for your account as well as any terms related to a free sample you obtain.

#3. Understand A Longer Wait Time Is Common

Free samples usually ship out at a much later date than any items you purchase.

You may be used to next-day delivery, but samples operate on a timeline of 1 to 3 months before delivery.

The companies find it easier and more cost-effective to ship in bulk, so they need to gather the right items and volume of samples to send out.

#4. Deals Go Fast

The internet makes everything go faster, including any free offers you come across.

If you have your heart set on a specific item, make sure you go after it at that moment.

No deal is guaranteed to last, so treat every offer like it could disappear in a few seconds.

#5. Use A Dedicated Email Address

It’s easier to use a dedicated email address to sign up for an account on a free sample site.

They should let you know what they do with your information as well as what correspondence to expect, but it doesn’t take much to be overwhelmed with emails full of the latest offers.

A dedicated email keeps everything nice and organized on your side, and it’s easier to sort through when you want to search for certain offers.

#6. Like Your Favorite Companies On Social Media

Your favorite companies will post offers from time to time, and some of these posts are limited to their followers or fans.

By liking your favorite company on social media, you have a direct opportunity to run across these posts for new products and brand favorites.

Final Thoughts

There are the best ways to get free samples by mail without taking surveys.

I recommend you don’t stick with just one site, but rather browse multiple sites to find the ones that meet your needs best.

And remember, never pay cash or give credit card information or sensitive personal information to any site.

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