26 Best Things To Pawn For Fast Cash


Are you in a pinch and need cash fast?

Are you looking for an outside-the-box side hustle that provides you with a good income and not many hours working?

Selling items to your local pawnshop could be the source of income you need.

The catch is only some things will make good money at the pawn shops.

Things like electronics, musical instruments, jewelry, and power tools are among the best things that fetch a lot of cash at the pawn shop.

This post shares the best things to pawn for fast cash.

So whether you need to pawn something for money and plan to repay the loan or want to pawn for cash, here are the items you should focus on pawning.


If you need fast cash, pawning items is one of your best options
There are all sorts of things you can pawn, from power tools to TVs, even baby gear
If you aren’t in a rush for cash, get a quote from a pawn shop then see if you can sell the item online for more

26 Best Things To Pawn For The Most Money

Top Things To Pawn At Local Pawn Shops

best things to pawn

Pawn shops differ depending on where they are and how pawnbroker runs their business.

The pawnbroker decides the loan terms and the policies of their shop.

These policies include:

  • How many items can you pawn at a time
  • The interest rates and fees
  • The loan repayment period
  • The items they accept

However, most things are standard across pawn shops.

For example, you get a collateral loan worth 50% of the item’s market value at the time of pawning and not the value when you bought it.

The pawn shop owner is the one to determine its value based on the market they interact with.

Another standard policy is the loan payment duration.

You will get 30 days to repay the pawnshop loan. If you fail to do so, they will sell your items to another person and recover the money with a profit.

The items below are the most common items at pawn shops.

If you have one of them, the pawn shop will pay instant cash because they usually have a market for them.

#1. Precious Metals And Diamonds

Precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum all have cash value.

But not all pawn shops accept precious metals and diamonds.

There are various reasons for this, including unable to confirm authenticity.

While you can fetch a reasonable amount from a pawn shop that does accept these items, you may also want to visit a precious metals dealer or a store that buys gold.

They have the tools to authenticate and may offer you more money.

#2. Musical Instruments

Things like drums, guitars, violins, flutes, and other instruments sell fast at the pawn shop.

One of the reasons why you can easily get a collateral loan for a guitar, for example, is that the instrument is quite expensive.

Another factor is that most people buy and use them for a particular period and then lock them up in a garage or storage room.

Therefore, most people will visit a pawn shop for second-hand instruments.

#3. Luxury Watches

Luxury watch brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Chanel fetch a lot even at the pawn shop.

That is why most pawn shops will quickly give loans on such items only if they are authentic.

Fake watches are not worth much, and most pawn shops will not accept them for any amount.

The pawn shops usually have systems to authenticate the watches and determine their value before buying them from you or accepting them as collateral for a loan.

#4. Jewelry

Jewelry is the top seller at pawn shops, and you can present your rings or necklaces to a pawn shop and get quick extra cash.

However, it has to be real gold or silver jewelry.

Most pawn shops will take jewelry as collateral because it is valuable in the market, and most people have it.

Therefore, one can pawn their wedding ring for a while to get a quick loan in an emergency.

Pawn shops also have in-house experts who evaluate the jewelry and determine its value and whether it is fake or real.

Sometimes, pawn shops will take broken jewelry because they have people who can repair it and increase its value.

However, that depends on the pawn shop.

Some do not take anything broken, even if it is high-value jewelry.

#5. Power Tools

If you are a handy person with many power tools like air compressors and power drills, you can walk to your local pawn shop and get money for them.

These items are costly, and most people need them to fix common problems at home.

Therefore, it is common to have people look for power tools in a pawn shop, which means there is a ready market for them.

Pawnbrokers will pay for power tools or take them as collateral for small loans.

However, the power tools are only valuable if they are in good working condition.

Higher-end brands will also fetch more cash than low-end brands.

Ensure your tool works as it should, and try to have the operating manual.

It also helps if you clean your tools first, as this will make them appear to be in better condition.

#6. Antiques And Collectibles

Pawnbrokers have an eye for antiques and collectibles.

They understand their value and might even know someone who would like such a piece.

If you have antique furniture that is in excellent condition, you can get a good deal at the pawn shop.

However, it is important to determine whether your local pawn shop deals with antiques.

That will save you the trouble of transporting a large piece of antique furniture only to find that they do not accept it.

The reason for not taking most of these pieces is usually space.

Most pawn shops will have limited space and cannot buy or accept items that take up large amounts of space.

#7. Designer Handbags And Clothes

As with luxury watches and jewelry, designer handbags and clothes must be authentic for the pawnshop to accept them as collateral.

Also, the clothes and bags should be in good condition to make it easy for the pawn shop to find a buyer.

Even though many pawn shops accept authentic designer items from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach, some don’t, and for a good reason.

If a pawn shop does not have a market for designer items, taking them as collateral means they will be left with dead stock if you do not pay the loan.

#8. Rare Coins

As you can tell from the name, rare coins are not easy to come by.

That means most are valuable and would fetch a fortune on the market.

Pawn shop owners like these items because they understand their value.

However, you might not get the full value of the coins at a pawn shop.

Before pawning the rare coins at your local pawn shop, research to see whether there are better places to sell the coins to get the most money possible.

A local coin shop might offer a better value.

The advantage of pawn shops is that they will give you the money in cash much quicker than any other place.

#9. Art

While some pawn shops pay for finger paintings and homemade art, most seek rare pieces from recognized artists.

The homemade art can get you a small amount of money at the pawn shop, especially if you want a loan and then come back for your items later.

However, getting your hands on art from famous artists is what will get you a fortune.

There is a ready market for such pieces, and many art enthusiasts are willing to pay a reasonable amount for the work.

However, most pawnbrokers might undervalue the piece to make huge profits once they sell it to an art enthusiast.

Take it to different pawn shops before settling on one to get the best price.

You can also sell it online on places like eBay or other shops that buy art because you might get a better deal and a higher amount of money there.

#10. Vehicles

Vehicles are good collateral for pawn shop loans.

However, not all pawn shops accept cars because of space constraints.

The best thing to do before taking the car to the pawn shop is to call and ask whether they accept cars as collateral.

Also, some online pawn shops may be unwilling to give out large loans.

If you need a large amount of money, you might be better off taking out a personal loan.

This is an easier way to get a large amount of money, and you don’t risk losing your car if you can’t pay the loan back quickly.

Things You Can Pawn For $50 Quick Cash

things to pawn for $50

#1. Sports Equipment

Things like bicycles, baseball bats, golf clubs, and bowling balls can get you extra cash at the pawn shop.

It might not be a lot or close to the value of golf clubs or other sporting equipment, but that is the point of pawn shops.

They come in handy when you need cash fast.

#2. Flat-Screen TVs

Flat-screen TVs are also popular to pawn for quick cash, provided the television is functional.

The better the television features, the more you can get at the pawn shop.

Of course, brand matters too.

A Sony TV will get a higher amount of money than a Hisense.

#3. Printers

If you have a printer lying in the home that you barely use, it may be time you exchange it for a cool $50.

Even if you do not get its worth, $50 is better than having it lying idle at home.

#4. Strollers

Babies will not remain babies forever.

Most of the things they use as toddlers are no longer useful when they grow up.

You can use them to make money at local pawn shops.

However, a better option would be to sell on Facebook Marketplace or at local Mommy sales.

Not only will you have a lot more potential buyers, but you can also earn a higher amount per item.

#5. Old Cell Phones

An old, functional cell phone could be worth something at the pawn shop.

Most people have phones lying around because they keep changing with technology.

Instead of creating a collection of phones you will never use again, take them to the local pawn shop and get a few dollars for them.

To ensure you are getting the most significant amount of money, take a few extra minutes and look up the phone on eBay and see what it is selling for.

Also, try a site like Declutr to see how much they will pay you for your old phone.

Things You Can Pawn For $100

things to pawn for $100

#1. Tablets And Laptops

A good laptop can earn you $100 or more at the pawn shop.

The laptop features and condition will play a part, but in most cases, the amount is at least $100 for laptops and tablets.

As with many other ideas listed, check around first to see if there are other places you could sell your device and get more money for it.

#2. DJ Equipment

DJ equipment like mixing tables and decks are expensive to buy new.

Therefore, there is an active market for such items at the pawn shop, making them worth $100 or more when in good condition.

#3. Video Game Consoles

If you no longer play old video games, you can pawn them for quick cash at the nearest pawn shop.

Some older gaming systems are in high demand from collectors and older adults trying to recreate their childhood days.

However, before pawning it, you should look for better places to sell to avoid feeling cheated.

#4. Stereo Systems

If you have a good stereo system and powerful speakers, the pawn shop will gladly take them as collateral for a pawn shop loan or buy them from you.

Most people look for electronics at the pawnshop, especially since buying new ones costs a fortune.

#5. Hunting And Fishing Equipment

Most people would want to have fishing and hunting equipment for recreational activities on weekends with families.

However, many people buy them and never use them because they are busy.

If you are one of those people, you can pawn your equipment for quick cash and get a good deal to help you with a few bills here and there.

#6. Camping Equipment

The same idea above applies here too.

You may have bought a lot of camping gear and realized you no longer have the time.

Or you camped years ago, and the equipment now takes up space.

Sell it to a pawn shop, make money, and declutter at the same time.

Things You Can Pawn For $500 And Above

things to pawn for $500

#1. Dirt Bikes And Motorcycles

Motorcycles are expensive and would fetch a good amount anywhere.

Pawn shops know that and offer $500 or more for dirt bikes and motorcycles.

Just make sure you are getting a fair deal before selling.

Check online to see the market value of the vehicle first.

Selling online might earn you more money.

#2. Firearms

You can also sell firearms to a pawn shop, but first, make sure they accept guns.

Also, know there are strict rules and regulations around selling firearms.

Make sure you adhere to them to avoid clashing with the authorities.

#3. Collectibles

Collectibles are tricky as they cover so many areas.

Old comic books, toys, war memorabilia, vintage signs, and more are collectibles.

But they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

As a result, you might get less money selling to a pawn shop.

While it makes sense to get an offer, you should also get offers from other places for collectibles.

#4. Riding Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers are expensive, especially zero-turn mowers.

Because of this, they are something you can pawn for quick cash.

However, some might not be interested if they don’t have a lot of space.

#5. High-End Cameras

Like any other high-value items, high-end cameras can provide you with $500 or more at the pawn shop.

Brands like Nikon and Canon will get you higher amounts than other brands.

Alternatives To Pawn Shops

A pawn shop is a great place to sell an item and get easy cash.

But you might get a higher price if you sell your stuff elsewhere.

For example, with baby gear, most parents would not visit their local pawn shop to find a crib, toys, or a stroller.

So if you sell this gear to a pawn shop, you will get money, but you could get more.

If you instead sell where parents go to find baby gear, like yard sales or on Facebook Marketplace, you can get more money.

Before you sell anything, think about your goal.

Do you want cash as fast as possible and don’t care if you are getting the most money?

If so, then a pawn shop is a great choice.

But if you want top dollar for your stuff, you must put in more effort.

For camera equipment, see if there are local photography groups that you could offer your equipment to.

Or, for musical instruments, you might want to visit a local music store to see if they are interested in buying them.

Aside from this, here are some more places to consider selling your stuff.

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Mercari
  • Poshmark
  • OfferUp
  • Autotrader
  • Consignment Shops

Consider tapping your credit cards or getting a personal loan if you need a cash loan.

While going into debt isn’t ideal, it shields you from losing your belongings if you don’t repay the loan, as with pawn loans.

Also, since most pawn loans are for a short duration, going into debt allows for a longer payback period.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

How can I get the most money for my stuff?

There are a few simple steps to getting the most money for your stuff.

Before going to the pawn shop, research the item’s value to know if the offer is a fair deal.

Next, you want to ensure the thing is working and in good condition.

Take the time to clean the item, as a clean item will fetch more than a dirty one.

Finally, be prepared to negotiate the offer.

It might feel scary, but it will get you more money.

What will a pawn shop not buy?

The things a pawn shop won’t buy vary by shop.

However, the most common items are anything large, like vehicles, lawnmowers, and furniture.

This is because they might not have the space for it.

Some shops might stay away from firearms, too, because of laws and regulations.

Is it better to pawn something or sell it?

This all depends on what your goal is.

If you want money fast, pawning is your best bet.

You might be better off selling it privately if you want extra money.

Even in this case, you still want to see what the pawn shop offers you, as it might be close enough to fair market value to make it worth it.

Final Thoughts

There are the best things to pawn for fast cash.

While a pawn shop is a great place to get money with the least effort, you might not always get the best deals.

For this reason, you must understand your goal and decide if pawning or selling the item is a better option for you.

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