24 Unique Side Hustles to Make More Money


Are you working a regular 9-5 job and not making enough money to make ends meet, let alone save anything?

If you are looking for ways to make more money but don’t know where to start, we are here to help you find a side hustle that can use your unique skill or passion.

Forget about delivering food or babysitting; we’re talking about interesting and unique side gigs! These side hustles make extra cash and provide a fun and different way to earn money without getting bored or feeling like you’re working a second job.

So get ready to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world of side gigs waiting for you to tap into. We chose these 24 cool side hustles because they will help improve your bank account while allowing you to use your distinctive talents.

1. Taste Testing

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Companies are always looking for someone to try out their latest products and give feedback, which goes for food. 

This job could be perfect if you are a foodie and love trying new foods. It pays between $15 and $50 per hour. 

Look into positions offered by Contract Testing Inc., McCormick Corp., and Apex Life Sciences.

2. Cuddler

cuddles and hug
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People are happy to pay for cuddle sessions, and platforms like Cuddle Comfort help connect those looking for simple human cuddles without any intentions.

If you are naturally affectionate, this could be the perfect side gig for you. You can earn up to $80 per hour with this cool service.

3. Mystery Shopper

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If you love online and in-store shopping, why not get paid? 

As a mystery shopper, you can earn $20 per hour by evaluating and providing feedback about the store’s customer service, cleanliness, and overall experience.

It is smart to be cautious with this gig, however, as there are many scams out there. Be wary of jobs posted in classified ads. A safer option is to see if Sinclair Customer Metrics, Market Force Information, or IntelliShop have open positions. These companies have a long history of being reputable.

4. Be a Guinea Pig 

medical or scientific researcher researching and experimenting
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Did you know researchers are constantly looking for participants for their human trial studies, and you can earn anywhere from $100 a day to thousands of dollars for participating?

There are many ways to be a research tester, from testing new medications to sleep studies.

If you are willing to take risks and try new things, this is a great way to earn extra cash.

5. Become a Friend

Trendy friends walking together
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If you enjoy listening to someone talk or attending parties or events, why not get paid for being a friend

You can sign up on sites like Rent a Friend and start making $10 an hour or more just by hanging out with people. 

6. Pet Baptism

Litter of Terrier Mix Puppies Playing in Dog
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People love their pets, and many want their furry friends blessed in a formal baptism. 

If you are an animal lover and want to make an extra income, this could be a fun and meaningful opportunity.

7. Sell Feet Pictures

Litter of Terrier Mix Puppies Playing in Dog
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There is a market for selling pictures of your feet, and you can cash in if you take creative pictures.

You can sell your feet pictures for anywhere from $5 to $20 per picture on sites such as FeetFinder and Instafeet.

8. Sell Pallets

wooden pallets
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Companies use pallets for shipping and transporting goods, so they constantly need them.

If you have a truck and some basic tools, you can ask businesses for free or cheap pallets and then sell them to companies that recycle or refurbish them for their shipping needs.

9. Hula Hooping 

Women playing with hula hoop in festival
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If you know how to hula hoop, you can turn your skills into a profitable side hustle.

You can offer hula hooping performances for local events such as festivals, parties, and even corporate events, or you can provide hula hooping lessons and even sell handmade hula hoops.

10. Sell Ink Cartridges

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Websites such as TonerBuyer and InkSell will pay you for your empty ink and toner cartridges.

You could sell empty printer cartridges you have or ask local businesses, friends, and family if they have any they don’t need.

11. Sell Your Hair

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You can make extra cash if you have long, healthy hair by selling it to a wig or extension company. 

HairSellon and similar companies pay you based on your hair’s length, color, and quality.

And making money from your body isn’t limited to only your hair. There are many other interesting ways.

12. Bar Trivia Host

The pub quiz
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If you enjoy trivia and hosting events, you can start a side gig as a bar trivia host, which pays $25 to $35 an hour.

You can work for local bars or restaurants or host private events such as birthday parties or corporate activities.

13. Wait In Line

waiting in line
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If you’ve ever waited in a long line for a popular product release or tickets to a big event, you know how long people are willing to wait for something they want.

You can take advantage of this by becoming a professional line sitter and making up to $25 an hour for waiting in line!

14. Dungeon Master

dungeons and dragons master
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Becoming a paid Dungeon Master can be a dream job if you enjoy Dungeons and Dragons.

You can charge anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour to create unique and exciting adventures for your players while having a great time yourself.

15. Online Psychic

The fortune teller or Psychic with Laptop Computer, Online astrology. Reading tarot cards.
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If you have a talent for predicting the future or giving advice, you can offer your services as an online psychic. 

Many folks are up for paying for guidance and insight into their lives. 

It could be a cool side gig to rake in some extra cash!

16. Pick Up Trash

Man cleaning-up the forest of plastic garbage
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Did you know companies hire people to pick up trash around their property?

You can make anywhere from $15 to $50 an hour just by walking around and picking up litter, depending on your city.

17. Arcade Route Operator

Arcade Games
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Arcade route operators manage maintenance and collect coins from various arcade machines in businesses and other public places.

You can earn a solid and steady income by regularly checking the machines and ensuring they are in working order.

18. Bee Keeper

Beekeeper removing honeycomb from beehive.
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Honey is expensive, and you can cash in on that by becoming a beekeeper in your spare time. You can start small with just a few hives in your backyard or expand to more hives once it starts bringing in a profit.

19. Poop Seller

Gloved hand holding a Petri dish
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Yep, believe it or not, there is a market for human waste at companies such as Human Microbes.

They use fecal matter for research and will pay you $500 for a few ounces of your poop.

20. Dating Coach

People video chatting online
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Some people struggle with dating; they lack confidence and aren’t sure how to find love.

Here’s an opportunity to kickstart a side hustle as a dating coach, helping individuals through the ins and outs of dating, building confidence, and finding love. 

21. Magician

Magician- Man showing tricks with cards
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Have you always enjoyed magic tricks and illusions?

Why not turn it into a fun side hustle by performing magic at parties, events, and even children’s birthday parties?

22. Raise Worms

Earthworms on shovel in gardener hand,
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If you don’t mind getting dirty, consider raising worms for bait and compost.

You can raise worms in your backyard and sell them to local gardeners and farmers or online for about 8 cents a worm.

23. Sell Acorns

Man’s palms full of large acorns
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If you have acorns falling from trees in your yard, you can gather them and sell them by the bag or pound to make extra cash.

Surprisingly, acorns are in high demand by crafters and even in the crafting and decorating industry.

24. Poop Scooper

A female person is removing dog poop with a shovel
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If you have a strong stomach, you can start a dog poop-scooping service and make anywhere from $10 to $25 an hour, depending on where you live.

Many pet owners are willing to pay someone else to clean up after their pets, especially if they have several pets or a large property.

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