10 Job Positions That Are Seriously Overpaid and Overvalued According to Men


As the world grapples with issues of income inequality and fairness in compensation, some job positions are coming under scrutiny for being overpaid and overvalued. While some may argue that these positions are critical to society and deserve the high salaries they receive, others believe that their wages are inflated and they are not contributing enough to society to warrant such high pay.

1. Educational Administrator

An educational administrator is responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities. They are responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures, managing budgets, hiring and supervising staff, developing curricula, and ensuring that educational programs meet the needs of students and comply with government regulations.

A frustrated user expressed their opinion on educational administration, stating that the money raised through tax overrides meant to support teachers often creates new administrative positions with unnecessarily high salaries.

They express disdain for “administers” who make six-figure salaries and sit in their offices, while teachers, who do the actual work, are not compensated fairly. The commenter has mixed opinions of teachers but believes they deserve better pay and recognition for their hard work.

2. Actors

Some argue that actors may not deserve such high salaries because their work is not necessarily essential to society, and the salaries they earn are disproportionate to the contributions they make.

Additionally, while actors do invest time and effort into their craft, many other professions require a similar level of dedication and hard work without the same level of financial reward.

Some also argue that the focus on star power and high salaries can detract from the overall quality of the work being produced, as budgets may be skewed towards paying actors rather than investing in production values or developing new talent.

One man stated that he believes actors are grossly overpaid for their work. He feels that actors earn millions of dollars to pretend and have to go through dozens of takes to get it right. He also mentioned that the rewards that actors receive for their roles do not deserve such recognition, as the performances are not life-changing or world-improving.

3. CEOs

According to some critics, CEOs may not deserve such high salaries because their compensation often seems to be disconnected from their actual performance and the value they bring to the company. CEOs also often benefit from the power dynamics within their companies and their ability to negotiate their own salaries, which can result in inflated pay packages.

In the court of public opinion, one man stands tall, believing CEOs are overcompensated for their work. He argues that while their importance cannot be denied, it is unreasonable for them to be valued hundreds of times more than the workers who laboriously produce the same product that the company stands on.

In the eyes of this commenter, a CEO’s salary is disproportionate to the level of contribution to the company. 

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4. Realtors

Some argue that realtors may not deserve such high salaries because their work is not necessarily essential to society, and their fees can be seen as disproportionate to the value they provide. With the rise of online tools and resources for buying and selling property, some argue that the role of realtors has become less significant.

Critics also point out that the commission-based structure of real estate transactions can create conflicts of interest, as realtors may prioritize their own financial gain over the interests of their clients.

Another man in the forum pointed out that all realtors do is post pictures and descriptions of the property and then outsource the remaining work yet still charge a 5% commission fee based on the house’s sale price.

The commenter appears to be frustrated with the amount of money that realtors make and doesn’t believe they are worth the commission they charge.

5. Investment Bankers

Critics of this profession say that investment bankers might not deserve such high salaries because their work can be seen as contributing to societal inequality.

While investment bankers play a crucial role in facilitating financial transactions and helping companies raise capital, their work can also involve significant risk-taking and speculation that can contribute to economic instability.

According to one commenter, investment bankers are unnecessarily overcompensated for their work. They said that investment bankers only speculate on assets and buy and sell them, providing no value but sucking as much money from the assets as possible. They feel that their high salaries are unjustified, as they are not truly creating any value for society.

6. Influencers

Some argue that influencers might not deserve such high salaries because their work can be seen as superficial and lacking in substance. While influencers play a significant role in marketing and advertising, their content can often be seen as shallow and lacking in originality.

Additionally, the use of influencers to promote products or services can raise ethical concerns around transparency and authenticity, with some influencers being accused of misleading or deceiving their followers.

Several users in the thread expressed their frustration with the overvaluing of influencers in society. One stated that even doctors and teachers are valued less than high school dropouts who promote their top 10 favorite vacation spots sponsored by various brands.

Commenters believe that influencers do not work long or hard enough to justify the six and even seven-figure-a-month salaries many earn.

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7. Professional Athletes

Even sports fans admit that professional athletes might not deserve such high salaries because their work is not necessarily essential to society, and the salaries they earn are disproportionate to the contributions they make.

While professional athletes may inspire and entertain us with their skills and athleticism, some argue that their value is overstated, particularly given the lower salaries of other professions that contribute more directly to society.

Another user expressed that professional athletes are overpaid, making millions just by playing a game with a ball. The user questioned why these athletes, instead of scientists and researchers who make valuable contributions to society, are the ones earning such high salaries.

8. Politicians

While politicians play a crucial role in shaping public policy and representing the interests of their constituents, their salaries can be seen as disproportionate to the value they provide.

Additionally, the high salaries of politicians can contribute to public cynicism and distrust, particularly when politicians are perceived as being out of touch with the concerns of ordinary citizens.

Commenters expressed their frustration that American tax dollars go towards paying for “cushy lifestyles of glorified influencers” who often just “repeat empty buzzwords.” They argued that the money would be better spent locally, improving things such as roads or gentrification efforts.

9. Human Resources

Some argue that human resource workers might not deserve such high salaries because their work is seen as administrative and supportive rather than directly contributing to the bottom line of the organization.

While human resource workers play a crucial role in supporting employees and managing organizational culture, some argue that their salaries are disproportionately high, given the nature of their work.

One commenter believes that HR workers do not add any real value to the company and exist to enforce policies and procedures that often hinder progress.

They argue that HR professionals are not worth the high salaries they receive and that their job responsibilities can easily be handled by other departments or even outsourced to third-party firms.

10. Drug Company Sales

The high salaries of drug company salesmen can create incentives for aggressive and unethical marketing practices, particularly when sales targets and commissions are tied to performance.

While drug company salesmen play an important role in promoting pharmaceutical products to doctors and other healthcare providers, their salaries can be seen as disproportionate to the value they provide to society.

Another individual mentioned that people in drug company sales positions do not provide any significant value to society and only work to increase their companies’ profit margins.

The user criticized drug company sales representatives’ high salaries and bonuses and mentioned that their roles directly contribute to the high costs of healthcare.

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