22 Ways Millennials Radically Transformed Boomer Trends


Millennials have shaken up the status quo in today’s modern world, from health to finance and beyond.

From investing in Crypto-currencies to reforming societal norms, this generation of young adults is doing things their own way. This path deviates from traditional trends established by Baby Boomers.

Here we look at 22 ways Millennials have revolutionized classic Boomer trends and discuss what makes them unique compared to previous generations!

#1. Cable News

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Just as subscribers to cable TV are falling, so is viewership to cable news.

This is for a few reasons. First, millennials don’t want to sit down at a specific time to watch a news broadcast.

Another reason is the rise of independent media.

Millennials are trusting these sources for their news and information more and more as they feel they get a complete picture of the story, not a one-sided angle.

#2. Pet Food Brands

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Millennials love their pets so much they are willing to invest in their health. This shows up in the decline in sales of major pet food brands.

Just like this group is more proactive about the healthy food they put into their bodies, they are keenly aware of what they put into their furry friends.

As a result, millennials are opting for smaller pet food brands that focus on natural, healthy ingredients.

Industry experts predict this market will grow 8% annually for the next ten years.

#3. Landline Phones

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Landline phones were once a common household item.

However, millennials have rejected this technology as landlines are no longer necessary with the convenience of mobile phones.

Today, estimates show that more than 90% of households in the United States do not own a landline phone.

This rejection of landlines is mainly from millennials, who prefer modern forms of communication, such as text messages and video calls.

#4. Stock Market

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For long-term wealth building, the stock market is an excellent choice.

But millennials and other younger generations grew up with the Dot Com bubble followed by the Great Recession and saw the impact on their parent’s finances.

They saw how hard their parents worked to scrimp and save, only to have it wiped out in the blink of an eye.

Most turn to gold, cryptocurrency, and real estate as they look for ways to build wealth.

#5. Cereal

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Eating a bowl of cereal was a staple on Saturday mornings.

Some people even enjoyed a bowl during the week.

But Millennials are shunning cereal in record numbers.

Only 12% eat cereal daily.

They cite the high sugar content as one reason.

The other? Brace yourself, as they claim the cleanup is too much work!

#6. Bar Soap

bar soap
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Don’t worry. Millennials aren’t foregoing showering or cleaning themselves.

It’s just that they prefer body washes instead.

The reason is that many believe bar soap has germs, whereas you avoid this possibility with body wash.

And soap companies love this as most people tend to overuse the amount of body wash they use, making it much more expensive for consumers (and more profitable for the companies!).

#7. Suits

man wearing watch
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Wearing a suit was a staple for professional men during the workweek.

Then, casual Friday came about, and the trend of getting dressed up for work began to decline.

Fast forward to today, and few professions require a suit.

Most are business casual, making suits a thing of the past.

#8. Post Cards

woman mailing post cards
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Remember, when you traveled, you would find a cool postcard and send it back to friends and family, letting them know some details about your trip.

That doesn’t happen anymore.

With texting and FaceTime, postcards are quickly becoming extinct.

If anything, some people buy them as keepsakes, but this is even rare.

#9. Milk

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Boomers were raised on milk, believing that milk does a body good.

But Millennials aren’t buying it anymore.

They are opting for alternatives like soy, oat, and almond milk instead.

Others are skipping it entirely in favor of water and other types of beverages.

10. Doorbells

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While most homes still have doorbells, you are unlikely to spot a millennial ringing one.

When they arrive at a house, they instinctively pull out their phone and text that they are there.

The only saving grace for this industry is the Ring doorbell.

But most people have these more for security than as a tool for visitors to ring to let them know they have guests.

#11. Designer Clothes

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Wearing designer clothes with the brand written somewhere visible was a status symbol back in the day.

But the younger generation isn’t having any of it.

They would much rather shop at thrift stores and find high-quality clothing at a discount than pay premium prices for designer labels.

Others are turning to fast fashion, where they can get a lot of their clothing very cheap.

The problem, however, is that the clothing is also cheaply made, meaning it needs replacement more often.

#12. Wine With Corks

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If you have made it this far, you can spot a trend with millennials.

Everything they do is to make life easier, not harder.

Wine falls right into this.

Millennials do not buy wine with corks because they don’t want to go through the trouble of uncorking it.

Instead, they opt for a wine with screw caps.

#13. Diamond Industry

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Many might think this industry is in decline because younger generations are putting off marriage.

But this isn’t the main reason.

It’s that millennials have issues with the sourcing of diamonds.

They don’t like the treatment of workers who mine the gem, and they realize the only reason a diamond is valuable is that where it comes from has regulations that limit mining to keep the price high.

#14. Movie Theaters

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Back in the day, going to see the latest blockbuster in theaters was a can’t miss event.

But with streaming services, the younger generations would rather sit on their couch and watch movies on their mobile devices.

In some ways, this is understandable.

It is cheaper and less crowded, and you don’t have to worry about the annoying person behind you who talks the entire movie.

#15. Beer

college graduates
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While craft beers have grown in popularity in the past decade, that trend is rapidly changing.

Beer sales are down as the younger generation moves away from drinking alcohol.

They enjoy other recreational vices instead, mainly smoking pot.

As more states legalize it, expect the trend to continue.

#16. Live To Work

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Boomers and Gen Xers are known for working hard to get ahead.

Not only do they want to earn an income to support themselves, but they also want to climb the corporate ladder.

Millennials, on the other hand, don’t aspire to these beliefs.

They see that corporations are only in it for themselves and have no loyalty to their employees, regardless of whether they are top performers.

#17. Wedding Industry

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Millennials are getting married when they are older and throwing out many traditions that come with weddings.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average age of men getting married is 30, and women are 28.

Along with the delay in getting married, millennials are also shunning other aspects of a traditional wedding, which includes a church wedding, dressing in a certain way, having lavish receptions, and more.

#18. Ironing Clothes

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Who has time to iron clothes? Not millennials.

There are a few reasons for the lack of ironing, the most significant being that many workplaces are switching to casual attire from business attire.

Also, the increase in work-from-home jobs has an impact.

So, too, does technology.

More and more clothes are made with fabrics that resist wrinkles, making ironing unnecessary.

#19. Owning a Car

Man in car
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There are many reasons why Millennials and their younger counterparts aren’t buying cars.

First is the high price.

Many people find it difficult to afford a new car.

Next is the issue with the climate and car exhaust contributing to climate change.

Finally, many aren’t interested in owning or driving a car because of where they live.

They would rather walk, ride a bike, or hail an Uber.

#20. B2B Sales Models

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The traditional B2B sales model of making a sale in person and then shipping a product after payment was made has been completely overhauled by Millennials.

Instead, They have adopted an online approach, where customers can purchase products and services from the comfort of their homes or offices.

The convenience of shopping from the comfort of home takes precedence over everything else, even higher prices.

#21. Cable TV

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It’s no surprise that the cable TV industry is losing subscribers.

Recent numbers show that 53% of households are without a cable subscription.

If that isn’t interesting enough, estimates are this will grow to 75% by 2025.

As for now, most of the ones cutting the cord are millennials.

They find streaming alternatives fit their lifestyle better as they can sign up and watch what they want anywhere they are on their mobile device.

#22. Useless Junk

garage sale
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Millennials are savvy when it comes to limiting the purchasing of junk.

Since money is tight, they only buy things they need and a few things they want.

They see big houses as a waste as rooms are full of useless stuff that never gets used.

You can often see how many houses in their neighborhood have cars parked in the driveway or the street, not the garage.

This is because the garages are full of useless stuff.

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