What Is The Best Thing You Spent $100 On? Here Are Other People’s Answers


When we think of improving our lives, we think the options will cost us well north of $100. But this isn’t always the case.

In a popular forum, one person recently asked others what the best $100 they had ever spent was. The replies included many more things than you might think. And many people got a lot more out of the $100.

1. Adopting a Dog

Splurging on something you’ve always wanted is sometimes a good idea, especially when the joy of the thing in question can pay off for many years. This is the case for one person who said, “$100 adoption fee at a rural pound for a scruffy terrier mix in 2009. Still with me, still going strong, and the best dog ever!” 

Many local dogs need to be adopted, and many have low adoption fees so that these furry friends can find a home. 

2. Spending Cash on Dating Opportunities

There are a lot of stories about how people have used as little as $100 to meet their soulmate. Some talk about how they attended a speed dating event and met someone they would later marry. 

Another person mentioned how worthwhile it was to spend their money on an online dating membership to meet someone they would marry.

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3. Doing Something Nice for Someone Else

Spending money on yourself isn’t the only way you can spend your money. One person might serve as inspiration for some readers, having said, “Anonymous gift at Christmas for a child that had NOTHING. 1000% will do it again. The child cried because they got a Christmas gift. I had to leave before they noticed me as I started to ugly cry as a grown man. We are blessed to have $100.”

While buying things for yourself usually results in a good feeling, that feeling pales in comparison when you buy something for someone in need. Don’t believe me? Do something nice for someone and see how amazing you feel afterward.

4. Investing

$100 stored away now might not seem like much, but it can quickly grow into something impactful. Some users replied to the question with tales about purchasing gold or silver, which has naturally increased in price. 

Some had invested in the stock market and made some good money. However, others have discussed investing in a more recent product: cryptocurrency. From Bitcoin to Dogecoin (especially near their founding), some people have realized impressive gains with just $100 in their pockets and a little patience. 

Of course, investing in crypto is much more volatile than the stock market. The better option could be to play the long game by investing in dividend-paying stocks and reinvesting the dividends to buy more shares.

5. Medical Bills

While some of these recommendations are more about purchasing something you want or something that might help you in the future, some people want to pay off their debt. 

Some users spoke about using the money to pay off bills related to spinal surgery, while others spent money on treatment for chronic pain. If you have medical debt to chip away at or other important things to spend your money on, follow some of these user examples. 

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6. Video Games

Video games and gaming consoles or accessories are other popular answers. While games today will often eat up most of that budget, some people get lucky and hit a bargain. 

One person said, “Bought a gaming laptop that had a GTX 1070 in it and an i9. The person said it was faulty, I asked why and they said it was super laggy and can’t run games. Fast forward a few days of tinkering and I’ve got it completely working and I only spent 100 bucks for the laptop itself. Score!”

Another option could be to buy video games from your youth. For $100, you can get a handful of games or even a console preloaded with all the games.

7. A Bidet

Bidets are becoming more commonplace nationwide, and many will attest to the benefits of owning one. From portable to permanent bidet installations, these bathroom essentials are quite affordable. 

Anyone who’s purchased them in the past or those in the thread who have purchased them recently can undoubtedly inspire you to finally take the extra $100 and buy a bidet of your own. 

8. Kitchen Items

There are so many new and exciting kitchen items constantly hitting the market. Many also appear on this thread of the best $100 people have ever spent.

One person said, “Bread machine at the beginning of the pandemic. I haven’t bought bread in 3 years. Better bread for a better price and virtually no effort.” Some other excellent examples include immersion circulators, food dehydrators, and even new food items to accompany these gadgets.

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9. A Website

If you’re tech-savvy, you could buy a website. One person said, “I bought a website url for $10 and renewed it once or twice, then sold it for $25,000 cash plus another $2000 in items.” 

If you have an extra $90 left over, imagine how much you could make with a few more hits. Of course, the chances of this happening for you as well are rare. You could still use the basic idea and the $100 to start a business. If successful, it has the chance to turn into a lot more money.

10. Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do with $100. This could include getting some health-related diagnostic tests, so you have a baseline to improve your health.

Or you could spend it on books to help you become a better listener or negotiator. The beauty of this tip is the same as the last. You can turn this $100 into a lot more money and improve your life at the same time.

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