Love vs. Dollars: Insights from 15 Women on the Importance of Money in Relationships 


Money decisions in relationships can stir up a lot of tension and debates.

From questions around who should pay for dates to disagreements over budgeting or financial goals, money is one of the top sources of conflict among couples today, with some reporting that it’s even more important than sex!

To shed light on this important topic, here is what women say about how money impacts their relationships.

Read on for stories full of insights into the complexities behind love vs. dollars in relationships today.

#1. Lots of Money Isn’t Essential, But Financial Responsibility Is

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Many women take the stance that having a ton of money isn’t a significant aspect of whether or not they decide to date somebody. 

They would like their partners to have money, but they don’t think it’s a major issue if they’re not on the higher end of the income spectrum. 

That said, what they do care about is having a man who is financially responsible. 

Being wealthy doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to manage money!

#2. Men Must Be Able to Compromise

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Money is something that many couples pool together, which is why many women expect compromise when it comes to money. 

Both partners have to be willing to agree that money should be spent a certain way and allow each other to make certain purchases they want from time to time. 

If one party is too controlling with money, it will inevitably lead to conflict. 

#3. Love Is Important But Can’t Buy Anything

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Most women agree that love is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. 

But in our economic state, a moneyless relationship can’t help them afford the necessities they need to navigate daily life. 

While love is important, financial stability is up there, too. 

#4. Money Is Important Because They Can’t Carry Them Financially

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Living off a single income is difficult enough, even if you’re making good money in a high cost of living area. 

This is why many women prioritize money in a relationship. 

They consider money an essential aspect of the relationship because they cannot support themselves and their partners off the money they’re making. 

#5. You Can’t Be Dragged Down With Them

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There are a lot of personal stories where women will get with a financially insecure man, only for that financial insecurity to bring them down to their level. 

This happened with men who had money they didn’t know how to spend and save and those who simply weren’t making enough money. 

#6. Men Need to Be Able to Sustain Their Own Lifestyle

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There’s a lot of focus on equality in today’s relationships, and both parties are expected to pull their weight. 

While some men might think women want men who can handle everything, a lot of women want men to make enough to use it wisely and sustain their own lifestyle. 

This way, they know they’re committed to someone who can exist on the income they have. 

#7. Some Don’t Plan to Marry or Own Property Jointly

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Many of the points up until now were focused on women who cared about money in relationships. 

But some don’t. 


Some women don’t plan to get married or own property with someone else, so a serious money conversation doesn’t have to come up. 

If you aren’t going to be combining funds, it likely won’t matter too much.  

#8. Money Isn’t Everything But Should Be Discussed

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Some women believe that money isn’t everything but should be discussed at some point in the relationship. 

Some women like to discuss this earlier in the relationship to get it out of the way before it becomes a problem, while others prefer to tackle this topic later on when things start to get somewhat serious and joint spending becomes a reality. 

#9. Many Women Don’t Want to Be Dependent on Someone Else

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In today’s world, many women want to be independent. 

Being able to afford everything they need and the ability to live life on their own and not having to rely on anyone else. 

But if they decide to settle down with someone who makes considerably more than them and doesn’t have enough money, they become dependent on them and can never break free should they need to. 

#10. It’s Essential to Avoid Conflicts

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Financial stress is one of the most significant sources of stress for people today. 

However, there’s a major difference between shouldering this stress yourself and dealing with it with your partner, especially if either of your spending habits is to blame for financial stress. 

Women know that if both partners are financially responsible and stable going into the relationship, that’s one less thing they’ll have to worry about moving forward. 

#11. They Shouldn’t Be in Debt

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Income is one of the primary focuses, but it doesn’t always determine financial health.

Women are also generally looking for partners who aren’t in enormous amounts of debt they’ll never be able to pay off.

That will put them in an awkward position if they also have to deal with it.

#12. They Shouldn’t Have a Bad Credit Score

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Another aspect of financial health that women are looking for is a good credit score.

Partners with bad credit scores will make it considerably harder to get an apartment, get a car, or even apply for a mortgage.

Good credit is crucial in every aspect of daily life.

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