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Money Smart Guides Investing All StarsWhen you read personal finance blogs, you find many bloggers talking about their struggles with debt, their plans to pay off debt, and their dreams for their future. Many bloggers post their net worth each month so that readers can follow along.

I commend these bloggers for being accountable and showing the world what they are worth. Since MoneySmartGuides goal is to help its readers pay off their debt and start investing for their future, I am taking the idea of net worth tracking one step further.

I find inspiration in many things, and one way is to get inspiration from others that are doing well. So below I present the Money Smart Guides Investing All Stars. It is a list of the value of various bloggers investment assets. I will update the numbers below the beginning of each month after the bloggers update their net worth.

Note that when I say investment assets, I am only talking about stock market related assets. I understand that many might invest in real estate as well, but given most bloggers net worth statements, it would take too much time to perform the math and in many cases, bloggers don’t break line items down enough. Lastly, since I am looking to encourage people to invest in the stock market, I see it only fit to highlight these numbers. Therefore, please don’t take this list as an overall worth of these bloggers.

Money Smart Guides Investing All Stars

Ranked from highest to lowest:

Blog NameValue of Investments
1500 Days$1,417,460
2 Million Blog$1,111,196
Millionaire Educator$957,119
Planting Our Pennies$840,200
FI Fighter$792,710
Money Smart Guides$597,485
Budgets Are Sexy$594,753
Escaping Dodge$572,462
Personal Finance News$485,917
Freedom Thirty Five Blog$410,800
Dinks Finance$387,152
Darwins Money$327,547
Eyes On The Dollar$221,449
Mixing Maroons$207,720
Save Spend Splurge$170,292
Money Bacon Guy$120,022
Cashville Skyline$81,118
Narrow Bridge$61,957
The Cash Lifestyle$24,199

Things To Remember

The numbers you see above might not be 100% accurate. I do my best to break things out but I can only do so much with the information that is presented. Additionally:

  • Some bloggers only post their net worth (and as such, their investments) on a quarterly basis. I update this post monthly, so some numbers may be stale.
  • I mentioned before, but I’ll repeat: this list is only for investments in the stock market. No checking/savings, rental real estate or business assets are included.
  • These bloggers are in various stages of life. Some are fresh out of college while others are seasoned pro’s.

Investing Resources

If you are new to investing or have been investing for a while, I have a handful of resources for you!

Betterment: I personally invest with Betterment because they automate investing. If you’ve ever automated things, you know you stick with it longer because everything is done for you. This is how Betterment works. They do the investing for you. Plus, when investing is automated, you can’t let your emotions hurt you, which is the mistake most investors make. Read my in-depth review of Betterment here.

Personal Capital: Personal Capital is an awesome aggregation tool that allows you to see all of your investment accounts in one place. Not only that, it shows you how much you are paying in fees each year and what those fees are costing you. The best part? Personal Capital is FREE! Read my review for how it will help you be a smarter investor.

My eBook: I wrote an eBook on investing titled 7 Investing Steps That Will Make You Wealthy. I present just the information you need to be a successful investor (and being successful is a lot easier than most think!)

Just Starting Out: If you are just starting out investing, it can seem overwhelming. My post about becoming a stock market millionaire will guide through everything you need to know to be successful.

Scared To Invest: If you were burnt by the housing bubble and lost a lot of money in the stock market, you might be too scared to get back in. This post helps to put things into perspective.

Get Your Site On This List!

If you track your net worth and publish it on your blog, I would love to include you on my list. Just shoot me an email letting me know of your blog and a link to your most recent net worth post. I’ll take over from there!

Lastly, if you would like an official All Stars Badge, you can copy the code below.


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2 thoughts on “Investing All Stars”

  1. Thanks for adding me to the list of super-duper investors. Actually, I’m a better saver than investor. My investing strategy is pretty simple: Vanguard Target 2025 Retirement fund, LifeStrategy Growth fund, and a few boring, low-cost index funds. Good luck with your blog.

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