14 Clever Ways to Save Money That You Can’t Afford Not to Know


Are you looking for simple ways to save money and stretch your budget? 

Nobody enjoys the feeling of not having enough cash at the end of each month, so discovering innovative ways to save money is essential if you want to invest in life’s little luxuries. 

Whether it’s cent-saving grocery hacks or uncovering clever tricks that will help you avoid paying ludicrous energy bills, learning how to keep more cash in your pocket needs to become a priority. 

We will go through 14 brilliant ideas that don’t require any complex calculations and are guaranteed to help manage every penny wisely, so get ready for some serious savings!

#1. Bulk Buying Saves Money

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Several people agree that bulk buying items you often use can help save costs. One user explained that products are usually overpriced when sold singly than when bought in bulk because you wouldn’t have to pay for the excessive packaging.

Another countered that buying in bulk is the manufacturer’s way of making you buy more and spend lavishly.

But if I use it regularly, say the sanitary products, foods and drinks, and everyday needs, would buying in bulk to save some extra money cost me a thing? I don’t think so.

#2. Understand Your Values

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If you tend to have regrets over purchases you made, it could be time to sit down and think about what you value.

Doing this will help you to spend money on things that make you happy and not spend on other things.

For example, if you love traveling, spend your money here.

If you don’t enjoy going out on the weekends to bars, invite your friends over for movie or game nights.

Use the money you would save to travel more.

#3. Cook Your Meals

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Arguing that feeding takes a large chunk of most people’s income, one user suggested that cooking at home can help save food costs. Another user opined that choosing easy recipes instead of fancy recipes is the way to save on cooking ingredients.

One person added that potatoes and rice could be money-saving staples and, if paired with a personal green garden, can help keep some more dollars in your pocket.

#4. Save the Car for When You Need It

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The cost of managing a car can dig holes in your purse quickly. One user advised that you drive when driving is unavoidable and treats gas cost as it has tripled in value. Another user suggests that driving at 55 mph can increase gas mileage.

If you must have a car, learn the tricks to how to never have a car payment again  and save thousands in the process.

#5. Avoid Subscribed Expenses

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Several people agreed that subscription expenses could be draining your pocket. One user explained that subscribed expenses include anything that makes you pay an ongoing cost after your first financial commitment.

Another user cautioned that not all subscriptions are bad, citing health insurance as an essential subscription in the case of an emergency. If you ask me for a word here, I’ll scream.’ discretion.’

Finally, one person noted that you can  hire someone to pay your bills to avoid wasting money on unwanted subscriptions.

#6. Track Your Spending

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One user rightly opined that you couldn’t save if you can’t track your money. A regular review of expenses can help safeguard against reckless spending and help you to save more.

So while the idea of budgeting might not be the most exciting thing in the world, it is something that you need to do if you want to get ahead financially.

#7. Choose Your Partner and Circle Wisely

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Defining wisdom for many can be challenging to pinpoint, but one user thinks you must be able to afford wisdom in choosing life partners and friends. The user argues that your life partner and social circles’ money habits can make or mar your money-saving goals depending on their tastes.

Here is where being a lone wolf makes the most sense, no?

#8. When at the Supermarket, Pay Attention to the Bottom Shelf First

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Unlike opinion threads, where you’ll often find the best ideas at the top, shopping from the bottom shelves tops the response list of easy breezy ways to save some money, according to one user.

As another self-described addicted shopper thinks, supermarkets push the more expensive brands into view, but the bottom shelves are often where the sweet deals are.

#9. Fix Before Replacing

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Your household items will, in time, break down, but fixing them before replacing them, many users suggested, helped them save some bucks.

One individual, however, sounded a warning that certain extremes might pose dangers that could make spending on replacement a better option. Another user claimed their grandmother wouldn’t let go of a 49-year-old microwave despite outlasting its useable life.

#10. Separate Wants from Needs

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According to one user, identifying the difference between what you want and need can help you save money. Because an item is available on sale doesn’t mean you have to unseal your wallet.

The user further explained that pricing only sometimes dictates product quality and that your choice need doesn’t have to be the more expensive item.

#11. Reusable Before Disposable

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According to several users, a checklist that prioritizes the reusable over the disposable is a money-saving grace. For example, a user claimed that paper bags, plastic bottles, batteries, newspapers, and magazines could serve other household purposes.

Another user explained that choosing reusable over disposable will save you money and help protect your environment from excessive waste.

#12. Do The Opposite

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If you are bad with money, consider doing the opposite of what your natural impulse is.

When shopping, do you give in and buy junk food when in the frozen food section or chip aisle?

Next time, tell yourself you won’t buy these things.

Or maybe if you tend to hit the ATM multiple times on a night out, take out a little extra at the start, then leave your card at home.

#13. Don’t Shop Hungry

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It’s a common mistake to shop when hungry because our brain tricks us into buying food items that are not necessarily on the shopping list.

To combat this impulse, eating something light before grocery shopping can help prevent extra calories from finding their way into your basket.

Additionally, you should also create and stick to your grocery list as much as possible.

This will help ensure that all of the items purchased are necessary and useful, saving you money in the long run.

#14. Don’t Buy Out of Convenience

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It can be tempting to buy something just because it’s convenient, especially when we’re pressed for time.

However, convenience purchases add up and often come at a steep price.

Whenever possible, try to shop around for the best deal or take some extra time to look for coupons before making a purchase.

You might be surprised how much money you can save.

Not only that, but you could also be avoiding unhealthy snacks or meals that would otherwise tempt you due to their convenience.

So remember, don’t just buy out of convenience, think before buying!

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