Being in debt is not fun. 

The worry, the stress, the shame and the anxiety all have an impact on your life.

If you are like many others, you have tried a few times to dig yourself out of the hole, only to find yourself right back in debt.

I share your pain. 

It took me 3 tries to finally pay off my debt.

While failing again and again was frustrating, being free from credit card debt is glorious.

So believe me when I say you can be debt free. You will be debt free.

And I am here to help. 

I created this resource to motivate you assist you in your goal.

Below you will find over 40 examples of people who have become debt free.

And some have paid off close to $1 million in debt!

The list shouldn't be looked at as a competition. It's a guide.

You can click on each one to read how they successfully paid off debt and in some cases, the struggles they faced along the way. 

My hope is you will take the lessons from their experiences and apply them to your journey.

Below this list you will find additional resources to help you become debt free as well as a free debt snowball spreadsheet for you to download.

Debt Payoff All Stars

Money Smart Guides Debt All Stars

Important Notes About The Debt All Stars

The numbers you see above might not be 100% accurate. I do my best to break things out but I can only do so much with the information that is presented. 

If you are a blogger on this list and have updated pay off numbers, please reach out to my so I can update this list.

Additionally, this is how much debt they have paid off in total.

Please remember, these numbers are to be used as motivation, not competition.

These people are in various stages of life. Some are fresh out of college while others are established in their careers.

In other words, everyone is unique.

As such, the amount of debt they can pay off varies. The goal isn’t to have the most debt paid off, it’s to get out of debt.

Hopefully, you will find others who have as much debt as you on the list. If they can do it, so can you.

Free 7 Day Course To Getting Out Of Debt

Are you struggling with debt? 

Do you want to finally become debt free? 

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Every day for 1 week you will receive a short email with a simple action step to help you finally get out of debt for good. 

Included is a free debt snowball spreadsheet to help you organize and attack your debt.

You have nothing to lose but your debt!

Additional Resources

Here are some resources to help you get out of debt for good. 


Do you know how much your spare change adds up to? With the help of Qoins, you will find out. Qoins rounds up your purchases and then you tell them what debt you want the round ups to go towards. The average user pays off an additional $450 of debt every year thanks to Qoins.


Credible is the best company to refinance your debt. Get free no obligation quotes from multiple lenders fighting for your business. It's the fastest and best way to save thousands while paying off your debt.

Tally Logo

Tally is a new way to pay off your debt. Instead of making multiple monthly payments, you send your payment to Tally and they pay your credit card bills for you. If you want to streamline your debt payments, look no further than Tally.

Here are some posts to help you set up a plan to pay off your debt, how to stay motivated during your journey, and how to enjoy living debt free.

debt snowball strategy

The debt snowball is the #1 debt plan to help you get out of debt. Learn why so many people succeed using it.

stay motivated when paying off debt

Getting out of debt is a long journey. As a result, here are the tips you need to stay motivated.

debt free living woman

Dreaming of a life without debt? Here are the things you can look forward to when living a debt free life.

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