14 Worthwhile Items Even the Most Frugal Won’t Be Able To Resist


Are you a penny pincher?

Does every purchase have to pass the strictest cost-benefit analyses before entering your home and wallet?

Fret not! Being frugal is quite admirable!

But there are certain items that even the most money-savvy person won’t be able to resist due to their value; they make sound investments, offer unprecedented convenience, or possess qualities that guarantee durability.

Our list of 14 worthwhile items will prove irresistible for even the thriftiest shopper.

#1. Quality Shoes

Man wanting to buy shoes
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Believe it or not, buying quality shoes is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make. 

Shoes take a lot of wear and tear, and the cheaper varieties will only last for a while. 

Investing in higher quality will save you money since they’ll last longer and provide more comfort.

#2. Air Fryer

Woman using Air fryer
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An air fryer is an excellent addition to your kitchen.

It uses little or no oil to cook food compared to deep-frying quickly, and it can be used for various recipes.

If you want to shorten cooking times and eat healthier at home, an air fryer is definitely worth the money!

#3. Good Games and a Solid Gaming Setup

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Gaming is a hobby that’s been around since Magnavox and Atari.

Today, updated graphics, more sophisticated hardware, and better titles have contributed to a growing base of gamers who love to jump into these virtual worlds during their free time.

A good gaming setup lasts you for years, but of course, with innovation comes increased costs, and gaming is a relatively expensive hobby.

Still, those who are frugal are more than willing to purchase the AAA titles and the gaming hardware (PC, consoles, etc.) they need to enjoy these experiences fully.

#4. Top Quality Furniture

cheap home decor sofa

Being frugal can sometimes mean buying things that are not as great as you would like.

An excellent example is furniture.

A lot of modern, budget-friendly furniture is made with low-quality fabric, particle board, and other easy-to-ruin materials, which will require a replacement in the near future.

Those looking to save money over time and develop a stylish living space invest in top-quality furniture instead of some budget options.

#5. A High-Quality Mattress

Woman stretching in bed after wake up
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We spend around a third of our lives sleeping, so why not ensure every sleeping moment is comfortable?

Even frugal people agree that an investment in a high-quality mattress is one that you should pursue.

With a better mattress, you can feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day, eliminate issues like back pain, and help improve your health.

#6. Laser Eye Surgery

man taking off glasses
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Elective surgeries are costly, but sometimes they’re necessary.

One surgery that many frugal people will spring for is laser eye surgery, which helps them see better and reduces the cost of glasses and contacts.

#7. A Massage Chair

massage chair
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Massage chairs are a great way to unwind after a particularly long day, and it’s something that even frugal people swear by.

While massage chairs are generally considered super expensive, these inventions have been out for a while, which means finding one that meets your needs and satisfies your frugal expectations is more than possible in the modern era.

#8. An Electric Bidet

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Toilet paper can be a significant expense, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to people when you have a much better solution: a bidet.

Bidets have become increasingly popular in recent years, and those who have switched swear by bidets over toilet paper and wet wipes.

If frugal people are investing in an electric bidet, why not you?

#9. Solid Outdoor Kitchen and Living Space

Barbecue grill bbq on propane gas grill steaks bratwurst sausages meat meal
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Entertaining is something that a lot of people love to do whenever they have vacation time or weekends off.

However, it can be tough to entertain if you don’t have a dedicated space for it.

This is especially true if you want to do things like go for a dip in the pool or throw a barbecue for friends and family.

One major investment that even the most frugal people will make is an outdoor kitchen and entertainment space.

Outdoor kitchens are essential for anyone who loves to grill and prepare meals for festivities. Additions like patios, decks, and pools help you go the extra mile so that everyone is entertained at every one of your parties.

#10. Second Sets of Your Favorite Things

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This is not advice that frugal people are offering about a specific product, but more general advice that you might wish to apply in your own life.

Several frugal individuals make it a point to purchase multiple of their favorite items.

This might include towels, shirts, underwear, and other products you generally rely on.

By purchasing multiples, you can ensure you always have access to what you need regardless of whether it’s being cleaned, torn, or broken or if you just like that specific thing and want to use multiple throughout the week.

#11. A Nice Sound System

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There’s nothing better than being able to unwind in your living room and enjoy your favorite movie, a fun game, or even some chill tunes.

However, a lot of the basic technology today only supports basic sound, which can leave you wanting a lot more when you finally decide to use your TV or speakers.

This is why many frugal people invest in better sound systems to support their needs.

Whether it’s something as minor as a sound bar or surround sound so they can feel immersed in whatever it is they’re watching or listening to, these investments are well worth it to frugal audiophiles and movie lovers everywhere.

#12. Good Fencing If You Have Dogs

dog walking
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Having a dog requires you to be frugal, but there are certain things that frugal people will buy in order to keep their dogs safe and healthy.

One product that people have bought for their pups is good fencing.

It keeps them out of areas they shouldn’t be exploring, prevents other things from coming in, and adds something extra to your yard to help your property look a little better (as a bonus).

#13. Home Exercise Equipment

Woman weight training
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Gym memberships aren’t always expensive, but you don’t necessarily get the most out of them, either.

Many frugal people will skip the gym entirely, investing in their own home gym equipment that they can use whenever they want and won’t continually cost them over time.

#14. The Best HVAC System Available

Mechanic repairing Window Air Conditioner
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Nothing is worse than feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in what’s supposed to be the comfort of your home.

With summer temperatures rising in some states, investing in a new HVAC system can be an excellent use of your money.

Besides improving your comfort and quality of life, frugal people will be glad to know it can reduce your overall power bill.

Old appliances are far less energy efficient, failing to cool you properly and costing you more money over time.

#15. Quality Bed Sheets

Woman sleeping
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It might be easy to pass off a cheap cotton set, but what you’ll get in return is a rough fabric that won’t last more than a few months. 

Investing in high-thread-count sheets will ensure your body gets the rest it deserves every night.

#16. Coffee Maker

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If you like to indulge in a cup of coffee in the morning, why not invest in a quality machine that will make your favorite flavors quickly and deliciously?

You’ll save money in the long run since you won’t need to buy expensive drinks from cafes or stores.

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