12 Questionable Ways People are Making Money


Everyone needs an income to survive.

But not all jobs are the most ethically sound.

Here are 12 common ways people are making a living working jobs that aren’t the most clear cut.

1. Real Estate Agent 

Real Estate Agent
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“Property transactions are far more complicated than they should be and involve multiple layers of additional parties who charge fees for no substantial benefit to the seller and buyer,” a respondent writes. 

2. Chatting

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Chat services are becoming increasingly popular for OF users, who often need someone to talk to while they work.

It’s a great way to make money without worrying about any legal issues because all you have to do is talk and listen.

Plus, it can be quite lucrative; some chat services offer up to $50 an hour!

3. Bill Collectors

Woman on mobile stressed
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“Just spam calling the individual, family members, etc. Making threatening calls and texts. It’s wild this is legal. I truly believe they are the scum of the earth. You can get another job,” another user rants.

4. Multi-Level Marketing

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“I’m still trying to understand how it’s legal. There are so many companies that focus on recruitment over sales in this industry, and everyone seems to lose money while lying about how great their lives are,” a contributor articulates.

“I don’t see how these people are any better than telephone scammers, but somehow they get away with it on a grand scale.”

5. Scalping

Man giving ticket to Woman
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This method of money-making is popular among concert-goers today. Individuals wait for high-demand tickets to drop, purchase them at a low price and then sell them for a higher price to gain profit from desperate or naive buyers.

A few years ago, scalpers bought out all the toilet paper at pharmacy stores and resold the tissue for thrice the price.

6. Political Donations

Political rally
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A contributor says legal bribes or political donations are the worst money-making method.

The public buys into a political campaign, donates X funds, and the politician uses that money for their platform. Politicians may claim they’ll donate their money, but it often goes into their pockets.

7. Pharmaceuticals

Man at pharmacy
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Overpricing medicine to prevent affected individuals from purchasing it is a new level of evil. Once, at a pharmacy, I overheard a woman on the phone with her diabetic mother. The daughter cried to her mom that the pharmacy tried to charge her $3,000 for her medicine, and she couldn’t afford the insulin. 

“Thinking of insulin specifically, which is required not to die and is sold at such extreme profit margins many cannot afford it. To boot, the patent was supposed to be free, keeping it affordable for those who need it,” someone berates. Do you have anything to add to this list?

8. Politician 

KIEV, UKRAINE - Jul 7, 2016: US Secretary of State John Kerry during a joint press conference with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Kiev
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What do you think about politicians? One enraged commenter shares, “Basically, do nearly nothing. Depending on what type you are, you get lengthy vacations (from doing nothing) while having great pay tied with inflation. It’s impossible not to try to throw yourself into corruption.”

9. Paparazzi

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The paparazzi’s job is to take pictures of famous people while they walk, eat, shop, and do anything.

Paparazzi stalk and trespass (even though it’s illegal for the rest of us) onto private property to get the perfect shot and a good paycheck.

10. Telemarketing

Woman with headphones
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Telemarketing is another great way to make money without running into any legal trouble.

Depending on the company you work for, you could be making anywhere from minimum wage all the way up to $15 an hour.

It’s also a great way to meet new people and gain valuable sales experience.

Plus, you can do it from home, so there’s no need to worry about commuting or expensive office space.

11. Timeshares

Couple signing bond
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Just sign this paper here, give us $1 million, and enjoy the property once a month. Oh, and you get free theme park tickets! Timeshares are vacation properties that operate under shared ownership. So, if you invest in a timeshare, you receive a designated timeframe to visit the property each year, as do the other property owners.  

“I have a game I’ve played with my son since he was little where I ask if he’d like to buy a timeshare, and he’s supposed to answer no regardless of what incentives are offered. So if I accomplish anything in life, it will at least include dissuading him from getting suckered into a timeshare,” one person writes.

12. Car Sales

Car Sales
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I have a friend who stands by her distrust of car salespeople and real estate agents. Several users on this thread agree.

One claims that car salespeople take advantage of uninformed shoppers and hike the prices up for a pretty penny.

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