Using Coupon Chief to Save Money Shopping Online

When it comes to shopping online, I do everything in my power to avoid paying full price. Up until now, my go-to site for saving money has been ebates. (You can read my review of ebates here). Recently, I stumbled across Coupon Chief and this site is quickly becoming my choice to save money shopping online.

How I Save Money Shopping Online

Before I found Coupon Chief, here is what my typical routine would be:

  • Go to Amazon to see how much an item costs
  • Depending on the item/type of store it is sold at, see if that store is a partner with ebates
  • If a partner, perform calculation to see if ebates is a better deal
  • If not a partner, search the internet looking for coupon codes

The problem with my routine was the last part: searching online for coupon codes. Sure, I can type the store name in a search engine along with the term “coupon codes”, but I inevitably have to enter five to ten codes to get one that actually works. It’s a big waste of my time. This problem is no longer an issue with Coupon Chief.

Now, I can go to Coupon Chief and find a coupon with ease. I copy the code and paste it into the “Promotional Code” box at checkout and I am done. The site has over $100,000 in coupons listed and the average savings are $21 per transaction!

The site is laid out very nicely, so it’s not hard to search and find your way around. Plus the coupon codes are right there for you; you don’t have to do a “dog and pony show” to get the coupon to show up. While the service is 100% free to use (you don’t have to provide any information), you can offer up your email so that you are the first to know about new coupons that are added to the site.

save money shopping online

Lastly, a very cool feature is that you can make money with Coupon Chief. You sign up for their “Pays-2-Share” program and upload your coupons to the site. Whenever other users use your coupon to save money, you earn 2% of the sales up to a certain amount. I personally have not uploaded any coupons yet, but am going to look into it. If any readers have done so, please share your experience in the comments below.


Overall, I think Coupon Chief is an easy way to save money shopping online and should a site you frequent if you do any online shopping.

Readers, have you used Coupon Chief to save money shopping online? What has been your experience?

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