The Round Table – September 7, 2012

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Round Table. I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend and was glad that it was only a 4 day work week!

Best Credit Card Offers at Modest Money
I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket and Think You Should Too at Life and My Finances
Combat Lifestyle Inflation: Save Half of Every Raise for Retirement at Money Life and More
Do You Remember Your First Time at 20s Finances
Investing in Domestic Funds at One Smart Dollar
The Doom and Gloom of Investing in the Stock Market at Step Away From The Mall
The All-Cash Diet: Will It Really Help You at Money Infant
First Time Homebuyer Expenses After Closing at American Debt Project
How To Deal With A Difficult Co-Worker at When Life Gives You Lemons
Why Are Credit Cards Bad at Work Save Live
Retirement Advice for Young Folks at Retire by 40
Stock Market Returns are Never Average at My Money Blog
Build Your Skills Score By Volunteering at Free Money Finance
Would You Rather at Ready For Zero

Posts MoneySmartGuides Wrote for Other Sites

Co-Signing a Loan: Think Twice Before Doing It at 20s Finances
Online Sales Tax Becoming a Reality at My Dollar Plan

Carnivals MoneySmartGuides Was Featured In

Yakezie Carnival at Stock Trend Investing
Carnival of MoneyPros at Young Cheap Living
Carnival of Retirement at Finance Product Reviews
Wealth Artisan’s FinCarn at Wealth Artisan
Carn. of Financial Camaraderie at Broke-Ass Mommy
Carnival of Financial Planning at Green Panda Treehouse

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    • moneysma says

      I use Corey over at 20’s Finances. He submits for me on my behalf and then sends me the HTML that I copy and paste into my Round Table posts. I think you can go to a site called and search for personal finance carnivals to submit too. If you want, send me an email and I can provide you with the people behind a few of the carnivals. You can then go to their blog and inquire about hosting the carnivals. It’s not very time consuming and it helps to get your name out there.

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