The Round Table – October 5, 2012

Welcome to another exciting round up here at MoneySmartGuides. I’m hoping everyone is doing well. I am super busy with the blog and at work. For those of you who don’t know, I’m heading overseas for a bit to finish filming Fast and the Furious 1,359. OK, I’m not filming a movie, just taking a break. But need not worry faithful readers! I have guest posts from some great bloggers to cover for me in my absence. On to this weeks list of awesome posts!

Stop Buying The Hype: The Average Rate of Return Isn’t What You Really Earn at Work Save Live
Why I Live in a Bad Neighborhood at When Life Gives You Lemons
How To Maximize Profit When Selling Your Car on the Private Market at Money Under 30
Professional Indemnity Insurance at Modest Money
The One Where They Pay Off The Car at American Debt Project
Are Savers Financial Losers at Broke Ass Mommy
Save Money on Back to School Shopping at One Smart Dollar
What We Can Learn From Donald Trump at Young Adult Money
Teaching Kids About Money at See Debt Run
How The Latte Factor Works in Real Life at iHeartBudgets
Invest in You at Money Counselor
Confessions of a Former Shopaholic at Ready For Zero
7 Creative Ways to Pay Off Debt at Thirty Six Months
3 Reasons Why Buying a Home is More Expensive Than You Think at Thousandaire
Democrats, Republicans and Wealth at My Personal Finance Journey
3 Ways To Save When You Buy Apple Products at MoneyNing

Posts MoneySmartGuides Wrote For Other Blogs

Why Gas Prices Rise and Fall at My Dollar Plan

Carnivals MoneySmartGuides Was Featured In

Wealth Artisan’s FinCarn at Wealth Artisan
Carnival of MoneyPros at Young and Thrifty
Carn. of Financial Camaraderie at Wealthy Turtle
Yakezie Carnival at I Am 1 Percent
Carnival of Financial Planning at Money Talks Coaching
Carnival of Retirement at Consumer Boomer

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