The Round Table – November 2, 2012

After a few weeks off, I am happy to have The Round Table back. Before we get into all the great posts, I have a little bit of house cleaning to do. First, please check out yesterday’s post on the importance of an emergency fund. The reason is because there is a $100 cash or Amazon gift card tied to it! All you need to do is follow me on twitter! You’re crazy if you don’t enter!

Secondly, in a post last week, I introduced my readers to Shondell of Call Me What You Want Even Cheap. She is my new staff writer that will post every other Tuesday. Check out her first post, Do You Pay For Services You Don’t Use? Be sure to give her a warm welcome. Onto this week’s posts!!

10 Personal Finance Myths Busted at Dough Roller
How a Large Down Payment Helps You at Cash Money Life
Ways to Graduate College Debt Free at Modest Money
How to Be Less Emotional About Money at American Debt Project
Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early at One Smart Dollar
Why Layaway is Bad for Your Family’s Finances at Money Q&A
1Year Blogiversary Giveaway at Work Save Live
How to Travel Light at Nickel by Nickel
Cut Out The Credit Cards at When Life Gives You Lemons
The Stock Market Game and The State of Financial Education at Financial Ramblings
5 Ways Not to Get Screwed When Financing a Car at iHeartBudgets
What They Don’t Tell You When You Graduate at Making Sense of Cents

How to Work Towards a Financial Goal and Reach It at Ready For Zero
Best Ways to Make Extra Money: Rent Your Stuff at Free Money Finance
Paying Student Loans: Learn Why to Pay Student Loans Faster at Average Joe’s Money Blog

Posts MoneySmartGuides Wrote for Other Blogs

Why You Should Save 1% More Each Year at My Dollar Plan
Have Patience When Paying Off Debt at Penny Thots
Avoiding Lifestyle Creep at 20’s Finances
Hurricane May Trigger Higher Insurance Deductible at My Dollar Plan

Carnivals That Included MoneySmartGuides Posts

Carn. of Financial Camaraderie at Credit Resource Center
Carnival of MoneyPros at Debt Black Hole
Yakezie Carnival at The Ultimate Juggle
Carnival of Financial Planning at Personal Finance by the Book
Finance Carn. for Young Adults at 20s Finances
Y and T’s Weekend Ramblings at Young and Thrifty
Carnival of Retirement at Master the Art of Saving

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