The Round Table – March 1, 2013

Round TableSpring is almost here!! We have just under one month to go! I’m happy that tax season at work is coming to an end. I filed my taxes about two weeks ago and was surprised when my refund showed up in my bank account this past Monday. I’ve been reading stories that refunds were taking longer than usual. I guess I lucked out. I have some exciting news to report and will be posting about it next week. One final note, many readers know that I also write for Penny Thots. It’s a personal finance blog that has a handful of different bloggers writing for it. The nice thing about it is that you get very different topics everyday. We are currently looking for a few more bloggers, so if you are interested in joining up, contact me and I will forward your email on to the person that runs the site. On to this week’s great posts.

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