binary optionsI know that when it comes to investing, I am as boring as it gets. I follow a buy and hold strategy that has worked out very well for myself since I began investing. Heck, I even detail to readers about how to become a stock market millionaire. But lately I’ve been hearing more and more about binary options. What the heck are binary options you ask? That’s the question I asked and did some research. The following is what I found out about them and whether or not I plan to introduce them into my investing strategy.

Binary Options Explained

In a nutshell, binary options are bets on where a trader thinks a stock or commodity will be trading at. I’ll give an example to make it clear: Let’s say I offer you a scenario that says Tesla stock will be higher than $300 per share at 3pm today. With this bet, I am promising an 80% payout rate.

If you choose to buy into this contract for $100 and are correct (that Tesla is trading above $300 at 3pm today), you make $180. This is the $100 you bet plus the 80% payout that I promised. If the payout I promised was 90%, then you would walk away with $190 if you were correct.
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round table

The Round Table – August 17, 2014

We’re back for another exciting edition of The Round Table. It took a few weeks off because, well, my summer has been busy as heck! Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) the busyness doesn’t stop until September, just to pick back up again! Anyways, the summer overall is going great. I’m just sad to see that August is already halfway over…Fall is right around the corner. One last note, The Plutus Awards have started. For those who do […]Read the full article...

mutual fund basics

Mutual Fund Basics

Mutual funds have a long and storied history. In this post, I am going to give you a breakdown of mutual fund basics. Everything you really need to know about mutual funds is below. For the most part, I will touch on many areas and at times, will link to more in-depth posts that I have written about specific topics about mutual funds. So let’s get started on learning mutual fund basics. Mutual Fund Basics What Is A Mutual Fund […]Read the full article...

caution mutual funds

Disadvantages Of Mutual Funds

I recently wrote about the advantages of mutual funds. Today I am going to talk to you about the disadvantages of mutual funds. As with anything in life, there are good things and bad things about mutual funds. It’s important to know and understand the downsides to mutual funds so that you can make the best decision for you and your money. Here are the main disadvantages of mutual funds and what you need to consider before investing in them. […]Read the full article...

mutual funds

Advantages Of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a popular way to gain entry into the stock market today. With a small amount of money, you can own shares of hundreds of companies, regardless of their share price. But this is just one of the advantages of mutual funds. Below I present many of the advantages of mutual funds and why you should consider them as part of your investment portfolio. (In another post, I discuss the disadvantages of mutual funds.) 6 Advantages Of Mutual […]Read the full article...

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What Are Open Ended Mutual Funds?

When talking about mutual funds, the majority of time we are talking about open ended mutual funds. This is important to know because sometimes, new investors hear the term open ended mutual funds and think this is a new type of investment. It’s not. It’s just your standard mutual fund. What are the characteristics of open ended mutual funds and should you invest in them? I answer these questions and more below. Open Ended Mutual Funds An open ended mutual […]Read the full article...

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The Round Table – July 27, 2014

Welcome to another wonderful summer weekend!! If you remember a few weeks ago, I talked about our ordeal with Comcast. Well, surprise, surprise, we got the bill and wouldn’t you guess, it was wrong. So, after some more calls, we finally got it all straightened out. We are pretty confident that it is correct now, as we had them email us a copy and everything appears good. Now let’s just hope next month’s bill is really correct! Aside from that, […]Read the full article...

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Tips For Getting Into Futures Trading

Even the most experienced investors can find futures trading confusing. However, although the unique terms and trading strategies can be discombobulating, it still holds a strong allure for the money-minded. There are significant profits to be made in futures markets, providing you understand how they work and how to consistently achieve these profits. If you’re looking to get in on the act, read on to find out how to trade successfully. How To Be Successful Futures markets are the area […]Read the full article...

interview Interview

I was recently approached by to provide an expert interview with them regarding the topics of debt and investing. They reached out to me earlier this week to let me know that the interview has been posted on their website. So, for all of my readers that would love to read the Q & A session I had with Mint, be sure to click on the link below. Here is a small snippet: Jon Dulin isn’t just an experienced […]Read the full article...

investment management

A Quick Guide To Shares And Investment Management

When it comes to buying shares, bonds and other securities, it’s important to understand how to maximize your portfolio. There are some key points to remember when you start investing; finding tax efficient investments, going for strategic investment solutions and keeping your portfolio ethical. This is where investment management comes in. To find out a few benefits of having a financial planner read on or click here to find a reputable investment management firm who can look after your assets. […]Read the full article...