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barcodeWe’ve all seen barcodes in a number of different locations. Whether it’s on the back of tins or on the front pages of magazines, barcodes are almost omnipresent. Every product has its information coded in an easy to read, universal machine language. By purchasing a barcode printer from a company like Shopify you can do a number of things to increase the profitability and efficiency of your company. Barcodes are among the most cost effective solutions a company can use to raise the level of its competitiveness. Here’s a few things buying a barcode printer can do for you.


In situations where data entry is a major part of the job, barcode printers can affect the accuracy of data transfer by several orders of magnitude. By including information that needs to be entered on a barcode, you can save the inherent errors that propagate from manual entry by simply scanning the information off again. This is not only limited to products either: the versatility of the barcodes labels makes the suitable for use on equipment and even forms.

Increased accuracy means that processing times cut down and this leads to an upswing in productivity which then translates to a higher profit margin. It is easy to see how a barcode printer can pay for itself through this means. Data entry is not the only place where accuracy can be preserved by the inclusion of barcodes. In the case of a point of sale terminal, automatic scanning and inventory management makes it so that manual updates (that may be prone to human error) are unnecessary. The result is a far more capable inventory management system.


Time is money in today’s business world. Enterprises that can deliver solutions at an increased rate are more likely to land the big contracts and make the huge profits. Incorporating a barcode printer into your business is the first step in increasing your speed of operation. By simple observation you can see how much faster a barcode recognition system is to complete processing than a manual entry system. Increasing the speed of operation without sacrificing the veracity of the results is a very real consideration.

Since barcodes don’t have to worry about errors creeping in through data entry and human fallibility, they are able to increase the speed of processing without sacrificing results. Faster processing ensures that a company can do more in a shorter period of time, which means that it is unlikely the company will be missing any deadlines.

Cost Effectiveness

A true measure of how cost effective a system is comes from comparing how long it takes for the system to pay back for itself. Barcode systems have demonstrated an ability to pay for themselves within six to eighteen months after implementation. This is a remarkable turnover figure, since most new implementations to a business take as much as two to three years to start paying back for themselves.

In addition, the maintenance costs of the barcode printers are relatively low, making them great for reducing operating costs whilst at the same time adding to the profitability of the business by strengthening other facets of the company’s operation. It is likely that given the low startup cost and low maintenance cost of a barcode system, more small and medium enterprises will see the benefits it offers and opt for including it in their operations.

Training Friendly

Skilled workers usually cost more to hire, and as a result the company’s bottom line may suffer. Cutting back on employment costs may mean hiring less skilled individuals. However, implementing a barcode system makes it easy to train even the most unskilled of workers. Barcode scanning and printing is not an acquired skill. Printers on the whole are familiar pieces of hardware. Barcode printers are simply specialized to do a specific job and so staff do not need to relearn what to do to get their barcodes printed. Scanning them takes no effort or knowledge either, and can be done without any major training. The level of automation is high enough so that the staff may not ever need to manually impact the processing queue.

Final Thoughts

As time progresses, more and more companies will see the usefulness of having an in-house barcode printer. With the demand for faster completion of jobs and an emphasis on automation instead of human-based processing, it is no surprise that barcode systems are in demand. They can be utilized for a wide volume of applications and their dedication to accuracy and ease of use suggest their inclusion in situations that have unskilled workers. Barcode printers and scanners are likely to find themselves in great demand as they start proving their usefulness to commerce and industry. Time will tell whether the new technology will adapt and grow as fast as it has so far.

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