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5 Signs You Are In Way Too Much Debt

by Shondell Clarke on July 30, 2014 · 15 comments

too much debtAre you in debt? Most people borrow money once in a while to fulfill various purposes. But having too much debt is not good. It can throw your life off balance. With the burden of debt hanging over your head it can be quite difficult to enjoy the important things in life. And since we only get one shot at life, don’t you want to live the best life possible? That means getting out of debt and living within your means. Here are 5 signs that you are in way too much debt.

Signs You Are In Too Much Debt

You Have No Idea How Much You Owe

People who borrow money all the time without thinking of the consequences eventually lose track of how much they owe. It often happens to people who use multiple credit cards and spend recklessly. When you know that you have a lot of debt, but do not know the exact amount, it can be quite scary to face reality, which is sitting down and figuring out exactly where you stand. If this is you, you have way too much debt.
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