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telecommuteThere’s a special thrill derived from doing work in your pajamas. It can be a strangely productive way to get your projects done, regardless of your choice of attire or particular field of employment. Telecommuting isn’t exactly a cutting-edge trend since e-mail and phone calls (as well as faxing) have defined the process for years. But the latest blossoming in technology and digital infrastructure has radically altered and improved the way you’re able to telecommute. Everything from accessing centralized cloud servers to publishing business reports on your smart phone represents a step in the right direction, but these are only tools in the arsenal of a telecommuter.

To truly get the best experience in both telecommuting and your place of employment, you should seek out a more personal and interconnected route like video conferencing. Combining the visual appeal of being able to read a colleague’s body language and expression with the versatility of a standard conference call, video conferencing reflects a growing trend of closing the gap between all branches of employees, near or distant. Here are some of the ways that modern video conferencing has breathed new life into telecommuting, and why you should be interested in it.

A Personal (Budget-Friendly) Touch

One of the obvious benefits for those located in international corporations is the ability to scoff at time zones, and interact with colleagues easily. When you have the luxury of telecommuting and speaking to foreign colleagues at a designated time, you avoid the time – and cost – spent organizing your flight, possible hotels, and arrangements to physically meet. The costs associated with a few simple business trips can be staggering, particularly if your business is small or cannot afford such frequent travel.

Video conferencing is practically free, aside from the initial purchase of software and any related components. But compared to round-trip plane ticket alone, this cost is more than worth it. Some companies such as Blue Jeans, video conferencing is designed to be cheap and easily-accessible to a range of markets – including yours. Seek out these deals, and take advantage of them. Because telecommuting relies on both audio and visual input, it’s more suitable for interactions between you and your colleagues, especially if you’re involved in project management or board meetings. Most traditional conference calls simply lack the appeal and attention-grabbing nature of a visual component, which, according to Redriver, helps keep participants engaged and focused on the task at hand.
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