Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive: Help Those in Need

I started a tradition last year on this blog. I signed up for an online Salvation Army red kettle. We all are familiar with the bell-ringers outside of stores during the holidays collecting donations for the Salvation Army. Recently, the Salvation Army decided to offer online donations as well.

I signed up last year and encouraged my readers to donate. I didn’t have a very large readership base last year, so donations were sparse shall we say. But I have big hopes for this year!!

I encourage you to make a donation. I started off the giving season with a donation of my own. And just so everyone is clear, 100% of the donations go to the Salvation Army. I get nothing from this except for a good feeling inside. You can donate any amount, not just what is listed. When you provide your email address with your donation, you will be emailed a receipt to write off the donation for tax purposes.

My goal is to raise $500 this year. With my donation, we are already 20% of the way there. To encourage my fellow bloggers to donate, I’ll sweeten the pot: for any blogger that donates at least $5, I’ll write up a ‘Thank You’ post after the donation period ends which will link back to your blog. The donation drive will run through December 27th.

(Note: if you are a blogger and made a donation, send me a quick email letting me know so that I can be sure to include you in the list.)

Click Here to visit my Red Kettle Donation Page

Happy Holiday’s!!


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