The Round Table – September 6, 2013

I took the last few weeks off from posting the Round Table, but I’m back with a vengeance! So here we are in September, with the summer season unofficially over. I don’t mind this time of year – like the cooler days/nights – but I dislike the shortening of the days.

In personal finance news, there was a recent ruling by the IRS when it comes to tipping. We all know how I feel about tipping. I even had to write a follow up! It turns out restaurants that include the gratuity for large parties are going to have to factor that into employee’s wages. The IRS is no longer looking at the gratuity as a tip, but as a service charge. As a result, many businesses have stopped this practice and are now offering “suggested tip amounts” on the receipts.

Personally, I am all for this. Granted I’ve never been a waiter, but I don’t like being forced to tip a certain amount just because I am out with a large group. I will tip based on service. I won’t be stingy (though I do admit that others might be) when it comes to tipping. For my waiter/waitress, it’s a good thing because I’ll probably still tip 20% so they’ll be getting a 2% raise!

How will this affect your tipping? Will you tip more/less/the same? Let me hear your thoughts as well if you are a waiter/waitress!

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