Use Your Cruise Control

When you are driving on the highway and get to your desired speed, or the speed that traffic is moving at if it is slower than your desired speed, set your cruise control on. You will save gas by limiting you acceleration and deceleration of speed. You will in turn get higher miles per gallon, saving money.

Find Local Independent Shops

Local independent shops charge less than the dealers to for working on your car. Most dealers may charge close to $70 per hour for labor. An good independent shop might charge $40 per hour. That is a $30 savings per hour! In addition, you local shops may save you some money by using parts that are used instead of new. Areas where this may save you is if you were in an accident and need a new tail light. Instead of spending over $100 for a new one, the independent dealer may be able to get a used one for half that cost.

Check online for local shops as well as the yellow pages. Some may even specialize in your make of car.

Found Out the Cost of Car Repair Online

The website Repair Pal will offer you a free quote on what it should cost to fix your car. The site uses surveys it collects from thousands of shops around the country. By using this site, you will have a better idea if you are getting ripped off.