Life Hacks

This section of the website is designed to give you FREE INFORMATION and tips to better your life financially. I call them “life hacks” simply because they are simple tricks or skills aimed to improve your financial life. Take some time to explore the free wealth of knowledge! I will continually add to this section so check back often.

Best Coupon Sites: This PDF file lists the best websites to go to when searching for coupons to save money.

Saving Money With Baby: This PDF file lists some great free sites that you can sign up for as a new parent to get free samples on baby formula and food, coupons and discounts, and even free stuff!

Cleaning Product Alternatives: This PDF file provides you with some great ways to make your own low cost alternatives when compared to the more expensive brand name products at the store.

Free Birthday Offers: This PDF file contains close to 50 free offers that you get on your birthday. Everything from free food, drinks, deserts and coupons, up to a free cruise. You definitely will want to check this list out.

Financial Records List: This PDF breaks down different financial records and how long you need to keep them in your files.

Best Time To Buy: This PDF is an annual list (broken down monthly) of when the best time is to buy certain products. It is a printable PDF file for you to download. Please print it out and keep it handy or bookmark this page so you can easily get back to it.

HSA Expenses: This PDF lists both eligible and ineligible expenses when using the money in your Health Savings Account (HSA).