This section of my site allows you to access tons of resources to better your financial life. Keep reading to see what resources benefit you the most. If you don’t find what you are looking for, be sure to shoot me an email and I will see if there is a way for me to add it.

Free Resources

  • Calculators: Currently I have over 15 calculators for you to use. The calculators cover topics that include car loans, compound interest, amortization schedules, exchange rates, mortgages and refinance, net worth and saving goals.
  • Budget Template: This is the excel spreadsheet budget I have used for years to budget my money. If you aren’t into a manual process, be sure to look into Power Wallet or You Need A Budget. I highly recommend both.
  • Net Worth Template: Use this excel spreadsheet to easily track your net worth. I have it formatted so all you need to do is add your dollar amounts and the spreadsheet automatically totals them for you. If you need more space, simply add rows.
  • Asset Allocation Spreadsheet: This is an excel spreadsheet to help you understand how diversified your money is invested. While diversification will not remove all risk from investing, it will remove enough to make it important for you to do. You can read more about diversification in this detailed post.

Paid Resources

  • The Bookstore: This section of the site lists the personal finance books I have read and reviewed (no paid reviews). If you are interested in buying any of the books, simply click on the link to go to Amazon where you can buy them.
  • My Books: I’ve written 3 eBooks on investing, early retirement and saving money. This section will give a brief highlight to the books and a link for you to learn more and buy the books. The best part is that the books are easy to read – no technical mumbo-jumbo, and they are priced cheaply. But don’t let the low price fool you – the information they provide is invaluable.
  • Fee Analysis: I offer a low cost fee analysis so you can see just how much your investments cost you. If you are confused, every mutual fund and exchange traded fund you invest in charges you an annual fee. You never get a bill for the fee because it is taken out of the fund itself – to you, it is hidden. Fund companies are required to tell you how much they charge you and they do so in percentage amount. The amount you pay in fees could be costing you your future.

Recommended Products

I also have a section where I recommend various products that I use. You can click over to the investing page, insurance page, or online banking page to find out more information about what services I use and recommend to my readers. – Reviews and comparison of Foreign Exchange firms for individuals and businesses. Large saving against banks!