Money Rules When Spending Money

money rulesI was recently in Chicago for a charity event. The events were held at the hotel I was staying at so I ended up eating a handful of meals in the hotel. The following may not come as a surprise to others, but I haven’t travel that much in my life, so it is new to me.

I arrived at the hotel late one night and after a long day of work, I just wanted to unpack and lay around. But I was hungry so I decided to splurge on room service. I order an appetizer (chicken wings) a meal (cheeseburger) and some water. The bill came to $57! Realize that this isn’t a high-end hotel either.

Later that night, the temperature in my room was what seemed like 1,000 degrees. I needed water, so I opened the bottle the hotel had conveniently left in my room. The next morning I realized that bottle just cost me $5. (I am convinced they jacked up the room temperature to make me thirsty and in my half-consciousness at 3 am not realize what I was doing).

The next morning, I purchased a bottle of water, a plain bagel and a banana as I was running to the meeting. That cost me $8. The next morning, I had the breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant. That ran me $20!

Money Rules

So, I learned one of many money rules: do not eat at the hotel! This goes along with the following money rules:

What are your money rules when it comes to buying? Have you ever experienced what I did at the hotel?

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  1. says

    That's unfortunate that you didn't know those things about hotels – they're complete ripoffs! If I go to a hotel I look for one that includes breakfast! A crappy breakfast, but at least it's included. :)

  2. Modest Money says

    Wow $57! That's insane. For that price you'd think you were getting a high end steak with a lobster tail. A burger and chicken wings though?! I've only ordered hotel room service once and it was fairly expensive too, but not quite that bad. The tip about not grocery shopping when hungry is very good advice too. When I end up doing that, it is amazing how much extra junk I buy that I don't need. Another spending money rule that I've been following is to not go into the grocery store with a set mind of only being content buying a certain thing. Instead I go more by what is on special or what is a good price. Then I can avoid some of the jacked up prices that they rotate through their products.

  3. says

    Ouch, $57!!! I would have probably choked on the burger! I also have one that's more relevant to women, but I try never to buy an entire outfit in one shopping trip. If I need a dress for an event and then realize I need shoes to match, I will spend way more on the shoes than if I had waited and looked around. The other one I have is never buy food at the airport (unless I can expense it for work). Although sometimes I have to break this rule for fear of passing out and will just get some Chick Fil A or McD's junk.

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