Car Insurance

Many people pick an insurance company and then stay with them for many years, myself included. When I first started driving, I stayed with the provider my parents used. I stayed with them for over 15 years. Then I read about people saving money by switching, so I decided to look around. I ended up saving close to $300 per year on my coverage. Recently, I switched again and saved another $100 per year.

It may seem like a hassle, but simply taking 15-20 minutes to get a quote can save you hundreds of dollars. There is no guarantee of course, but at least you will know that you are being charged a competitive price. Plus it free to get a quote! Of course, you shouldn’t go with the company that offers you the cheapest premium. I am more than happy to pay more for a premium if the insurance provider has above average customer service. I want to make sure that they are their for me in the event I need them. Personally, I recommend USAA, GEICO and Esurance. All three offer no obligation, free quotes.

Health Insurance Coverage

If you are in the market for health coverage, I recommend eHealthInsurance. It’s free to get a quote and with the Affordable Care Act going into effect, you car going to need insurance or you will be paying a penalty. Start your search with them and be sure to compare at least two others for a good idea of what is a good deal.