How I Save Money When Shopping $500 Giveaway

500giveawayAhh, shopping. There are plenty of ways to save money when shopping. Of course, the easiest way to save money shopping to to avoid spending money in the first place! But we all know that is good in theory. As much as we can try to avoid shopping, it is still something that needs to be done. Below are a few ways I save money when I shop.

Coupons and Ibotta

When I am grocery shopping, I take a four prong approach to saving money. First off, I try to buy things that are on sale. But I don’t just buy anything that is on sale. I still price compare. Many times, even a brand name item on sale still costs more than the store brand. If I decide that the store brand is just as good (and nine times out of ten it is) and is less expensive, I opt for the store brand. That is unless the item is on sale AND I have a coupon. It’s easy to find coupons not only in your Sunday paper, but also online. A quick five minute search will yield a large amount of coupons for you to print out. Some store even allow you to put the coupon on your loyalty card to that you don’t have to print or cut them out. (A bonus tip, if you “like” your favorite brands on Facebook, many times they will give you a coupon on the spot or will send you coupons every now and then.

The fourth prong is using Ibotta. It’s a free app for your smartphone that has a handful of items listed. You can get cash back when you buy the item by learning a fact about the product on the app, answering a trivia question, liking on Facebook or watching a short video. My review of Ibotta has all of the details. I’ve used it numerous times to get cash back on some of the items I buy on a regular basis. Each time, the money was in my account within a few hours. The best part is the cash back from Ibotta is exclusive of any coupons you have or sales. So, if an item regularly costs $3.99 and it’s on sale for $2.99 and you have a $1.00 coupon you will pay $1.99 for it. But, if Ibotta offers $1.25 cash back on the item, you’ll get that amount for buying it! So you just effectively paid $0.74 for it!

Online Shopping

When it comes to shopping online, I use various approaches as well. My go to savings site has been ebates. There are thousands of stores that all offer great cash back deals. I’ve since combined my ebates usage with It allows me to find a coupon for the store quickly and I can use it in conjunction with ebates. It’s another win-win.

When I really want to save, I combine this with my Discover Card’s 5% cash back. If the quarterly category is online shopping, I just saved myself even more money.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shopping, the options to saving money are almost endless. This can make it almost overwhelming as to how to save the most money. I like my approach. It doesn’t take me much time at all and I feel it allows me to maximize my savings.

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    My wife and I coupon religiously! We’re not as extreme as the families on the hit TLC show “Extreme Couponers” but we would give some of them a run for their money in some categories. We mostly focus on non perishables such as soaps, bath tissue, etc. We try to purchase all of our food fresh on a weekly basis.

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