How to Curb the Urge to Gamble

Curbing the Urge to GambleGambling is an addiction that millions of people struggle with on a day-to-day basis. Local convenience stores that easily sell lottery tickets are something that many people with this problem have to avoid. Between online and offline casinos, many struggling with gambling addiction might not know where they should turn. Thankfully, there are a few different things that individuals can do if they would like to curb their addiction to gambling and all that it entails.

Why a Gambling Addiction Can Be Harmful

There is nothing wrong with playing the lottery every once in awhile or visiting a casino once a year with friends. The addiction to gambling becomes a problem when a person spends the majority of their money and income on this type of habit. A person might receive their paycheck on a Friday and have it all spent up on lottery numbers by the end of the weekend. This is a major issue, causing a lot of people to file for bankruptcy because they just cannot cope financially. Identifying the addiction is the first step to helping yourself with it. For more information about treatment for a gambling addiction, visit Prescott House.

Tips for Curbing the Urge

One of the best tips for curbing the urge to gamble is to avoid any place that happens to sell gambling tickets, numbers or places that have slot machines. If you know that you have a habit of buying tickets when you go to the convenience store in the morning for your coffee, just make your coffee at home.

By avoiding the situation entirely, you will not second guess yourself when you are actually in the store and looking at what you could be buying. You may still feel tempted to stop by the convenience store in the morning, but it will be less of an urge than if you were in the store and standing in front of the things you normally buy.

Also, when it comes to gambling online, it is best that you completely avoid going to websites that promote online gambling. If you are a member of these sites, delete your membership and close your account. This prevents the urge from returning to previous games and it also prevents the casino site from sending you emails reminding you to go back and play their games. The same theory can be applied to offline casinos as well. If friends and family want to spend a day in the local casino, suggest another fun activity that you can all enjoy.

One thing that a lot of people make use of when it comes to their gambling addiction is to really sit down and calculate how much you have won versus how much you have lost. For most people with a gambling addiction, they might find that they have spend a lot more on trying to win money than they actually have received winning something. Laying this type of template out for you to see might help you to realize that it really isn’t worth gambling away your hard-earned cash.

For those who have a tendency to spend too freely, putting extra money away into a savings account each month will prevent binging on gambling. Most savings accounts only allow you to withdraw a few times a month, meaning that you will not have excess money to gamble with when you feel the urge.

Final Thoughts

Having a gambling addiction is a serious problem. Left unchecked, you can easily cost yourself everything you have – not just money, but relationships as well. It’s not easy admitting you have a problem, but the sooner you are able to do this, the sooner you can take back your life and and enjoy living once again.

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