Building My Niche Site: Part 4 – Gaining Traffic and Backlinking

I’m happy to report that this post is coming more frequently than the past posts on this topic! Hooray for me! If you are just starting out, here are the niche building posts you’ve missed so far:

Part 1: Deciding on a Niche
Part 2: Researching Your Niche
Part 3: Creating Content and Finding Traffic

Today I am going to talk about gaining more traffic and ranking for keywords by utilizing backlinking. Backlinking is used by many to help them rank for keywords on Google. The strategy that I use (and many others as well) is to build multiple layers of links so that you can rank high in Google. Below is a video on the topic that goes over the strategy.

I decided that since I seem to be super busy currently, I would outsource my backlinking project. I went onto oDesk where there are plenty of freelancers looking for work. I posted some details of my project for free and had the freelancers bid on the job. I then had to go through all of the submissions (over 125 in just a few days). After a lot of work I finally picked someone for the project.

A few points on using a freelancer:

  • Make sure you read the persons previous work history. Most bidders come from India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, etc. You need to make certain you explain to them exactly what you are looking for. There are a good many that will simply create spammy backlinks to your niche site that do not help you at all. Others will actually do the work you ask. The woman I found is doing an excellent job. Before she started posting articles, I required that I reviewed them first. After they are posted, she sends me links to the sites for further review.
  • You do not want to cut corners here as doing so will have lasting effects on your site. As a pointed out above, I have over 125 people apply for my job. I ran through the list multiple times, first cutting out obvious people that didn’t fit, then cutting out more people that I didn’t think were as good as others. When the list was down to five or so names, I began to email them and get a better sense of whether or not they could be expected to perform the work. I am happy with the woman I chose and just remind you to do your homework.

In the next post, I will talk about monetizing your niche site!

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    • moneysma says

      Good question. I don’t know when the last update was. I will say no, only because I just started my site. Going forward, I don’t think it will hurt it either though. I’ve learned (and read a lot) telling you to focus on strong content, i.e. become an authority as opposed to just throwing something together and you will be fine. I am going that route, so I am not nervous at the moment.

  1. says

    Are you apart the niche duel 2.0? I thought about doing it but really have too much on the plate already. As long as your site has great content and can be useful to the user I think you will be great even with Google and the updates. I prefer doing the backlinking myself for a money site since I don’t want someone to do stuff I have to end up fixing in the long run. Are you doing tiered linking if so how many tiers are you using? Looking forward to how you plan on monetizing your site.
    Thomas | Your Daily Finance recently posted..Real Estate Investing How Do I StartMy Profile

    • moneysma says

      I am not part of the niche duel 2.0. I actually read Chiris’s post over at StumbleForward and decided to jump in and try my hand as well. It’s been a great learning experience so far.

      You really have to be careful about the backlinking. Too many times if you try to outsource you will get burned. You need to vet the person a lot to make sure they will be doing exactly what you want.

      So far I am only doing 2 tiers. Depending on time and success, I might add more.

    • moneysma says

      Interesting. Where did you hire your VA from, if you don’t mind me asking?

      I’ve made it a point to keep the link building slow and steady for this very reason.

    • moneysma says

      You can hire a freelancer if you are just starting out or if your site is older. Freelancers can do just about anything you want them too. I suggest if it’s your first site and you are just starting out, then you should do most things yourself. This way you learn a little bit and will be better able to know what you need help with going forward and limit the chances of getting taken advantage of.

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