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StreamersIf you’ve followed any of my Month of Goals posts over the course of last year, you know that one of my goals was working on publishing an eBook. As the months went on, I slowly made progress on this goal only to shelve it the next month due to other priorities. I mentioned last week that I have big news to share. Here it is: I am happy to report that I am not postponing it any longer. In fact, I published my very first eBook! Then I published my second eBook! That’s right, I have published two eBooks.

The first eBook, Seven Easy Steps to Early Retirement, is a great book for anyone looking to quit the rat race as early as possible. As I point out in the book, quitting your job at 40 years old is not an easy thing to do. For some out there, they might not be willing to make the sacrifice that it takes to retire early. For others, the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices. In any event, this book lays the framework in seven steps to reaching early retirement.

The second eBook, Spare Change: Adding It Up Can Change Your Life, is a book for the savers out there. It shares over 150 easy tips to incorporate into your daily lives that can save up upwards of a few thousand dollars per year. The tips included in the book won’t get rich overnight, but will go a long way in helping you to live within your means and providing for a healthier financial life.

You can find both books in the My Books section on MoneySmartGuides. From there, you can buy on Amazon (which allows for various electronic versions).

I figured though just writing a post though didn’t do justice to the time I put into writing these, nor for my readers. Because of that, I decided to create a giveaway! The raffle will run from today through next Friday, March 22nd.

Prizes will be as followed:

Grand Prize (10 Winners, chosen randomly): Your choice of either eBook

1st Prize: (1 Winner, chosen randomly): $50 Amazon Gift Card or Cash (via PayPal)
2nd Prize: (1 Winner, chosen randomly): $25 Amazon Gift Card or Cash (via PayPal)
3rd Prize (5 Winners, chosen randomly): $5 Amazon Gift Card or Cash (via PayPal)

So that means there will be 17 winners chosen! Here are all of the ways you can enter:

  • Like MoneySmartGuides on Facebook (+1)
  • Follow @moneysma on Twitter (+1)
  • Sign up to receive posts via email (+2)
  • Tweet about this giveaway (+2)
  • Tweet about new posts (+3)

Good luck to all those that enter! (Again, 17 winners in all will be chosen). Also, stay tuned for another eBook that will be coming along shortly that tackles the topic of investing and how you can greatly increase your chances of success when investing the stock market.

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    • moneysma says

      Thanks John. Feel free to email me with any questions. I am certainly no expert, but have learned so much that I am going to be doing a few things different with my next eBook.

    • moneysma says

      Thanks! Keep working on your idea. It’s a lot of work but you learn a lot. I just hope people find the information in my book(s) helpful.

      Good luck with winning!

    • moneysma says

      Thanks. It took a while because I wasn’t more strict with writing/editing times. I would work hard for a few days, but then have to put it off to take care of other things. That’s not to say it isn’t a lot of work, because it is.

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