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niche site updateWelcome back to my guide on niche blogging. Here are the first 6 parts of this series in case you missed anything:

Part 1: Deciding on a Niche
Part 2: Researching Your Niche
Part 3: Creating Content and Finding Traffic
Part 4: Gaining Traffic and Backlinking
Part 5: Monetizing Your Site
Part 6: Long Term Update

Today I am here to update you on my progress. Sadly, the site fell onto the back-burner again. I did give it some much needed attention after my last update. I secured another guest post, was featured in Ebony magazine and wrote a few more keyword rich posts.

My site metrics are still slowly growing and traffic is holding steady. This is great news since I am not adding new content on a regular basis. I did make some recent tweaks to my Adsense ads throughout my site after reading a great book on Google Adsense. In the few weeks since the changes, I’ve seen a nice uptick in click-throughs, which means more money in my pocket.
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newlywed money

Tips For Newlyweds To Stay Out of Debt

Getting married is easy; staying married is where the work really comes in. It’s important that both partners work towards one goal, especially when it comes to money. When you plan your finances, there might be issues encountered along the way that can make or break you. But it’s better to map things out while you’re both working on the new relationship, then later on when it might be too late. Here are a few tips for newlyweds to stay […]Read the full article...

different types of investors

Are You A Celebrity, A Gambler Or A Straight Arrow?

When it comes to investing, everyone has their own goals and plans. Some may be investing for retirement, while others are using their investments for income. Whatever the case may be, each investor is different. This isn’t a surprise since each one of us are unique individuals. But knowing what type of investor you are can make you become a better investor. See which type of investor you identify with most below. Broad Classifications of Different Types of Investors The […]Read the full article...

fall trees

Carnival of MoneyPros – Feels Like Fall Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Carnival of MoneyPros! This week’s edition is called ‘Feels Like Fall’ because fall is definitely in the air here in the Northeast. Fall is my favorite season and I love the cool, crisp nights that it brings. It’s also a smart time to do any last minute home projects outside before the weather turns too cold. I’m currently working on a host of household projects as we speak. But that that said, during […]Read the full article...

scottrade review

My Scottrade Review: One Of The Best Online Brokers

When I first started investing way back in the late 1990’s, there weren’t many options for me to choose from when it came to brokers. The world of online brokers was still in its infancy. I had to resort to a brick-and-mortar discount broker that charged me about $30 to place a trade. We have come a very long way. Now the internet is full of various online broker options for you to choose from. The question becomes, which one […]Read the full article...

fix your car

Is Auto Insurance Really Worth It? (Infographic)

You may believe that auto insurance is not worth the cost. You are a good driver, so why should you pay for something that hasn’t happened? Even excellent drivers can find themselves in an accident. Anyone can work an extra long, exhausting day and tap another parked car in the office parking lot. Anyone can get caught up with radio dials or personal worries and accidentally rear-end a driver who stops short. Anyone can make a right hand turn without […]Read the full article...


Financial Education Starts With You – ebook Giveaway

Are you someone looking to get ahead financially? Do you want to learn how to invest or pay off debt? Maybe learn new ways to save money? Maybe you want to know how to live overseas or just live a life where money is never an issue? Whatever you financial goals and dreams are, they all begin with you. You need to take the time to educate yourself to have a strong financial foundation. After all, nothing great can be […]Read the full article...

what does etf mean

What Does ETF Mean?

I’ve talked in depth about mutual funds on this blog – case in point is the mutual fund basics post a few weeks ago. But what I haven’t talked to you about are exchange traded funds or ETFs. Exchange traded funds have grown in popularity over the past few years. This post will walk you through what they are and why you should consider investing in them. What Is An ETF? In a broad sense, an ETF is a hybrid […]Read the full article...

get rich quick schemes

Get Rich Quick Schemes – Are Any Legit?

We all want to get rich quick. The thought of going to bed poor and waking up the next morning filthy rich has intrigued man since the beginning of time. The idea of instant riches has become even more profound recently with the various ways to make money and society’s focus on short-term gratification. As a result of this, get rich quick schemes have become more numerous. The question is, are there any legit get rich quick schemes out there? […]Read the full article...

round table

The Round Table – September 7, 2014

It’s football time!!! So excited to have football back. I love watching the games on Sundays and just hanging out with friends and family watching. I’m still fairly busy as I pointed out in my end of summer update post. I am checking things off my list however and slowly getting things to a more manageable level. I am also gearing up for my house project event I touched on in my update post above. Of course, I did have […]Read the full article...