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Tax Efficient Investing – How To Keep More Of Your Money

tax efficient investingMost of us know that we need to invest our money in the stock market to grow our money. Even when interest rates weren’t close to zero like they are now, the stock market was a good place to be. In fact, over time, the stock market is a useful tool in building wealth, so long as you stay the course and invest for the long-term. But there is more you can do than just invest your money to grow it, you can use tax efficient investing to keep more of your money too.

By being smart about your investing strategy and keeping tax efficiency in mind, you can keep more of your money from Uncle Sam. I know I can’t be the only one who isn’t a fan of forking over my hard earned dollars. So below is an outline of how you can get started with tax efficient investing. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it might sound.

What Is Tax Efficient Investing?

First off, we need to make sure everyone understands what tax efficient investing is all about. In a nutshell (help, I’m in a nutshell! Sorry, couldn’t resist), it means strategically investing in a way that ensures you pay the least amount of tax possible.

To do this, you fund certain types of accounts before others and you place certain investments in each of these accounts strategically so that you can take advantage of the tax code. And taking advantage of the tax code is our ultimate goal. [Read the full article]

So You Want to Buy A House?

So do a lot of people, following the landmark Supreme Court ruling in the United States. Home buying might seem a little scary. You may not even really know what a mortgage is, not totally. Don’t worry about that. I didn’t either, and I’ve managed to be a homeowner for two years. Politically speaking, it’s very good for people to buy houses. The government wants you to. Banks want you to. Your mom wants you to. So there’ll be plenty of people to help you along every step of the way. This video will, too. Right now, you may not even know for sure that you want to … [Read the full article]

How To Choose A Family Car – Without Breaking The Bank

choosing family car

If our personal circumstances are changing – maybe baby’s on the way or baby’s getting another brother or sister – the way we get around needs a rethink too. It’s sometimes baffling, tiresome and just one big bother. It makes sense to systematise your family car purchase from thinking about it, to purchase, to reduce that burden when it comes down to the crunch. Tips For Choosing A Family Car Deciding What You Need vs What You Want Do you want to slash a whole heap of possibilities from your list? Get your red pen out and set a budget. With baby (or baby number two … [Read the full article]

Moments In Your Financial Life When It’s OK To Splurge

There are a lot of us who have been taught financial conservatism. Being careful with your money isn’t a bad thing. But if you’re never willing to take a risk, you’ll never get anywhere in your financial life. This has long-reaching implications. It will determine where and how you’ll live for the rest of your life. It will have a big impact on your future health and happiness. It will affect the way your children grow up. Unchecked, financial conservatism can be almost as bad as financial wastefulness. In order to get ahead, you’ve got to be able to control … [Read the full article]

Be A Steady Saver


Many people have good intentions when it comes to saving, and may be able to stick to a strict budget for a month or two. However, it often proves difficult to be a steady saver over a long period of time – even though this is the best way of achieving your saving goals. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to become a steady saver over the long-term. Tips For Being A Steady Saver Budgeting Why do most people fail at budgeting? There are 2 main reasons: Their outlook Being overly aggressive The first issue, your outlook, is why so many people fail … [Read the full article]

How The 99% Can Make It


There is a lot of talk in the news about income inequality. The rich are getting richer while everyone else is struggling to survive. I pointed this out in my post about how 80 people control half the world’s wealth. The post below isn’t meant to take a shot at the rich, but rather take insight from how they live so that we, the 99% can improve our situations. So what can we learn from them to better not only our financial lives but our overall life as well? Here are some practical steps for how the 99% can make it. Key Steps For How The 99% Can Make It Strive To … [Read the full article]

Using Scholarships To Avoid Student Loan Debt

scholarships to avoid student loan debt

Planning for college can be difficult. You need to select a school that will suit your goals, and be accepted into it. Then comes a harder part – paying for your schooling. The rising costs of higher education have made affording college extremely difficult for students and parent. That being said, if you use time wisely to research scholarships, you’ll be able to attend the college of your dreams without falling into a nightmare of student loan debt. Below are 6 tips for using scholarships to avoid student loan debt. 6 Tips For Using Scholarships To Avoid Student … [Read the full article]

3 Ways To Start Paying Off Your Debt Today

paying off your debt today

Happy Wednesday!! Please welcome Tahnya, who will be sharing stories with us every other Wednesday. She got herself into debt trouble and dug herself out - all while being a financial planner. Learn from her debt experience so that you don't repeat the same mistakes she did. Be sure also to check out her site, Tahyna Kristina. I'm 35 and living debt free, but that wasn't always the case. If you met me 10 years ago you wouldn't even recognize me. I was recently unemployed, living well beyond my means and drowning in debt. It's safe to say I've gone through quite a … [Read the full article]

These 80 People Control Half The World’s Wealth

Number of Billionaires

You read that right. There are 80 people who are as rich as the 3.6 billion poorest. With 7 billion people on the Earth, that means these 80 people control half of the world’s wealth. Sit back and think about that for a minute. So who are these people and how did they make their money? The Wealth Gap Is Expanding Before we get into talking about these 80 people, I want to dive deeper into the numbers first. The numbers I cite come from Oxfam, a global non-profit organization working to fight poverty, hunger and injustice. Along with help from Credit Suisse, they … [Read the full article]

How Could You Use Your Maths Qualifications?

maths qualifications

Some say “maths”, others say “math” - there are even those who say “mathematics”. Whatever the case it's a numbers game and for those who can master it there is often a job in the pipeline. Those who have spent their university years studying numbers are in the box seat when it comes to choosing a career. In the USA alone, the job market for mathematicians is expected to grow by an enormous 23% in the next eight to ten years. Here are a few ways in which you can make use of your degree. Accountancy and Finance A career in accountancy can offer not just a means of … [Read the full article]