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InvestingThe economy is in such a state that every signal seems to be saying investors should invest. The low cost of purchasing property, businesses and countless other investment vehicles seems to hold only promise for people with the ability to seize these opportunities today.

The problem is there are so many options that what will return the best on an investment is not as clear as it could be. While some investors are settling for “tried and tested” investment options, these may not provide the best or the safest returns.

Below is a list of some of the most attractive investment options coming in 2015.

Deep Sea Crude Oil Production

The cost of crude oil directly correlates to how difficult it is to obtain a barrel from any given source. A number of factors can contribute to this difficulty, which includes local politics, distance and how hard it is to drill to a deposit of oil.
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retirement savings

3 Biggest Drivers of Retirement Savings Success

I took some time this weekend to read some personal finance magazines and also surf around the net. I stumbled upon an article that Catey Hill over at SmartMoney wrote an article that discusses the 3 biggest drivers of success in terms of retirement savings. They are: Employing a consistent, long-term savings and investing strategy Working with a financial adviser Saving money in your workplace retirement plan Retirement Savings Success These 3 points are fairly basic, but it is incredible […]Read the full article...


How Purchasing A Barcode Printer Can Change The Face of Your Business

We’ve all seen barcodes in a number of different locations. Whether it’s on the back of tins or on the front pages of magazines, barcodes are almost omnipresent. Every product has its information coded in an easy to read, universal machine language. By purchasing a barcode printer from a company like Shopify you can do a number of things to increase the profitability and efficiency of your company. Barcodes are among the most cost effective solutions a company can use […]Read the full article...

john hancock

John Hancock – Trusted Specialist

John Hancock has been a trusted financial figure since its inception in 1862. Since then, it grew to one of the world’s largest insurers, now representing financial interests the world over. John Hancock continues to bring on the world’s best technologies, learning, and expertise. As such they are able to lead and consult in a diversity of matters. For this reason, John Hancock’s clients are diverse. Many have been with the company for decades or ever generations. The company is […]Read the full article...

trick or treat

Carnival For Young Adults – Trick or Treat Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Carnival For Young Adults. This week’s edition is the Trick or Treat Edition as we prepare for Halloween. So I ask you, have your finances been a trick or treat so far this year? If they are a treat, great job and keep up the good work. If they have been a trick, don’t get down on your self as you can turn things around! You just have to take that first step […]Read the full article...

car accident

How Much Is Car Insurance Really Going To Cost You?

Car insurance is complicated. There are many things to consider; from premiums to excess, to all of the other costs that come with owning a motor vehicle. But finding a comprehensive car insurance policy doesn’t have to leave your wallet hurting. In fact, with the right information on hand, car insurance can be both effective and affordable. Is It Worth It? At the end of the day, the benefits of a comprehensive policy far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Comprehensive car […]Read the full article...


E*Trade Review: Investing Made Easy

I am almost certain you know about E*Trade. Maybe a few years ago if I mentioned E*Trade you would be clueless, but not anymore with the likes this during the Super Bowl: Yeah, the talking baby has pushed E*Trade into the mainstream. And that is a good thing because E*Trade is a solid company to have your investments with. Below is my full review of E*Trade showing you why you should consider it if you are looking for an online […]Read the full article...


Video Conferencing is Enhancing Telecommuting

There’s a special thrill derived from doing work in your pajamas. It can be a strangely productive way to get your projects done, regardless of your choice of attire or particular field of employment. Telecommuting isn’t exactly a cutting-edge trend since e-mail and phone calls (as well as faxing) have defined the process for years. But the latest blossoming in technology and digital infrastructure has radically altered and improved the way you’re able to telecommute. Everything from accessing centralized cloud […]Read the full article...

Are You A Saver Or A Spender? (Infographic)

Do you know how much more likely a saver is to have a high interest savings account or what the average spender would never cut back on? By understanding the differences between savers and spenders, you can get a better idea of where you fall and what you can start working on to be a better saver (assuming you are a spender). All of this information is presented in this cool infographic below. So where do you fall? Are you […]Read the full article...

reverse mortgages

Does A Reverse Mortgage Fit Into Your Retirement Plans?

It’s no surprise that the majority of Americans aren’t good at saving for retirement. Many Baby Boomers are waking up to the realization that they are going to have to work much longer in order to afford retirement or possibly not even retire at all. If you are in this predicament, do you have any options other than not retiring? The answer is yes: you can consider taking out a reverse mortgage. In fact, reverse mortgages should play a role […]Read the full article...