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Las Vegas On A Budget

las vegasI’ve never been to Las Vagas, but the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match on Saturday has flamed my interest in going once again. I’d love to see a boxing match there, but with tickets close to ringside going for over $100K, this is not the fight that I will be attending. In any case, this post comes from Fiona Moriarty, who knows all things Vegas and taught me some stuff about the city. I hope you enjoy!

Las Vegas is one of the top vacation destinations in the U.S. because it’s a city with the goal that everyone should have fun. Visitors arrive from all over the world to see the shows, do some serious gaming and take advantage of the low prices. Even the luxury hotels in Las Vegas offer budget prices, so you can visit the city and enjoy world-class entertainment on a small vacation budget.

Affordable Hotels

Most of the budget hotels offer excellent in-room amenities and good facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, bars and spa treatments. The room rates are low, and they have a nominal resort fee that gives access to the fitness center and discounts on cocktails and buffet meals. It also includes high-speed Internet access and in-room local telephone calls. All of the luxury hotels and many of the budget hotels offer free attractions such as a 75,000 gallon aquarium with a three story water slide that takes you right through the middle of the shark tank. [Read the full article]

What Happens After Winning The Lottery?

Should you somehow manage to beat the overwhelming odds and hit the jackpot in your state lottery, you will have some major challenges ahead of you. Rather than cashing in the ticket right away, it helps to first understand the implications of being a jackpot winner. After the initial ecstasy wears off, take the time to learn what you need to do next in order to properly manage your finances and handle the public relations so you don't end up broke in a few short years. Sign The Ticket As a safety precaution, sign the ticket. This way, you have proof that the … [Read the full article]

A Successful Momentum Trading Strategy

investing success

This year tens of thousands of Americans will take on the daunting task of learning to day trade. Only 10% will make money in his or her first year and only 1% will be able to make a living trading stocks. What separates the winners from the losers? All successful traders have learned through failures to follow a strict and simple strategy. Without a trading strategy you have little hope of becoming one of the few that consistently pull money out of the markets. For a beginner trader there is a steep learning curve to understanding the technology, terminology, and … [Read the full article]

Fun Facts About Money I Bet You Didn’t Know

fun facts about money

I love money. I love the smell of it. I love the feel of it as I roll around in it a la Scrooge McDuck. OK, I don’t roll around in it. But I really do enjoy it. I love learning about it too. When FXX was running The Simpsons marathon last summer, I knew I couldn’t miss the $10 trillion dollar bill episode. It is easily my favorite. While the story is fictional, it made me think about what are some real facts about money that would be fun to learn about. After burning the midnight oil and reading through the National Archives, I have the following money facts that I … [Read the full article]

Statistical Facts: How The Lack of Accounting Systems Can Reduce Efficiency


In 2013, more than one-quarter of professionals were using accounting systems that were more than a decade old. Almost half of those have been using the same system for a minimum of 15 years. Considering the number of advancements technology has made since those days, the small business accounting software of yesteryear may be contributing to a lack of efficiency in the workplace. I am basing everything in this post on data collected by various reputable sources in order to demonstrate the importance of accounting applications. Manual Data Entry Approximately 80 … [Read the full article]

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need A Career Change

Career Change

We all have one of those friends who gushes about how wonderful their job is. If you feel jealousy whenever they discuss that new big project they are working on, it’s time to stop and examine those feelings. It could be a tell-tale sign that your own career is in need of a big shake-up. Here are some other signs to look for before changing careers. 5 Signs It's Time To Change Careers 1. You Dream of Being Your Own Boss The freedom of being your own boss is high on the list of reasons many people want to change career. What stops a lot of those people from living … [Read the full article]

The Importance of Life Insurance

life insurance

When it comes to life insurance, many people get confused. Because of this confusion, many times, we choose not to act at all, thinking that this is our best option when in reality, it is our worst option. Not getting life insurance when it makes sense can make a disastrous situation in your life that much more difficult. But when is the right time to obtain life insurance? When To Get Life Insurance There are many factors that go into the decision of when to get life insurance. For most people, if you are single and have no dependents, then getting life insurance … [Read the full article]

How Instant Gratification Has Killed The Stock Market

instant gratification

As technology has made things quicker and faster, we have become conditioned to want things now. Twitter is a perfect example of this as are the 24-hour news channels. With Twitter, news breaks instantly and goes viral. The problem with this is that there is no fact checking. Just look at all of the tweets about dead celebrities that go around. With the 24-hour news channels, it’s the same thing. The moment something happens, a reporter needs to be on the scene and people need to be interviewed. This causes two problems: First, you have people that speculate on … [Read the full article]

How To Save $100,000


If you’ve ever read Pete Briger's bio, you may be wondering how you can win at the financial game, too. Here’s how to make the necessary changes so that you can save your first $100,000. Sacrifices now can mean big savings for the future. 5 Tips To Saving $100,000 Reduce Your Debt It’s tempting to buy a new car, get a huge home, or treat yourself to a brand new home theater system. However, if you have to use credit to get any of those things, it could take you years to pay off both the loan and the interest. Your first step to saving money should be reducing your … [Read the full article]