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My First Money Memories

money memoriesI grew up in a middle class family. My Mom stayed home to raise my sisters and me and my Dad supported the family. When I got older (I am the youngest) my Mom went back to working. Looking back, we didn’t get everything we wanted, but my parents made sure that we had what we needed – even if we didn’t like the brown winter jacket that was being bought for us!

In any case, I have 3 distinct money memories from my childhood that shaped how I see money today. Below I talk about these three memories and what I learned from them.

Saving Money

I remember going with my Mom to the bank on Friday nights and putting money into a savings account my parents opened up for me. At the time, I was saving $1 or $2 at a time. It doesn’t sound like much now, but to a little kid, that meant a couple packs of baseball cards! [Read the full article]

What To Look For In An Investment Company

When your bank account starts to swell and you're looking for ways to make your money work for you, investing it is one of the best options. However, if you know nothing about investing, you will likely want to hire a company that does. There are plenty of great investment companies out there, but the trick is knowing how to pick the one that is right for the investments you want to make. Identify Your Goals The first thing that you need to do is clearly identify your goals, which is the most important aspect of any investment. Choosing the prefect investment company … [Read the full article]

The 3 Best Tips For Building Your Business In A Regional Area

business plan

Whether you are building your business from scratch or branching an already successful enterprise into a new area, setting up shop in a regional area has some additional considerations for business owners to take into account. Attracting and retaining talent in regional or remote areas can be challenging because there is typically a smaller pool of viable candidates to choose from. Read on to find out some strategies to help your staff your business outside of a metropolitan area. 1. Look Into Any Grants or Subsidies You May Be Eligible For Your local chamber of … [Read the full article]

Young Investors: Depression Generation

young investors

I found a great article from Investment News (free registration required) about the effects of the recent economic turmoil on today’s young investors. The study found that of those surveyed, roughly half of the respondents said that they are more risk-adverse (more fearful of taking on risk) than they were a year ago. Additionally, those respondents, whose average age is 30, are as risk tolerant as current retirees. Are Young Investors The Depression Generation? This is a big problem. At age 30, you have 30-plus working years left until retirement. In order to retire … [Read the full article]

How To Get Ahead At Work And Become Filthy Rich

how to get ahead at work path

Are you tired of getting passed by for promotions and raises? Maybe you do get a raise but it is only a miniscule 2% cost of living adjustment every year? Do you want to get bigger raises, have a fatter paycheck and swim in a vault of money like Scrooge McDuck? If so, here’s how to get ahead at work and become filthy rich in the process. How To Get Ahead At Work: 4 Tips Tip #1: Become Invaluable The #1 way for how to get ahead at work is to become invaluable. What does this mean? By doing things for your boss that no one else will do. Put another way, make his or … [Read the full article]

What Are The Fastest Types of Loans

fast cash loans

If you’re in a pinch and need a loan, there are some fast loans available. Going to a bank is unfortunately not a way to get a loan quickly. Check out these four ideas to get a fast loan. Borrow It From Yourself If you have an IRA or CD, talk to the bank about borrowing against it. Each state’s rules varies as far as the amount you need to have to take it out as well as the period before paying it back. If you don’t pay it back upon the agreed upon time, it’s usually considered as taxable income afterwards. Get A Title Loan Another option of receiving a fast loan … [Read the full article]

Motif Investing Review: A Game Changer For Investors

motif investing

As every day passes, there seems to come another online broker that has a slight twist on the traditional way of investing money. First came Charles Schwab, who brought no-fee ETF trading to the world. Then came firms like Betterment, who automate investing for you. Now comes Motif Investing, who allows you to create your own basket of stocks (or motifs) for a low price. From the first time I heard of Motif Investing, I was intrigued at what they offered. So I dug around and got the inside scoop on what makes them unique. This is my detailed review of their service … [Read the full article]

The Truth About Tax Deductions

tax deduction

Now that tax season is upon us, many people look for ways to reduce their taxes (hopefully most of you took advantage of some tax deductions before the end of the year!). There is usually a mad rush to claim all of the deductions one can in order to reduce their tax liability. But are tax deductions really worth it? Before getting into this discussion, I need to make a clarification between a tax credit and a tax deduction. Too often, people confuse the two and think they are equally as good. But, this isn’t the truth. What Is A Tax Credit A tax credit reduces … [Read the full article]

Solving Your Saving and Investing Problems In 2 Steps

spending and investing problems solved

Why do people overspend? Why are most of us such bad investors? Why can’t we all be the 1% instead of the 99%? For most us, the reason is a lack of understanding. While we all know we have to save 15% of our income, why don’t we do it? It’s because we don’t realize what that 15% represents. In this post, I am going to break things down to the most basic levels possible. By doing this, I am certain you will see finance and money in a new light and maybe, just maybe, make the changes you need to put yourself on a path towards financial freedom. Why Can’t We Save? We … [Read the full article]