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Overwhelmed by debt? Want to make investing a breeze? The goal of this site is to help you get out of debt and start investing for your future. If you are unsure where to start, click here to begin. I will break everything down for you in small, obtainable steps so that you can take control of your finances once and for all.

An Education In Finance

investing with a small amount of moneyNobody teaches ‘money’ at school. It might be a good idea if they did. There are many businesses that exist to persuade people to part with their money. They range from banks and insurance companies to the whole of the retail sector, online and on Main Street. There is no suggestion that there is anything wrong with them but how people handle their financial affairs impacts greatly on their happiness.

There are some simple tips that will help everyone, no matter their age so that they have a good chance of avoiding trouble. Events such as the recent recession can ruin the best of plans, but those who had no plan at all were hit even harder than the majority. [Read the full article]

This Summer Build Value To Your Home

home improvement

With summer approaching fast, it is time to get inspired into making some modern home improvements. Whether you're planning on selling your house or just want to bring it up to date, there are various projects for you to consider. Adding great value to your family home can be made a lot easier with home improvement loans, here is a great valuation tool to help. We all fantasize about our dream homes. Some people want to have beautifully landscaped gardens, while others want eco-friendly designs. No matter what ticks your boxes, here are a few examples of home … [Read the full article]

Finding The Right Forex Broker For You

basic investment

I am all about finding the right broker when it comes to investing your money. After all, you need to make sure that the brokers you are considering have the tools and the investment options that you need. There is no point in investing with a broker that only deals with low cost ETFs when you are looking to trade stocks on a regular basis. The same idea holds true when it comes to forex. You need to compare forex brokers so that you know they have what you need. Otherwise, success will be hard to come by. So what do you look for in a forex broker comparison? Here … [Read the full article]

You Are Your Greatest Enemy When Investing

you are your own enemy

I talk a lot about investing here and regularly tell you that most of us fail because of our emotions. We get too excited or too scared and do the wrong thing at the wrong time. I even detailed my struggles with the post of my worst investments ever. One thing that I did after making these mistakes was to look back on them and see where I went wrong. While it wasn’t always easy to admit that I screwed up (it would have been a lot easier to ignore it actually), it was what needed to be done. Below are some tips for you to take a proactive approach with your investing … [Read the full article]

Betterment Introduces RetireGuide, Other New Features For Investor Success

Tax Loss Harvesting

Most readers know that I am a big fan of Betterment. I have been investing my money with them for a few years now and have had zero complaints. While I do like the ease of automatic investing as well as their low fees, what I enjoy most is that they are always innovating. I get email updates from them all of the time about new features they are starting to offer clients. The other day, I received another such email and had to share it with you. They have come out with two new features, RetireGuide and TLH+ for all customers. Not sure what either of these are? No … [Read the full article]

The Problems With Dave Ramsey Investing Advice

dave ramsey investing advice

When it comes to personal finance advice, everyone has their opinion. In a way, this is good, as you can get different perspectives on how people handle their money. Just look at the never ending debate of investing vs paying off debt as an example. The problem with all of this information though is that you have to weed out what is good advice from what is bad advice. When it comes to investing, Dave Ramsey investing advice is dead wrong. I Like Dave Ramsey Now, before I get attacked for that last sentence, hear me out – I actually like the guy and agree with 99% … [Read the full article]

Getting Started in Forex Trading


As my readers of my blog know, I am all about passive investing. When it comes to putting money away for the long-term, a good plan is needed that included low cost investments. But even with my main investment accounts invested this way, I still have an investment account where I buy individual stocks and play around. My success in playing around is what I would call average. I’ve owned some stocks that have had nice, big returns and others that did nothing but drop like a rock. I’ve even ridden a few into bankruptcy, falling victim to inertia. Getting Started in … [Read the full article]

End of April 2015 Update

bird nest

Happy Friday! I decided to not go too serious today and just give everyone a brief update on things going on around here. Spring has finally come to the East coast!! Our flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warm. A lot has happened since my last update. In fact, I can’t believe I last wrote an update back in February. This year is flying by! Here are some of the highlights since then: Personal Updates Ireland My wife and I went over to Ireland for a wedding a few weeks ago. The craziest part was that it was warmer there than it was back home! The … [Read the full article]

Why Don’t Millennials Care More About Money?


From some perspectives, the still young Millennial generation is lagging behind in terms of personal finance. They don’t have a lot of money, they do have a lot of debt, they’re not buying houses, and many are not taking hold in the corporate world like older generations. What gives? There are a lot of people studying the Millennials, and most are reporting back that the difference between Millennials and, say, Gen Xers or Baby Boomers, is one not of degree but of kind. Millennial Mindset The Millennial mindset when it comes to money tends to be highly pragmatic. … [Read the full article]