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Investing In Property? Top Tips From The Pros

how to turn your house into a rentalInvesting in property is one of the best ways to use your great credit or cash to help you earn more. Whether you’re investing for today with a large cash flow, or you’re investing for your retirement, real estate tends to be a safe and secure bet that isn’t going to lose you a lot of money in the long run, even if everything goes south.

However, there’s a lot of property investment advice out there that just isn’t good, and if you’re like most people, you may not know the best ways to get started or how to maximize your earnings. Use these tips to help you earn as much as you can without risking more money than is essential. [Read the full article]

5 Questions To Ask Before Loaning Your Kids Money

loan kids money

It's easy to write off the younger generation as lazy, spoiled, and entitled. After all, about 26% of young adults live at home with their parents, and generational shifts leave many parents feeling that their kids are hopelessly glued to screens and incapable of having real relationships. But research consistently suggests that the younger generation is not entitled and spoiled.Millennials work long hours, and most say they plan to continue working nights and weekends. A student loan bubble, stagnant wages, and a host of other economic factors leave many … [Read the full article]

How Fiscal Fitness Can Improve Your Wealth?

fiscal fitness

Some people think that financial problems can solve themselves. How wonderful would that be, but the reality is much grimmer. You can’t win a sports match without breaking a sweat, and you can't earn money without rolling up your sleeves. If you are not the master of your finances, you will be a slave to them and pay dearly for your negligence. So, don’t wait to end up in a blind alley and plan your route to financial fitness ahead. Losing Weight Some people find it easier to manage money that others, but when there’s a will, there’s also a way. If you want to … [Read the full article]

Considering Day Trading For The First Time?

day trade

While I mainly talk about long-term passive investing here on Money Smart Guides, I know that day trading is of interest to many. As a result, today's post is going to cover some key items you need to take into account BEFORE you try your hand at day trading.Day Trading sometimes gets a bad name. It can invoke some unsavory memories from a Wall Street past, one where sweaty men in suits made and lost millions in seconds, while clouds of tobacco smoke hung thick in the air. But today, day trading has gone mainstream. You no longer have to live near a major trading … [Read the full article]

The State of New York Real Estate


Despite many areas around the country still recovering from the housing crisis, New York City real estate has recently seen a positive up flow that included a record breaking 2014. The pricing of real estate is at an all-time high, and many new buildings under development are aiming to break height records. Additionally, many foreign investors from China, Russia, Japan, and other countries are finding lucrative opportunities to invest in Manhattan development. With many high-profile developments still in progress and record-breaking sales, 2015 is looking to be another … [Read the full article]

Keeping Calm When The Market Is Falling

Last week, especially Friday, was tough on investors. I looked at the market around 2pm and saw it down about 300 points. Later that night I was surprised to hear it was down over 500 by the close. The market itself is now down over 10%, and the news, as usual, is pulling out all their tricks to get you emotionally charged up and act on those emotions. I am here to provide a little bit of reasoning to the stock market. Read below for 4 tips to stay calm when the market is falling.4 Reasons to Stay Calm When The Market Is Falling Corrections Happen All Of The … [Read the full article]

Is It Time To Buy Your Own House or Continue Renting?

rent or buy

Are you considering the pros and cons of renting vs. buying a house and how it will affect your finances in the long run? Well, hundreds and thousands of people in the world have the same dilemma, so how do you decide?This could be the second, third or hundredth article you’ve read to satiate your question, but what really are factors you should consider why trying to decide? Will we ever answer this question since the dawn of residential industry – should I buy my own home or just continue renting???In this market, you have to consider a number of factors when … [Read the full article]

The Joys of Debt Free Living

Happy Wednesday!! Please welcome Tahnya, who will be sharing stories with us every other Wednesday. She got herself into debt trouble and dug herself out – all while being a financial planner. Learn from her debt experience so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes she did. Be sure also to check out her site, Tahyna Kristina.Paying off debt can be hard, trust me I know. I found myself over $50k in debt in my mid 20s. Actually I was only $20k in debt and I didn't see a problem with being in debt so I didn't do anything about it. I kept spending money I didn't have … [Read the full article]

Building My Niche Site: Part #7 – Longer Term Update

Welcome back to my series on building a niche website! It’s been a while and I was going to call this a long-term update, but I used that for part 6. So I had to get creative and longer term update fit the bill. If you missed the previous posts, you can click here to get caught up. Updates Since My Last Post I left off last time telling you that nothing really happened with my niche site. It got lost in the shuffle of daily life as well as all of my other sites. I have done a “little” better job now, but am still not giving it the love that it deserves. … [Read the full article]

5 Things to Know When Shopping at Outlet Malls

shopping at outlet malls

I’m not a huge fan of clothes shopping, but at the same time, I don’t despise it either. I usually will wait until I need some items, stock up and be done with it. My trips usually start out at my local shopping mall where I will buy items depending on how great of a discount I get. From there, I’ll go shopping at outlet mall near my parents and pick up a few more items.Over the years, I’ve noticed that shopping at outlet malls isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Everywhere you read, people are raving about the prices and deals. Yes there are deals, but many times, … [Read the full article]